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Are You Feeling Tired?

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You guys what’s up! hope your having an awesome Monday!

I saw many people at the gym today with low energy, tired & didn’t feel like lifting too much…But they did it anyway!

Sometimes you are pumped up with energy & ready to kill it, and others you feel lost, cold, not in the moment, tired & heavy

We all have those days & there are many factors that can cause you too be low in energy like:

  • eating too much sugar the night before (or fast food)
  • drinking alcohol during the weekend
  • bad sleep (to much or too little sleep)
  • not drinking enough water during the weekend
  • had a long drive (or not much movement)
  • too much work & didn’t stop being stressed out

or maybe you are training too much & your body just needs a deload, so take it easier for a week to give your CNS time to recover & come back stronger

It’s never a one sided equation & there are many factors that can make you feel tired but ultimately once you are aware of how you feel is up to you to decide how to act:

  • Are you gonna still do the work even tough you don’t feel like it?
  • or are you gonna let these depressive emotions take control of how you feel?

The decision is up to you!

In the end nobody is forcing you to workout…nobody is telling you to lift heavy weights or to beat your body up so it can get stronger,

You do it because you refuse to be weak, because this fight will strengthen your character & make you a better man or woman!

It’s not easy but this is the only way you will keep growing: trough constantly overcoming the resistance in your life!

So if you started your day feeling tired & weak, acknowledge this, change your attitude & go do what needs to get done!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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Luis Carrillo

Attack Life & Get Stronger

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