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Arms & Back Punisher Workout (Calisthenics Freestyle & Farmer Walks)

Arms & Back Punisher 💀 Workout (Calisthenics Freestyle & Farmer Walks)

Yo Yo! Hope your day is going amazing!

I am driving 7hrs tomorrow to visit a strength coach in Santa Cruz, CA in order to learn how to lift more weight without adding bulk & also to learn how to use hypnosis in your workouts to break PRs & burst trough training plateaus! It is going to be EPIC!

Can’t wait to share what I learn with you soon.

Today I wanna give you a “Freestyle Workout”

And if you have never “freestyled” then you are in for a big surprise since essentially you make up your own rules.

You can see the workout video here:

💀 Here is the Arms & Back Punisher Workout 💪

Super-set #1

1A) Muscle Up Flow x 1
1B) Farmer Walks x 1

Repeat Super-set 4 times (with 1 min rest in between super-sets)

Super-set #2

2A) Parallel Bar Freestyle (Dips) x1
2B)) Pull Up Side to Side Walks (explosive) x1

Repeat Super-set 3 times (with 1 min rest in between super-sets)

4) Handstand Push Ups x 1 Max set

You will want to “freestyle” with the muscle ups & dips (That’s why there is only 1 rep labelled)

All that means is is that you create a flow and do an exercise right after your muscle up.

Example: Muscle up to front lever or muscle up to straight bar dip.

You can add 1 or 3 exercises right after your muscle ups & create a “flow”

Modify everything at your level, if all you can do is 3 pull ups then freestyle that. You could do a pull up to a pull over or a pull up to an L-sit (there are no fixed rules)

Give this workout a try or next time you do your workout; add a flow.

Pick one exercise like pull ups & do a flow/freestyle with that one exercise.

I guarantee this will be a fun & tough challenge that will only help you get stronger & build more muscle from the added time under tension.

Let me know how it goes and if you have any question feel free to reply to this email!

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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