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It’s NOT OK to Conform to the idea that you are a failure.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve made videos for you guys but I am back!

In the past 2 years I’ve been lost and I got a little too comfortable with living an average life until last month when I woke up very dissatisfied.

I went from working out daily and eating healthy to living a very unhealthy lifestyle: I was staying up late, drinking, eating out too much and neglecting my training.

All the progress I had made in the gym and in my online business declined.

When I made videos, wrote articles and sent emails for you guys I had a purpose to live for: I was on my mission to help skinny men get stronger and live a badass life.

3 weeks ago I went to a business and personal development and I made a lot of great people who got me back on track on living my mission.

It was a breath of fresh air to reconnect with some of my mentors (Elliott Hulse, Craig Ballantyne, Vince Del Monte & Bredos Keuilian to name a few) and also get acceptance that we all fall down – and the only thing that matters is getting back up.

Elliott Hulse @ the High Status Summit

Craig Ballantyne @ the High Status Summit

Bedros Keuilian @ the High Status Summit

Vince Del Monte @ the High Status Summit

Over the past 2 years I’ve been anxious and afraid to keep creating content since I am not at the level I was before but after hearing my mentors talk I know that it’s OK.

It’s OK to fail. It’s OK to feel sad and depressed BUT It’s NOT OK to Conform to the idea that you are a failure.

So today I am back.

I am back to making content for you guys and help you guys get stronger.

I’ve been training on the regular again, I joined a gym and have made amazing new friends in the calisthenics community.

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Something I have learned from training and talking with these athletes is that they aren’t perfect. They have all have had tough moments when their life was in ruins but none of them settled for mediocrity.

Maybe you are in the same spot I am – feeling lost and alone but you aren’t alone.

You got me and the whole fitness community.

My goal with this site and messages is to help you grow stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually trough fitness.

And I will do that.

I’ve been thinking about how to serve you guys better and I will keep making videos but I’ve also been thinking about interviewing calisthenic athletes about their lifestyle and how they have gotten stronger.

If that is something that would be of interested to you please let me know. (reply to this email and tell me you do want interviews)

Also I do want to get to know you better and I think there is no better way than actually talking to you. So what I want to do is make myself available and get on a phone call with you.

I want to know what are the obstacles holding you back so I can serve you better and I think the best way to do that is to talk with you live.

I will have more details about that at the end of the week.

Lastly I do wanna apologize for being MIA for so long and I appreciate all the nice and supportive comments you guys have left on my videos and blog. I am grateful to have you as a subscriber and will keep pumping regular content to serve you better.

Talk soon,

Attack Life & Get Stronger

– Luis Carrillo

Ignoring Pain to Get Stronger!

dont give up quote

I just got done with a little sandbag workout & the whole time I was aware of my thoughts, emotions & pains that were happening

  • There were times when I was low in energy & my body wanted me to stop, but my mind knew to keep going
  • I was scraping some skin of my arms with the rough sandbag & my body told me “I am in pain, stop & take a break
  • I kept remembering all that I have been trough lately: all the emotional roller coasters, the muscle imbalances I have & the fact that I didn’t even warm up for this workout

My body was telling me: Your in Pain so STOP!

But My my mind simply ignored the body’s commands!

I knew these were only temporary discomforts & the more I kept pushing trough, the more I would simply stop caring about the pain

We all face these conversations when we train

Sometimes we are pumped up & everything goes great, but others we are constantly telling ourselves to keep going despite things getting hard

You have the ultimate power to stop or continue when things get tough, You are the only one in control of your decisions, thoughts & feelings

The more you keep pushing trough obstacles, the more normal they will seem & you will stop bitching every time something changes, something gets hard or anytime something makes you uncomfortable

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about how to develop a strong character, and the only way to do it, is to constantly face your fears & overcome them

To little by little, one day at time, win little battles with yourself & overcome hardships

  • Just like when your training to get bigger muscles: you got to constantly keep tearing your muscles down so they can come back up stronger & bigger
  • That is the same thing has to happen to strengthen the mind: you got to constantly overcome adversity in order to build up your mental toughness

It requires patience & discipline, but 1 year from now you will look back & smile at how much you have grown

Be grateful for the challenges, overcome them & kick ass!

A BIG part of this mindset is developed when you train, so become aware of your thoughts & don’t let temporary pains bring you down or make you stop

Keep Attacking Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo

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