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How Many People Actually Understand This? [Discipline and Patience Rant]

Am still peeling from the sunburn that I got last week while on vacation, but I got a little rant for you today

I posted this pic the other day to my FB page:

Manny Pacquiao Training

And it got me thinking profoundly on what it takes to reach our goals – Both inside & outside the gym

A lot of people know that discipline is required to win, but how many people actually understand this?

It takes maturity & lowering your ego, to submit to the fact that great things take time to accomplish…that you need to be patient

The reward is not always about the end result, like being able to do your first muscle up or hitting a new deadlift PR

The reward simply is the satisfaction & experience from reaching your goal, to look back & know that you conquered blistering obstacles in order to reach something that mattered to you

Nobody can give you this feeling, it is only experienced trough constantly winning small battles & refusing to loose!

We live in a society where most people want the easy way out: the shortcuts

And while they do exist, they never strengthen you internally…they simply make you complaisant with being good enough or doing the least amount of work

Doing this will only make you stay weak & unhappy with yourself – there will always be a hollow hole inside of you that wishes they could work hard & get things done

So think deeply right now:

  • Are you putting all the effort you can to reach the goals that matter to you?
  • or are you just doing the minimum so you can tell people that you are a “hard worker”?

There is a big difference! & while you can fake looking like a hard-worker to other people to some degree, you can’t fake it to yourself!…only you know the real truth!

So if you don’t like how you are acting right now Change it!

Simply Decide to win!,…Decide to work harder, not to please or look good for others…but work harder in order to become a better and stronger you!

To build the character that you respect in others!

And it would be cool that you can just be this persona instantly, but it doesn’t happen that way…you gotta fight battles everyday in order to toughen your skin

Just like with training: you don’t build bigger muscles right away – it takes weeks of constant training, constant breakdown of your muscle fibers & ample recovery for you to get bigger & stronger!

Same principle applies to your character: it takes fighting many battles, feeling like giving up many times & constantly reminding yourself to keep going even tough shit gets hard! …

This is the only way to become the stronger you!

So be patient & don’t think too much about it, just do it!

Stay disciplined to your goals, not because others will say “good job” but because they matter to you!

Your actions will slowly shape who you become, so act like a badass today in order to be a badass tomorrow!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. What are you doing still reading this? get off your ass & go do what you know you are supposed to do!

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Trick your Body into Gaining More Muscle! - Experiment!

Trick Your Body into Gaining More Muscle! (The Experiment)

Yo Yo Yo!…I am Fired Up & Today I Got a Cool Experiment that Will Help You Build More Muscle!…So Let’s Stat!

As I mentioned in the video I am currently doing a little experiment to “Trick My Body Into Thinking is Heavier

My theory is that it will make me produce bigger muscles or get stronger to support this extra weight

I got a chain yesterday but it’s only 10 pounds so I will use it to add a little resistance to my pull ups, dips, and push ups (just basic bodyweight movements)

I will be doing this every time I do these basic bodyweight movements till the end of the year

So whenever I train I will always do weighted pull ups, dips & push ups (the exception is when training at the park)

If you wanna stay up to date with my progress subscribe to My YouTube channel & also sign up for the Get Stronger Newsletter

But That’s Not A Lot of Weight!

Yes 10 pounds is not a lot of weight & that is why it’s perfect for this

My goal is not for the weight to make me struggle or be a challenge compromising my form

It’s just a little addition that I should not notice much so I can still keep doing my bodyweight smoothly without too much weight messing up my form or giving me challenge

Currently I am training for mass, so the more time under tension the more potential I have to build muscle

Isn’t this just doing weighted pull ups instead of regular?

Yes, yes it is Sir!..But here is the thing:

Am not just tricking my body, I am tricking my Mind!

You see 10 pounds is not much in anyone’s eyes so this “extra” weight will be kinda invincible in my mind since I won’t really feel it

Am kinda telling my body:

“You Are Now 10 Pounds Heavier when Doing Pull Ups, So Get Used to It!”

"You Are Now 10 Pounds Heavier when Doing Pull Ups, So Get Used to It!

I will continue to knock out pull ups & push ups like I normally do just ignoring the fact that I have 10 pounds wrapped around my neck

The goal is to have some weight to the point where is not really noticeable so you can still go intense in your main workout

So I will continue to train normally, I will just add weighted push ups, dips & pull ups every time, and my goal is to just get used to doing them with this little extra weight on me

And since it’s weight that is not making me struggle I will still be able to do my bodyweight training like if I had nothing on me

Makes sense now?

So in summary my theory is:

  1. Add 5-10 pounds extra when doing: pull ups, push ups & dips
  2. This will make our body into thinking is heavier while you workout
  3. And to compensate for this extra weight it will build bigger & stronger muscles (or at least strengthen your ligaments)
  4. Since it’s only 5-10 pounds you won’t really feel it & won’t mess up your form or make you use a lot if energy

If anything it should be a fun experiment, I’ll be doing it from here on to the new year

Hopefully the world doesn’t end so I can share the results, ha!

