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Feeling Tired and Weak? It Might be Time to Stop Training :O

Yo! What is happening!

Am about to tell you something that you might not want to hear, but might be just what you need

I was reading this old skool bodybuilding magazine and inside the training Q&A’s saw this passage:

Too much stress will kill your gains in the gym

And it made me think:

when is the last time I assesed my life to see how much stress I have & what small changes can I make to reduce this?

Stress is a killer when it come to training…if you have not been feeling that great lately (tired, bored, stuck, fatigued, etc) it might be because you have too much stress going on right now (relationships, eating bad food, finances, too much homework, etc)

Training itself is a stressor on the body, so you might be doing more damage by training too much

Take a look at your current situation & become aware of your stressors & find a way to minimize them…

Perhaps it might be time for you to take a de-load week or just a whole week off from training

Your not just letting your muscles recover, but also your nervous system (which might be massively stressed out)

And like I said, stress doesn’t come from only the physical but al so the mental, digestive & spiritual as well

You might need to sleep more, apologize to someone or to simply drink more water

Whatever it is, analyze your current lifestyle & see how you can minimize your current stressors

And I know you might not want to stop training, but sometimes you just need to in order to recharge your batteries, regain your energy & be able to focus on other projects as well (not just training)

So then you can come back to training with a vicious mind & ready to kill it!

Whatever it is, find a small change you can do right now to reduce stress & you’ll feel a lot more energetic!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. If your wondering what magazine that is, it is the July 11, 1963 edition of Health & Strength Magazine (Old School Mags are the Best!)

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