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How To Structure Your Workouts for Strength & Performance

This is a special piece of paper How to Train for Strength & Athletic Performance Notes

That what you see there are some of my ugly notes notes that I took on Sunday when I went to a strength seminar with 3 badass coaches that showed me how to get stronger, move better & design better workouts

It’s always fun to meet some of your mentors & teachers live as you get to not only become their friends but experience how much care and attention they personally give to you…their passion and knowledge just shines every moment when they are sharing what they know with you

If you ever have a chance to go to a live workshop, seminar or camp DO IT! You’ll learn a lot more in those couple of hrs than in weeks studying by yourself

Travis StoetzelBut anyway back to my notes…

Those notes are from when Travis Stoetzel (the beast pictured o the right) was sharing with us how he structures some of his & his athlete’s workouts in order to improve their performance

It’s a pretty simple formula & am sure you can’t read my handwriting so I’ll explain what I wrote here:

1 – Soft Tissue work (AKA Foam rolling) – 2-4min (before & after workout)
2 – Dynamic Warm Up (5-7 min)
3 – Speed/Explosive Exercises (Done at the beginning as your CNS is fresh & can generate more power)
4 – Strength Exercises (1-6 rep range)
5 – Assistance Exercises (Sub Maximal Reps – so get close but don’t go to failure)
6 – Conditioning (+3 Core & 3 grip exercises)

There is a lot more detail as to why he structures things this way, but if you understand the overall picture you can implement this formula with your workouts to get stronger & stay lean!

I personally use a similar template when I create my workouts, and from experience I can tell you that this structure works a little bit too well to get stronger and stay lean!

Am sure you are still trying to read what I wrote in my notes, so keep trying as there are more tips to get stronger, train for fat loss & a simple tip to break trough a pull up plateau (hint: do towel pull ups;)

If your interested in seeing more of Travis’s workouts, then check out his Bags, Bells & Bodyweight program where he shares with you how to use sandbags, kettlbells & bodyweight training to get stronger, leaner, & more athletic, check it out here:

==> Bags, Bells & Bodyweight

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. The seminar was recorded, so I’ll let you guys know when you can get a copy of the videos!+ you’ll probably also see me getting hypnotized! :O