The First Time I Broke The Rules!

You beasts what is up! Hope your having a kick ass day,

Am fired up since I am seeing big improvements on my handstands & used bumper plates for the first time (which were hella fun)

Anyway, back to today’s story:

I still vividly remember the first day I said Fuck it! I am not following the rules anymore

Doing slow & controlled reps + just pumping the muscles wasn’t getting me exited anymore, I needed something more aggressive, something powerful!

zach even eshDuring this time Zach Even-Esh was the first ones to expose me to strongman & odd object training – the idea of making your own equipment or using cheap and heavy stuff looked hella fun & fired me up big time

I felt & knew this was the change I needed to do

That day before walking to the gym, I saw a video of Zach doing an explosive one arm presses with a heavy dumbbell…I got to the gym & was following my “bodybuilding” routine & it was time for military presses

I remembered Zach’s video & decided to try the 1 arm presses instead, so I grabbed the 45’s & exploded the dumbbell up as fast as I could!

BAM!My eyes were wide open & I felt an energy I had felt since I started training!… I started to bang out a couple of more reps & knew I had found something else

I continued to follow Zach’s advice & decided to his Underground Strength Manual in order to go deeper into his training philosophy

I devoured the book, and started to implement his methods little by little

As time passed, I grew stronger, was more mobile & my energy was trough the roof…I was exited to train again

zach even-esh farmer walkThe workouts always challenged me mentally & slowly forged my mind into stop making excuses

Till this day, Zach is one of the many person’s I constantly learn from & I owe him a lot!

His No Excuses attitude, the heavy weights, explosive moves, primal bodyweight exercises & mental toughness instilled on all of his programs changed me!

These are the type of workouts that forge you into a Beast, into someone who doesn’t make excuses & just get the work done!

If you are someone who is not conformed with just looking pretty, but actually being strong both in mind & body so you can kick ass in life

Then highly recommend you pick up his Underground Strength Manual

Underground Strength Manual Download

Inside is his philosophy for not just training, but living life with no excuses!

The workouts are tough & will challenge you mentally every-time, but nobody said anything worth achieving was easy!

So if your ready to stop making excuses then Go check out his Underground Strength manual & get ready to make some big changes in strength & life!

BTW he has his course on 50% off right now (you’ll see this at the checkout) so if you wanna get manual for cheap, I would act fast (discount or not, the program kick ass & is worth more than what it costs)

Attack Life & Get Stronger
Luis Carrillo

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