You can also do this with:

  • a weighted vest
  • a backpack
  • a light chain like me
  • a light dumbbell on your feet (and plate behind your back with push ups)
  • ankle weights
  • or anything that will add 5-10 pounds of weight

Just wanted to share this little experiment I am doing, so you can try it yourself & see how you can add it to your program

Changing something small in your current program can help you get over sticking points you are currently struggling with

Am confident it will help to get me used to doing pull ups more efficiently since they will little bit heavier (but not heavy enough to compromise my form or force anything)

You could also do this with ankle weights to get stronger at handstand push ups (just get creative)

If you do give it a try, please let me know of your results!

If you got any questions or advice for me with this (maybe you have done something similar) please share it in the comments below

Attack Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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10 Reasons Why All Skinny Guys Should Get Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

So your a Skinny Guy & You Hate It?

I Feel Your Pain…

Muscle gaining Secrets 2.0 by Jason FerruggiaI just got done reading Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 (MGS 2.0 for short)  in just 2 days! the whole program absorbed my attention like nothing in a long time & all because of 1 reason:

It took me back to the old school: Back to the era where the basics were hit hard to get big and strong!

Not only is the program fun and captivating to read ( a rarity in most programs) but it will explain to you in a freaking easy manner how skinny guys should approach muscle building & show you why you aren’t getting the results you want + Motivate you BIG Time to hit the Iron!

It fired me up to train & go back to basics, re-analyze my programing and see why I have been lacking on results lately

It was a kick on the ass and a wake up call…a big eye opener to me as a skinny guy, so I decided to write 10 reasons why you should get it it your a scrawny man that want’s to build some muscle size the right way!

So Here are the 10 Reasons Why All Skinny Guys Should Get Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

#1 – It’s Old School Back to Basics

No fancy scientific shit that will only confuse you & that quite frankly you don’t care about

You want know how to build muscle & you are taught this in a simple manner so your are ready to go and attack your workouts

#2 –  Jason Knows His Shit

Jason Ferruggia Before and After Muscle Transformation PicsThe dude has been in a skinny man shoes, because he is one…so your getting experience from his own journey + him experimenting with his own clients that he has trained over the years to develop this powerful muscle building system

#3 – The program is straight to the point

It won’t overload you with unnecessary science, you simply get the info to:

  • understand what to do to build muscle
  • how to modify your program if you need to
  • know why you are training the way you are
  • and know how to always progress your program to keep getting results

#4 – The program is Fast Quick & Intense

No need for 2hr sessions 5-7 times/wk

The program is designed for skinny guys that Still Have a Life! (not freaks that live in the gym 24/7)

It is made with all of our hardships in mind, we gotta train different and the workouts are designed to meet our needs

#5 – The program will develop Mental Toughness & a Physique that Demands Respect!

not just puffy useless muscle…

the workouts will get you jacked & looking lean and mean so others will fear you as you walk by

#6 –Heavy Lifting is a Must!

Heavy DeadliftsLots of programs neglect the foundation of strength and that is a Big Mistake if the Goal is to Build Muscle

Jason addresses this in a simple manner…after all, what’s a Muscle Building Program without the Heavy Lifting?

Besides the fact that we are wired to lift heavy shit, being strong will give confidence and the respect of others

#7 – You know what to do all the Time

The program is simple enough to teach to a 9 year old, so there is no confusion on what to do

…Jason does has his personal recommendations as to what to do and why he chose certain exercises over others, but there is enough info in there so you can modify the program or exercises if you need to + All the FAQ’s will help you clear up any doubts you have

#8 – It will Build Mental Attitude

You can look good but if you are still not confident then there’s something wrong you!… This program will forge your mind with a dosage of mental toughness so you can have the balls to Take Big Scary Risks With Confidence!

The program is simple but that doesn’t mean easy, you will need to commit & follow the program to get beast results

It you put in the work you will get results period

#9 – No Nutrition Overload Info

Just simple actionable & straight to the point nutrition guidelines to get bigger and stronger while staying lean…what more do you want?

#10 – The Most Important One: It’s made for Skinny Hardgainers with Shitty Genetics!

For us hardganiers that have shitty genetics, not for the bodybuilding freak that grows just by walking into a gym…

We are skinny and must do things differently: The sets, reps, rest & tempos should be approached differently and Jason lays everything out so you can get Ready For War & kick your shitty genetics in the ass so you can get jacked and strong!

Are there any flaws to the program? Hell yes of course

It is not made for lazy guys who are searching for magic!…The program is simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy

You will have to work your ass off and commit to the program …there are no shortcuts and that’s just the way it is

Besides the lazy fact…I personally wish there were some videos accompanying the program, specifically to see how to perform the exercises…but we got YouTube and the abundance of great exercise tutorials so it’s not a big deal

So if your skinny & hate it! Do yourself a favor & Pick up MSG 2.0 and get ready to Stop Making Excuses & Get big!

After all Jason has transformed over 2K+ skinny kids into Jacked Up Beasts! is that enough proof to show you that this works?

Over 2,000 Skinny To Jacked Transformation So Far..

Stop being Skinny & Get Jacked Here!