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Hotel Luggage Cart Pull Up

Find Opportunistic Workouts Anywhere [You] Can

Last week I was working 12 hour shifts back to back and I am sure many of you are familiar with those schedules.

The little sleep, the constant to do and not having much of a break.

In those moments you need to either be prepared with meal prepping or make healthy choices when it’s time to eat.

I was working at hotel and was fortunate to get breakfast and lunch for the most part by the hotel so I was eating eggs & potatoes for breakfast and salad, beans and chicken or turkey.

For dinner I usually just went to Chipotle since it was convenient. I just made simple choices and didn’t overthink my eating schedule.

When we are busy is better to keep things as simple as possible and if that means having the same meal over and over then let it be. As longs as it is not something greasy or fried for the most part you should feel fine.

Opportunistic Workouts

Last week I also didn’t get much time to workout or train but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t moving. My job was very active so I was constantly moving and pushing carts with heavy items on them.<

On the times I had a break I got my coworkers involved into doing a few reps of dips, push ups, pull ups and L-sits on chairs, the carts we were pushing or anywhere there was a corner.

Hotel Luggage Cart Pull Up Chair Elevated push ups  Clapping elevated push ups

L- Sit on Chair

It’s fun how many people will follow you into working out when you show them that it is easy and that things don’t have to be perfect. Specially with bodyweight exercises since they don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere, most people will see it as a challenge and will join you to see if they can do the skill.

Yesterday I had a call with a new friend of mine and we talked all about opportunistic workouts and how he didn’t have access to a bar where he can practice muscle ups so this is what i told him:

Find any bar outside and do pull ups there to practice your muscle up:

  • Use the bars on shopping carts to do pull ups or dips
Shopping cart Pull Ups


  • Any store will have rails that you can use as a bar (check out the guy below)
Home Depot Pull Ups


  • Use any wall to practice a pull up
  • Use any bar at the playground and if there is no good pull up bar then buy gymnastic rings and practice ring dips and the muscle up there. Hang them on the swings, a thick tree branch or somewhere safe and sturdy.
  • Use gymnastic rings at home and hang them on your door frame pull up bar to practice the muscle up there.

There was a lot more examples I shared but the point was to open his eyes to the fact that there are opportunities in every day life. It’s just up to you to keep your mind open and attack when you see an opportunity.

Lots of pictures today but I hope they motivate you and get the point across:

Keep nutrition simple and find opportunistic workouts anywhere you can.

Attack Life & Get Stronger

-Luis Carrillo









Workout Routine for Busy People (No Excuses)

What do you do when you have no time to workout? can’t find 1 hour to train 3 or 4 times a week?

You Either make the excuse that you have no time to train & just skip it


You Chunk up your workout into smaller mini workout throughout the day!

Instead of worrying about not having time or following a good & solid workout program, focus on doing a little bit multiple times a day

A very simple way to do this can be to dive your workout on lower/upper body splits like this:

For upper body:

  • In the morning: push ups & handstand push ups, walks & holds (working on pushing movements)
  • In afternoon: pull ups, inverted rows & dips (Working on puling & the dips to activate the triceps)
  • Aft night: Chin Ups & Any ab exercise on the bar like: levers, leg raises, toes to bar, etc (mainly working on core stabilization here & anything else that was left out during the day like the biceps)

A very simple split for the upper body & can be done anywhere!

For lower body:

  • Morning: work on mobility/foam rolling & corrective stretching + Step ups & Bulgarian split squats
  • Afternoon: Squats, Glute Bridges & Planks
  • Night: Lunges (front & back) & Back Bridges (Sub for neck bridges if you can’t do back bridges or stick with glute bridges then slowly progress to back bridges)

Alternate Upper Body & Lower Body every day, so Monday is upper body, Tuesday is lower body & so on…you can do this everyday if you want

**Add more intensity by doing super slow reps, AMRAP, weighted exercises, explosive/jumping reps (like jumping squats) or by doing mixed variations of the exercises (example: spider-man push ups as opposed to just regular push ups or towel pull ups as opposed to just regular pull ups)**

Workout Routine for Busy PeopleThis is just an example, and you can substitute exercises to meet your needs, but the idea is to just split up your workout into various parts & do these mini workouts throughout the day…

I gave you an example of a 3 mini workout split, but you decide how many mini workouts to do & it will vary depending on your energy levels due to stress, work, what you ate, rest, etc

Use the above routine if your limited on time, but don’t make the excuse of “I am busy so I have no time to train” we all know that’s just an excuse to keep being lazy!

Not all your training has to be perfect, you just have to do something to keep the edge & grow stronger mentally & physically!

You either want this or not, and if you do, you will find a way! no excuses!

Let me know what are your thoughts on this type of training & if you have more ways to get things done with limited time, drop it in the comments below!

Attack Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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