Wanna Be Able to Do Heavy Deadlifts? Don't Use Weight Lifting Gloves!

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Weight Lifting Gloves At the Gym!

If your goal is to gain muscle & have the strength to back it up then gloves are Gonna Stop You from Reaching Your Goal

By Using gloves your stopping your Hand & Grip Strength from Developing & that is a Critical Mistake If you wanna keep training in the Years to Come

Here are 5 Reasons why you should Ditch the Gloves & Train with your Bare Hands or Use The White Powder

#1 – Gloves will Stop you from developing Grip Strength

Grip is one of those thing that many people neglect, and it’s because is not as sexy as having big muscles

Having a barrier in your hands will stop them from fully developing and will always keep your fingers, palms & wrists weak

Strong hands are needed to be able to lift heavier weights & do more reps (specially as fatigue sets in)

Hand strength is key if your goal is to always keep moving up in weights so you can train harder & keep progressing

Lift Like a Man!#2 – Doesn’t look Manly

If you look around do you ever see big guys using gloves? most likely no, and if they are using something it is usually straps but Not Gloves

They understand that hand strength is key to keep getting bigger and stronger, and blocking this development from happening is a BIG Mistake!

Besides you are at the gym to train hard, not to use pretty gloves so you can look good while you train!

The only exception to this is if your training outside or hanging from a bar for long periods of time

But even then you should only use the gloves partially only if your grip is failing & are needed, otherwise avoid them!

#3) Hands are your first point of contact with everything, so why keep them soft & weak?

You are beating the shit out of your muscles, so why are you blocking your hands from also getting tougher & stronger?

They are your first point of contact in everything you touch: the barbell, the heavy dumbbells, the pull up bar…so you need to develop that strength to grip the bars

Since hands are the first thing that touch everything, it only makes sense to make them strong or else you can get hurt! which leads to the next reason…

4) Using Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Weak So Your More Prone to Injury

And everyone hates injuries!

Using Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Weak So Your More Prone to InjuryHaving weak hands will make you be more prone towards injury as you move into the heavier weights, do more advanced bodyweight exercises & overall do more high rep work

But Listen: Your not only strengthening the surface of your palms, your also strengthening the ligaments & tendons in your hands

That’s a what that most people don’t realize, and therefore don’t see grip strength and hand strength as that important

So your not only strengthening your palms when pinching and squeezing the bar hard, your also developing your forearm and wrist strength which all are needed to have strong & healthy hands; specially when lifting heavy & trying to hit a new PR

Your whole arm works as a unit and it starts form the hands, by you blocking this development your only lessening your potential to grow bigger & stronger

So if your a regular glove user, your leaving your wrists open for injuries

#5 – If you beat up your muscles to get bigger & stronger, then why don’t you train your hands to get thicker & tougher?

Simply if you are training your muscles to get bigger & stronger then your hands must also be trained

By you putting a glove in front of this strength development your not only keeping your hands weak, but are also not able to develop your full strength since you are blocking your hands from getting stronger

It’s like trying to keep a young kid from growing taller & bigger…am sure you would not stop his developing as he needs to get bigger in order to get stronger & be better prepared for everyday life…

So why are you doing that to your hands? let those kids develop & grow bigger!

This will only help you not only in the gym but in your daily life, since am sure you don’t put on gloves to lift heavy boxes or carry the groceries (or do you?)

If your grip is weak, work on it! – Don’t neglect it or else you’ll keep your whole body weak as well

So Now lets talk about what can you use, but lets first address the main reason as to why you are probably using gloves:

Chances are that if your using gloves it’s because you don’t want to get calluses to keep your hands looking soft & feminine! (heck I don’t even think I should say feminine, with more girls getting stronger everyday!)

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Clean & Press

The fact is that your hands will get calluses because they are getting thinker & tougher to support the pressure your putting on them (just like your muscles get bigger to support the heavier weights, so do your hands in the form of developing calluses)

Just accept this, its a normal part of lifting weights…if that really bothers you so much, you can use techniques to care of them by removing or scrapping them with a rock (click here for  a good article on that)

OK I get it, gloves will keep my hands Weak and Puny, so what can I use?

Use chalk if you can (I know crappy commercial gyms don’t allow it, oh well.. train with your pure palms or get those discrete chalk balls)

There is magic to the white powder – makes you feel empowered & pumped up to train harder since your grip won’t be your limiting factor, it’s all on you now! So let the beast inside of you go all out!

Weightlifting Chalk I Got from Amazon

Will chalk help you reduce calluses?

Nope! but will make you grip the weights a lot better & strengthen your hands so you can lift heavier & train harder

Don’t let your weak hands be the reason why your not getting the results you want at the gym

Train the grip & kick up the intensity in your training so you can get badass results fast!

So to end this…

If your training to get stronger & get bigger muscle then your hands need to be strong too!

Why else would you fortify your whole body but not your hands? makes no sense & leaves you weak & prone for injury

So drop the gloves and lift with your naked hands!

Grip Experts by Zach Even-EshP.S. I mentioned grip training a lot! & there are many ways to train the grip but if your training  heavy & hard with the iron & gymnastic movements, then you are already indirectly training your hands to get tougher & stronger

But if you want a sick program that will teach you some sick methods to develop a gut crushing grip, then check out Grip Experts! (It’s dirt cheap & your hands will thank you for it!)

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