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Muscle Up Motivation - Don't Give Up

Wanna Muscle Up? – Do These 3 Exercises

Yo Yo!

Hope you are having a killer ⚔️ weekend & having fun with holiday festivities.

Since it’s almost Christmas I wanna give you the gift of strength & help you achieve calisthenics skills.

I’ve gotten a few questions about the muscle up so today I wanna share 3 key exercises that will help you achieve a muscle up.

These exercises are:

  • Weighted & Explosive Pull Ups
  • Bar Pull Overs
  • Straight Bar Dips

I made a video to motivate you if you are struggling with the muscle up. I’ve failed many times but if you persist you will get it too!

See the video here:

Why are these exercises so effective:

#1 – Weighted & Explosive Pull Ups:

The muscle up is an explosive move & you wanna train your nervous system to be explosive on command. By adding weight you train your nervous system to generate more force when doing pull ups.

The explosive pull ups will also train your nervous system to generate more force and teach yourself how to catch the bar once you let go of it.

Next time you are at the gym do:

  • 3 sets of weighted pull ups for 3 reps. (focus on on exploding really hard)
    3 sets of 3-6 explosive pull ups (like I showed them on the video here)

Since you are training your nervous system you wanna keep the reps low and the weight/intensity high.

#2 – Bar Pull Over:

This move will help you get used to being on top of the bar and also teach you the proper mechanics you should have at the top of the muscle up. You can see my bar pull over tutorial here but I will talk more on how to do this exercise tomorrow 🙂

Next time you are at the gym do:

  • 5-10 sets of 1 pull overs (Focus on going slow on the negative part of this exercise)
  • Once of top of the bar do 3-5 straight bar dips

#3 – Straight Bar Dips:

Straight bar dips are hard! The first time you do them you might barely be able to dip down a bit but over time you will expand your range of motion and be able to to go lower.

You can do these either at the top of bar after doing a pull over or find low parallel bars & practice there.

Next time you are at the gym do:

  • 3 Sets of 5-8 Straight Bar Dips (Focus on quality not quantity; if all you can is 2 reps with good form then do sets of 2 reps)

Practice those exercises next time you workout & you will be a lot closer to getting a muscle up.

If you have any more questions feel free to reply to this email!

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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