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What Do Letters like 1A) & 1B) Mean on Workout Routines?

I got asked this question one of my YouTube videos:

What do letters mean on workout programs 1A & 1B

He is basically referring to what do the letters mean on workout routines, so here is the simple answer:

The letters simply mean to do 1 exercise and then follow another one right after it for that set

So when a workout routine says

1A) clapping Push Ups 5×5
1B) Squats 5×5

It means that you do one exercise followed by the other with no rest, until your working set is done

In this case you do 5 clapping push ups & immediately follow it by 5 squats

That is a working set within the superset, and depending your workout you would take a rest after this set (like 30 secs) or continue non-stop

This can be applied to supersets, triceset, circuits,etc & it’s a very easy way to organize your workout routines

So that’s it, hope this clears things out

let me know if you have any more questions!

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