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Pull Over Tutorial - How To Pull Over In 3 Easy Steps!

Bar Pull Over Tutorial – How To Pull Over In 3 Easy Steps! (Calisthenics & Street Workout)

My Dudes!

Hope your day is going awesome!

In the last post I shared the 3 exercises that will help you get a muscle up.

One of those exercises was the pull over & today I wanna talk more about it.

Pull overs are:

  • Easy to learn
  • They look super cool
  • And most likely you aren’t doing them. (you can see me doing them here & here)

I made a video tutorial about them and you can see that here:

Here is the Pull Over Tutorial in 3 Steps: 💪🏽

  1. Do half a pull up
  2. Get your hips on the bar
  3. Once up let gravity do its work and make your legs fall back

It is a simple move but the biggest thing that will be tough for you will be to force your hips onto the bar.

You might not get the pull over in the first try (It personally took me 2 weeks but I didn’t have any guidance) but if you try this move hard enough you should be able to get it in one day.

Last week I was teaching this move to one of my friends at the gym and after 1 hour of failed attempts & struggling with getting his hips on the bar he finally got it.

I know you can do it too!

Lastly, if you have ever wanted to do muscle ups, this exercise will help you tremendously to achieve them.

Coming down from a pull over is basically a reverse muscle up so it is a fantastic progression.

That’s it today, watch the pull over tutorial, practice it & let me know when you get this exercise down.

Can’t wait to see you monkeying around everywhere! 🐒

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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