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15 Different Push Up Variations

There are tons of other push ups variations you can do (way too many to list)

The beautiful thing about variations is that a simple change hits your body entirely different & can make the movement a lot harder or easier (great for more advanced trainers or those who get bored of doing the same bodyweigt exercises over and over)

Below I show you 15 Different Push Up Variations, So check & try them out + implement 1 into your workouts

What’s your favorite one? Drop it below in the comments!

Luis Carrillo

How to Do Perfect Form Push Ups by Using a Stack of Books!

Bar none, push ups are one of the best exercises you can do no just to pack on some muscle but also to keep your precious shoulder healthy

But it saddens me that so many people suck at them

Their hips sagg up or down, their elbows are all flare out or they can’t go all the way down without their form breaking down

Its a big ugly mess, but I am here to help fix it! so here are 2 tips to improve your push ups:

#1 – Do more Planks!

Most of the time when people’s hips drop down is because they cannot tighten up their core & keep their hips up in a neutral position

Planks directly work your core & force you to stabilize your whole body in a straight line (which is what we want when doing push ups)

So by doing more planks you strengthen your core, which makes it easier for you to maintain a straight line

I personally like to hit them during my warm up to be able to tighten up my core with a lot more ease doing my workout…3-4 sets of 10-15 secs should be enough to start, but play around with longer holds if you are more advanced

#2 – Practice Partial Push Ups w/ Books

Partial training is fantastic to overcome sticking points in any exercises it allows you to practice a specific range of motion that is giving you trouble or your weak at

In our case with push ups, most people’s sticking points is that they don’t have the strength to push themselves up

They can go down but get stuck on the bottom while trying to press up

So what we can do to improve this is to do partial reps by putting some books or something like that below your chest so you don’t go all the way down & can practice the top part of the press up

Partial Push Ups with books to Get Better at pressing up

  • Once your able to do 10 reps with 3 books remove one & practice perfect form push ups with this range of motion
  • Keep going down the ladder until you are doing full range of motion push ups with no books under you (so floor touching chest)

The goal here is to practice perfect form & keeping tension throughout the push ups so you develop the strength to pres up & form the habit of keeping your body tight by removing your weak point

Partials are very simple, but works wonders (not just with push ups but any exercise where you are lacking strength)

So there you have it, 2 simple things you can do to improve your push ups

Add them to your programming & you won’t only improve your push ups but any other pressing movement as well!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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