What is The Beast Lifestyle?

  • Have You Ever Been Picked, Pushed Around, Felt Weak?
  • Felt Too Skinny, Been Depressed, lonely & overall just feel like you don’t belong & think there is something wrong with you?
  • Heck when you lift weights you feel that you are lifting them with your bones and not your muscles?

You Are NOT Alone!

My name is Luis Carrillo & I am a strength addict

No Excuse Pull Ups!

My mission is too inspire others to attack their life & get stronger

Lifting heavy weights, doing crazy calisthenics, eating awesome food, rebelling against society & being our true selves is what will get you to unleash the beast within you so you can become the badass you are meant to be!

You might think this is just another site bout strength & muscle building, but your wrong!

The Beast Lifestyle is a movement!

It’s an approach to life, to live by strength, health & joy!

To simply do what you want not because you are forced but because you want!

Growing up I was always skinny, weak and lonely

I didn’t have much self confidence growing up since my parents over protected me too much, they didn’t let me go out & play with friends, so I never really got to be “social”

And while most people take this for granted I struggled with it!…to this day I still do, but not from the same perspective, I know why i am the way I am and know what to do in order to change & act the way i want to be!

But this didn’t happen out of nowhere, it was provoked & made!

I like you was shy, weak & wanted to to gain respect, to feel like I belong!

And it was until i started weightlifting that I started to get attention, both from dudes complementing me & girls checking me out!

I wish that was it and I could tell you my life changed, but nope, it didn’t happen that way

I didn’t just start lifting weight & boom my life was amazing: I didn’t get a bazillion friends benign cool to me, didn’t have girls all over me & did not get cocky or self secure

Quite the opposite actually

Getting some attention made wanna hide even more since people were watching me now!

And all of this happened because I never did anything to develop myself internally & chance my character

So I was looking better, but still wasn’t getting confident,

WTF! was wrong with me???

Aren’t muscles suppose to make you amazing?

Not really!

I like you was lifting almost daily, doing my bodybuilding workouts & at first got some results but then all this stopped!

And it was until I decided to break the rules & follow a more unconventional approach towards lifting that I started ot get results not only physically but also mentally!

These workouts were making me stronger & challenging my mind Big time!

I was finally gaining confidence & it was all because these workouts were giving me mental attitude!

They were making me not be conformed with being weak & always want to push trough & become better!

Till this day I still follow that approach

The workouts I go trough & share with others will make you grow physically & mentally

Big muscles are a waste if you can’t use them!

You might have started out like me, being weak, skinny & boring

And you know what? You can Change!

Who you are right now is not who you will be for the rest of your life!

You got it in you to be the beast that you have always wanted to be,a ll it takes from you is to get ready for war & become who you want to be

Listen am not here to bullshit you

If you think that just picking some weight & pumping your muscles will forge you into a strong beast, then you have it all wrong

This takes hard work, but pays off big time for those who step up & go trough hell

Whether your goal is to pack on 10 pounds or real muscle, learn how to pull a bigger deadlift, improve your posture & eliminate pain, get more confidence, or get your first muscle up (or some other crazy calistenic move)

I want to help you!

It is my mission to help skinny weak men & transform them into beasts!

To change your attitude & show you that you are a fucking boss & nobody can push you around

That strength is not only buildĀ  in the gym but also in day to day life!

That you yourself truly are unstoppable

That it is OK to be weird & feel like you don’t fit in (heck the fact that you don’t conform, makes you different & aware that you don’t have to settle for mediocrity)

Simply i want to show you how with strength training, moving & enjoying life you can become the badass you are meant to be!

Being Strong is Fun!

Have Fun & Make No Excuses!

Life is simple much better when your Strong, Fit, healthy and Have Radiant Energy that everyone envies and makes them want to be with you! – That is what I call a BEAST!

My Goal is Simple:

To inspire 1K men to step up and say fuck it am getting Strong Today!

If That’s You, Then Join the Tribe of “BEASTS” whom are uncomformed with their Current Lifestyle and seek Pure Badassery in their Life and Commit to being the Best in Everything they Do!

I am here to serve both as inspiration and as your partner on your journey

Feel free to ask me anything, Ill do my Best to Help You!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo