Too Busy to Workout? Chunk it Up & Go Minimal

What is up! hope you having a kick ass Friday

Am about to go to a frat party later on but wanted to touch up on a point that is responsible for making lots of people “not taking action”

And it is this perception that if you can’t do a long 1hr workout for the day due to being busy, that you feel its best to just skip it as you won’t get enough work done, so why bother right?

Bad, Bad, Bad…

Sometimes life does gets in the way & finding an hour chunk of time is difficult, but you can always do something about this

You can chunk up your workout & go very minimal with your training

For example, instead of ding your typical leg workout today, what you can do is practice various leg exercises at different times of the day

  • Do 2 sets of 10 squats in the morning
  • 2 x10 lunges in the afternoon
  • & do 3×3 pistols at night

This is very minimal & everyone has time for this

It might be less volume & intensity but that is something you yourself can manipulate by adding resistance, doing more sets or doing super slow reps

The important thing here is getting some work done instead of skipping your whole training for the day in order to not loose your mental edge

Knowing that you just have to do a little bit of reps & sets helps a lot to not feel overwhelmed & be more inclined to take action

But most likely if your like me, once you get started & get into the flow of training you end up doing more work than originally planned & that’s fine

There is no set rules when training this way – you make them!

Listen to your mind & body & give it what is craving: if you feel like doing an extra set of heavy squats, then do so!…don’t neglect your natural urges to train

So if you feel like you can’t get a full blow training session today due to limited time, then don’t worry

Rock Pull Ups Sunset Cliffs

If you feel like cranking out some pull ups even tough your wearing jeans, a somewhat decent shirt & don’t wanna get dirty, fuck it! just go with your primal urge of training & get it done – don’t fight your urges!

Chunk up some exercises & do them throughout the day, keep it minimal & simply get the work done

You’ll feel a ton better, so just move!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. If you want a sample minimal workout, this is the one I did earlier today:

1A) Squats 3×10
1B) Barbell Rows 3×10
2A) Handstand Holds 4 x Sub Max Holds
2B) Pistol (Practice) 4×3 (each leg)

Simple, minimal & effective!

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