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A Simple Way to Workout While on Vacation & Have No Equipment!

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

Usually when most people go out for vacation during the summer or any holidays, They take this as an opportunity to be lazy!

People make the excuse of not having equipment, not being able to follow their current program, or they simply wanna enjoy their vacation (and see working out as something that gets in the way & needs to be planned)

I personally am going a 1 week vacation today but this not opportunity to be lazy & stop moving

There is always a way, and today I will give you a very simple one:

I understand you might not have equipment, so here is a simple template that you can use with just Bodyweight Training Alone! (and other creative ideas)

Tree Pull Ups while on Vacation

Everyday pick just 3-5 simple BW exercises & do them

Here is an example:

  1. Pull Ups (find a tree or anywhere you can hang like a door)
  2. Push Ups
  3. Handstand Push Ups/Holds
  4. Squats
  5. Lunges

Do them in a circuit, super-set the exercises or do the ones that seem most fun for you with a lot more reps (there are no set rules, it’s all up to you)

The next day you can do:

  • Overhead presses with rocks (or your suitcase or backpack you brought)
  • Squats
  • Chin Ups
  • Planks

Don’t care about sets or reps, and mainly just go by feel & your energy levels

So if you feel more energetic in the morning than in the afternoon, train more intensely in the morning (what you eat or how much rest you get will change your energy levels, so go by feel)

How long should these workout last?

Don’t care about time, you choose however long you want your training session to be: 5 min or 30 min, it’s all up to you & you can do various mini workouts like this throughout the day if you desire – you make the rules (and it will vary depending on how you feel)

And That’s it! – Very simple but powerful

  • Workouts like these don’t require a gym or much thought – you just pick a couple basic exercises, use your surrounding tools if you want (towels, rocks, backpacks, etc) & get to work
  • You can do this as soon as you wake up either in the hotel/house your staying or go out in the fresh air and do this

This is not about perfection (no set reps or sets) if not just about moving & not loosing your edge

Don’t overlook what exercise really is: pure movement

So if your going on vacation like I am today, follow a simple template like this everyday or every other day while on your vacation

Keep everything super simple, don’t over-thinking things & enjoy yourself!

So what do you think? what is your favorite workout to do while on vacation? – drop it in the comments below!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. If you want more exercises to do while on vacation, check out this free little bodyweight ebook I made for you – It’s packed with bodyweight exercises variations that you utilize while on vacation!


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