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Hopping on the Treadmill is NOT Enough to Warm Up!

Yo! What is happening

Lately I’ve been paying attention to how a lot of people warm up & am getting scared!

A lot just hop on a treadmill, do some light stretches & then get to work

This is not enough to prep your body & mind for war!

If you warm up on the treadmill - this might happen to you

If you warm up on the treadmill – this might happen to you!

The warm up should “WARM You Up

Your legs, arms, core back, neck, wrists, ankles, shoulders hips all should feel mobile & fluid…so when you pick up the weights or work on your BW skills your movement feels smooth

All of us have tight areas in our bodies due to our lifestyle (tight hips flexors, pecs, wrists, calfs, necks, traps, lats, etc)

And these tight areas should be loosened up during your warm up so they don’t become an enigma when you are using heavy weights, practicing more advanced calisthenics & also to prevent injury + stay healthy

Am sure you have pulled a muscle before & said to yourself: “damn I should have warm up more!” & most likely this happened because you tried to go heavy right away (I certainly have)

The type of warm up you do will depend on what type of workouts you are doing, but as a good rule of thumb doing some mobility work along with some basic bodyweight exercises + some sort of active conditioning should prep you a lot more than just jogging on a treadmill

I’ll give you more specific details on how to warm up tomorrow, but for now just be aware that how you prepare for your workouts needs to improve!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. Later this week I’ll also share 2 of my favorite warm up exercises that almost no one does!

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