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Full Body Workout to Fill Up that Costume!

What’s up guys!

I’ve been a little MIA for the last 2 months but now am back to give you guys more regular content to help you get stronger & build more muscle

Since we are finally in October am sure a lot of you wanna pack on some muscle to fill up those costumes the real way, unlike this guy:

Halloween Muscle Costume

So today I got a simple full body workout for you to try today in order to achieve this:

1A) Deadlifts 5×8
1B) Strict Over Head Press 5×8

60sec rest between each superset

2A) Push Ups 3×15
2B) Lunges 3×10
2C) Heavy 1 Arm Dumbbell Rows 3×8

60sec rest between each superset

3) Kettlebell Swings 1×100 (as many sets as it takes)

If you don’t have a KB, then substitute with jump rope x100 or 5 sprints

Make sure to also warm up, stretch afterwards (will help you lessen your soreness), drink plenty of water & sleep a lot

Of course if you are training to get bigger then eating a lot more is a requirement (there is no way around it)

So here are 2 simple foods you can eat in order to meet that calorie surplus:

1) Eat 1 cup of brown rice with every meal: Sometimes you won’t wanna eat it, but if you trying to get bigger then this is an easy way to get more calories in (about 215)…try mixing it up with your food so it doesn’t taste too bland

2) Drink a 1 cup of milk, 1 banana & 2 big tablespoons of peanut butter shake after your workouts: Tastes pretty damn good & it’s about an extra 400 calories a day

So there you go, give this workout a try & get more calories in if your goal is to get bigger by Halloween time

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. Got a lot more helpful tips to help you pack on muscle over the next weeks & a fun post tomorrow that will make you reminise your childhood, so stay tuned!

And if you got any questions, feel free to drop them below in the comments, I’ll answer you ASAP!

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