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The Itch to Workout at Night – Good or Bad?

late night handstands workout

Some people argue as to when it’s the best time to train

Some say that early morning is best, but others say mid afternoon is optimal

both of these groups have tons of research and scientific studies to back up their claims

And while it’s cool to have something that verifies what you claim is true, we gotta remember that we live in non-linear world

Nothing is ever perfect nor does it go as planned

So these research and studies are cool but they are only points of reference and something to take into account

When it comes down to when is the best time to train, the answer is right now!

There is no right or wrong, the best time is when you want to & feel best

For some it’s in the morning, others in the afternoon and others at night…whatever the time is just get things done

Not because a study says you’ll release more growth hormone or burn more calories at that time interval but because your body is telling you to move, your craving movement so don’t ignore this primal urge & just go in attack mode

If you have the itch to train at night then workout at night

Even if some say that working out late at night will make you be even more awake so you won’t be able to sleep well,then take into account but don’t fully believe it unless you have actually validated this claim for yourself

I personally cranked out a late night workout yesterday & aside from the horrible heat I slept pretty damn well (sometimes I even train past midnight just because I get the itch to train)

So if night is the only time you have to get things done then do it!

Forget the science stuff for bit & just do the damn work

Sometimes all of those research & studies only confuse you and lead you to over-thinking and inaction

So if you got an itch to train, do it!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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No Excuse Backyard Workout in Culiacan, Sinaloa!

2 months ago I wrote a post on how to workout during vacation

I went to Mazatlan during that time & knew that I had to rely on minimalistic workouts & Bodyweight training

While I was there I recorded this little ghetto workout that I cranked out at my grandparent’s back yard!

– Pull ups on the metal pipe & roof
– Overhead pressing & squatting rocks
– And more bodyweight training

Simple, effective & just make it in happen even tough I have no “gym equipment”

There are way too many ways to workout, you just gotta be open minded, creative & stop making excuses

So give a workout like this a try next time your on vacation or next time you wanna break the rules!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Always Remember that You Are Still a Kid, So Go Have Fun!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
-George Bernard Shaw

That video is of me doing some pull ups with a friend, just having some fun by the rocks & the beach

My body wanted to move so I gave it what it wanted

Remember when you were a kid you just played all the time?

You weren’t forced to move & play, you just did it out of pure enjoyment!

At one point or another you “grow up” and start learning:

  • That you must follow certain rules
  • That you have to behave & act well in front of others
  • And that fun time is over; it’s time to be mature & grow up

But you know what, YOU ARE A STILL A KID

Your wants and excitements to be a silly kid never left

They are still there, you have just been told to hide them since you’ll look like a fool in front of others!

And you know what FUCK THAT SHIT!

You have been told to shut up & follow orders, to become “average” and not stand out

To be boring & not have fun…To Not Be Happy!

That is the biggest mistake you can do in your life!

Nobody controls your Happiness!

So today I am telling you right now to say Fuck It & go do what your hearr desires (no matter how childish or foolish it might be)

We are all still kids at heart

That kid that saw everyday as an adventure, a game & another opportunity to just play is still inside of you!

We might physically age, but that doesn’t change our desire to just wanna burst into laughter, tears or just do some crazy fun adventure

We are all kids, were adventurers & we shall live to have fun!

So Today Raise Your Middle Finger to the World & Go Have Some Crazy Fun!

Don’t listen to anyone, take a day off & just go out there on an adventure, Go have Fun, Go Play

Be the kid inside of you & go get into trouble! 😉

You’ll wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed & happy ready to take over the world!

Luis Carrillo


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