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Do this Workout when You Shop!

So am rocking a sexy tank top tan right now! (not cool) but who cares right?

It will even out later, anyway…

Most people in my neighborhood when it’s over 100 degree’s prefer to stay indoors

To be locked up and use the advanced technologies of air conditioning to keep cool

To me it’s the opposite

I see sun and I wanna be outside playing:

Riding a bike, hitting some calisthenics at the playground, sprinting, throwing rocks around, hiking, swimming, playing soccer or climbing a short wall:

Mexicans jumping a wall

Today at work we had to move some hay around on a dirt lot because the gym that I work at will be having an obstacle race tomorrow

And moving around hay it’s a bitch! but fun at the same time!

We wheel barrowed some of it & some we threw it up at my friend’s jeep and did a little bit of off roading up a little hill!

After about 3 hrs of work 2 other guys & I where covered in hay, itching everywhere and had horrible tans! jaja

I personally wished more people would respect and do more physical labor

I don’t just mean at a work place, but even when you go shopping:

Instead of getting a cart, try to grab 2 baskets and farmer walk them with your groceries

You will get weird stares from others around, but you’ll be getting a short grip workout while you shop

And if you wanna make this worst, then park super far away, so you really have to walk!

Of course doing this won’t get you abs or bigger biceps but you can at least smile away when you finally reach your car & know that you conquered this mini obstacle

You don’t have to even count this as a workout, just do it for fun & because you love strength – do it because you can!

Let me know how it goes & have a great weekend + don’t get in too much trouble! 😉

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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