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easy meal prepping to build muscle 101

Easy 5-Step Formula for Meal Prepping!

Let’s Go Champ!

That’s one of the phrases one of my calisthenics friends uses when motivating others.

While working out, if someone calls you a champ you will not back out and do more rep or push yourself harder.

Today I wanna remind you that you are a champ, you are destined for greatness and you got this, whatever goal you are trying to tackle you will get it as long as you keep going!


There are always fundamentals when it comes to building muscle and eating more calories is one of them.

Today I wanna share my simple 5-step formula for meal prepping.

  1. Set aside 4 few hours every 3 days to just to cook.
  2. Pick 2 sources of protein to cook: Ground beef/turkey, chicken or any type of steak.
  3. Pick 2 sources of carbohydrates.: Potatoes, yams, rice or pasta.
  4. Get cooking
  5. Once everything is cooked simply put the food into 2 big containers.

That’s it!

I’ll be honest, I am very boring when it comes to cooking since I like to make things simple.

Many people fail at meal prepping simply because they try to add too much variety to their meals and it becomes overwhelming. They try too cook too many different foods at once.

By limiting your food choices and keeping it very basic, it’s easier to manage since you only have 4 options:

  • Do I want Chicken with mashed potatoes or rice?
  • Or do I want Ground Beef with Mashed potatoes or rice?

Easy right?

After you serve your plate or reheat your food then throw some veggies in there too.

Only buy 2 different ones at a time like spinach and broccoli and in one meal have broccoli and the next have spinach.

The less options you have the easier it will be for you to stick with meal prepping.

If you have been wanting to meal prep, I hope my simple advice helps you finally get started. You will save tons of time by just having to re-heat your food instead of cooking each meal or driving to a restaurant.

The less time spent cooking means more time making gains at the gym and in life.

Let’s Go Champ!

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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