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How Many People Actually Understand This? [Discipline and Patience Rant]

Am still peeling from the sunburn that I got last week while on vacation, but I got a little rant for you today

I posted this pic the other day to my FB page:

Manny Pacquiao Training

And it got me thinking profoundly on what it takes to reach our goals – Both inside & outside the gym

A lot of people know that discipline is required to win, but how many people actually understand this?

It takes maturity & lowering your ego, to submit to the fact that great things take time to accomplish…that you need to be patient

The reward is not always about the end result, like being able to do your first muscle up or hitting a new deadlift PR

The reward simply is the satisfaction & experience from reaching your goal, to look back & know that you conquered blistering obstacles in order to reach something that mattered to you

Nobody can give you this feeling, it is only experienced trough constantly winning small battles & refusing to loose!

We live in a society where most people want the easy way out: the shortcuts

And while they do exist, they never strengthen you internally…they simply make you complaisant with being good enough or doing the least amount of work

Doing this will only make you stay weak & unhappy with yourself – there will always be a hollow hole inside of you that wishes they could work hard & get things done

So think deeply right now:

  • Are you putting all the effort you can to reach the goals that matter to you?
  • or are you just doing the minimum so you can tell people that you are a “hard worker”?

There is a big difference! & while you can fake looking like a hard-worker to other people to some degree, you can’t fake it to yourself!…only you know the real truth!

So if you don’t like how you are acting right now Change it!

Simply Decide to win!,…Decide to work harder, not to please or look good for others…but work harder in order to become a better and stronger you!

To build the character that you respect in others!

And it would be cool that you can just be this persona instantly, but it doesn’t happen that way…you gotta fight battles everyday in order to toughen your skin

Just like with training: you don’t build bigger muscles right away – it takes weeks of constant training, constant breakdown of your muscle fibers & ample recovery for you to get bigger & stronger!

Same principle applies to your character: it takes fighting many battles, feeling like giving up many times & constantly reminding yourself to keep going even tough shit gets hard! …

This is the only way to become the stronger you!

So be patient & don’t think too much about it, just do it!

Stay disciplined to your goals, not because others will say “good job” but because they matter to you!

Your actions will slowly shape who you become, so act like a badass today in order to be a badass tomorrow!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. What are you doing still reading this? get off your ass & go do what you know you are supposed to do!

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