3 Reasons Why You Need to Do Pull Ups & Handstands

Old School Pull UpsBack when I started training, I used to do 100 push ups & 100 sit ups every morning & before going to sleep

I don’t know how I got into doing this but this religious ritual went on for about 2 years

Looking back I wish I started doing pull ups & handstands  a lot earlier for the 3 reasons am about to share

Due to bad lifestyle habits I have developed:

  • Bad posture (rounded shoulders)
  • A tight back
  • Dislocated my shoulder
  • Have weak abdominal walls

And to make it all worst: these imbalances show up when I lift (not a fun thing)

And I never really understood why I was starting to get pain & tightness until I  started to do some research and realized that I was conditioning my body to behave this way

I was overdeveloping certain muscles & others were becoming weaker…and all this did was fuck up my training

All of the things I mentioned above could have been avoided or improved if I had stronger shoulders, upper back, core & was able to retract + engage my shoulders better

And a simple way to do this would be to do more handstand & pull ups as they:

  • strengthen your shoulders + upper back
  • force you to stabilize your core
  • teach your body to retract your shoulders like nothing else!

All key things one must be able to do when doing the basics: deadlifts, squats, bench press and overhead pressing

Lets get into a little bit more detail as why you Need to do these 2 exercises if you wanna get stronger, build more muscle & remain healthy in the long term

#1 – You Need to Retract your Shoulders to Lift Heavier Weights

When your doing a heavy deadlift for example, you have to be able to pull shoulders back or else the weight will shift to the front & cause you to put a lot of stress in your low back

That’s one of the reasons people don’t like deadlifts: because they can’t do them right due to having imblalnces

If they were able to engage the shoulders, upper back, core & have good technique they would not feel that stress in their low back

When you do pull ups, you have to “pull back” which forces you to retract your shoulders & activate them

Not only that but you are also strengthening the muscles in your upper back, forearms, lats, triceps, traps and working on your grip strength all at the same time

There is no replacement for pull ups in order to gain more muscle, get stronger & develop balance in your body, since we tend to overwork the front side a lot more

So by doing pull ups and handstands you are strengthening those muscles that you need in order to pull a lot more weight, have better form and overall remain pain free!

Plus you’ll develop a badass looking back!

#2 – You need strong shoulders

Having suffered from a shoulder injury (which is not fun) made me see the overall chaos that weak and inbalanced shoulders cause:

  • Your not able to press weight comfortably
  • One side of you does a lot more work than the other
  • And sometimes a basic exercise like a push up doesn’t feel right

Strong Handstands equal Strong ShouldersIt’s complete chaos & makes you train with bad form, which later causes pain

When you are in a handstand position you are forcing your shoulders to get stronger since they are supporting your weight

Not only are your shoulders activating but also your upper back

As your back has to be stable in order to withstand your own weight

So handstands are not just an upside down shoulder press:

They are a full body lift and will strengthen your shoulders, upper and low back, core & arms!

So start doing handstands frequently as they will do wonders for your shoulders fast!

I can only image how much stronger I would be if I had strated doing handstands earlier

I would be able to press a lot more over my head & have better posture

Plus not too mention that handstands are super cool to do!

#3 – You gotta have a strong core

Your core stabilizes your body when lifting, so you better be ale to tighten it up when lifitng heavy weights

If you don’t tighten up your core, other muscles can take over the movements & leave you prone for in jury!

In order to be able to do a handstands you gotta be able to tighten up your core hard

Otherwise when you try to move side to side you fall!

The core strength that handstands develop will only help you lift more weight so you can get stronger & build more muscle

In summary:

  • Pull ups will help you develop strength & muscle in your back like nothing else
  • Handstands will develop powerful shoulders & massive core strength

All of this will help you avoid:

  • horrible posture
  • a weak upper back
  • poor core strenth
  • and weak shoulders

So start doing handstands & pull ups to get stronger, build more muscle & remain healthy in the long term

These 2 exercises are supper fun to do and don’t require equipment, so no excuses, just get to work!

If you don’t have a bar buy a cheap one for your door frame , or actually do pull ups by hanging on the door

It will hurt your hands a bit, but if that’s all you can do right now then make it happen!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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  • Luis, turning a weakness into a strength is exactly with both of these two exercises will help you achieve. It took me a long while to start adding in Pull Ups into the thing of things…I also was fixated on Push Ups in high school, but did Crunches rather than Sit Ups…and it even took longer for me to feel the benefit of Handstands. Thanks bringing these to life.


    • Reply

      Luis Carrillo

      9 months ago

      For sure & Hell yeah push ups & crunches! haha

      Pull ups & handstands are 2 powerful exercises that will get you strong like nothing else! (specially now on days with a lot of people having bad posture & nagging pain, these 2 exercises will help out big time!)

      I started playing with handstands in high school but never really got serious on them till about 6 months ago, and man they have done wonders for my strength, posture, and overall keeping me healthy

      Definitely wish I could have started out with these 2 earlier on, but glad to be doing them now

      Thanks for the comment Mitch!

  • Reply


    6 months ago

    I couldn’t agree with this more. I’ve been walking on my hands every day for about 4 or 5 months now and it has made my arms and shoulders feel great. It’s literally the only change I made, no hitting the gym, same old crap diet, just walking on my hands every day. Now I actually have traps, and a back, and even a fuller chest. There were a few aches and pains for the first couple months but I pushed through and now my shoulders and neck have never looked or felt better. Plus I’ve had all the other benefits you mentioned in this article and more. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were more benefits that we aren’t even aware of, due to flipping the way gravity is pulling on your body. I just added the pullups a couple days ago and they burn so good, except for my forearms. Those burn bad. I think adding the pullups is gonna do great things for me long term, but honestly it doesn’t even matter cause they’re worth it just for the way they make me feel the rest of the day.

    Great Article!

    • Reply

      Luis Carrillo

      6 months ago

      Bro this is awesome! super glad to hear your results. Let me know how the pull ups work for you, they will be tough at the beginning but will provide insane results long term!

  • Reply


    4 months ago

    Last year started doing pull ups (3sets) before dinner to get the metabolism boosted and boy do pull ups make a big difference. Bigger, leaner shoulders, back, jawline, flatter stomach and BETTER/STRONGER posture. I stopped and regret the catch up part, but now I am adding the handstand. It’s all about proper breathing and form if you ask me about the pull ups, even if you have to jump and hold yourself up just to get your body to do that extra rep and it works. 1 pull up for 4 pushups 5x is a great routine

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