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Don’t show fear to the horse or else…

Over the weekend I went to a ranch

It was my first time riding a horse and the main thing I was told was to not show fear to the horses

Because if I did the animal will just read this and not listen to me, no matter how much I “try” to show that I am in control

It would be too late by then since the horse is well aware of my fear & that he can control me

So I got on top of the horse & swallowed my emotions… I was a little afraid as this was something new to me but I had to hide this to the point where I forgot about my initial fear

Riding a Horse

Slowly as I began riding the horse I started to get a feel for the animal, his power & ability to listen to me

The initial fear was more of an excitement for what was unexpected

As I rode the horse more, rode faster, made turns & overall got a feel for how to control the horse I started to see how fear will just crush your chances of even getting the horse to make the turn you want

You can’t force this beautiful beast to do something once they know they don’t have to

So why am I telling you this?

Well to teach you 2 things:

#1: You don’t want to fight a horse, because it’s more likely that a horse will kick your ass, so if you didn’t get initial control it can be too late so don’t fight them & try again later 😉

#2: Just like exposing your fear to a horse will cause them to take advantage of you, so will the iron & any exercise you perform

You cannot show fear to the bar, the rings or even doubt that you cant do a certain exercise or else everything will crumble

Once fear takes over you its game over, you are no longer in control & are fighting against the weight vs fighting with the weights

This fear will mess up your confidence, your chances of hitting a PR and mastering a more advanced BW moves…

Yes fear of uncertainty will always be there but don’t see it that way… see it more as an exiting game, a challenge where you see how long it takes you to win & conquer the situation

Start attacking from a mindset where you will win & bitch slap any negative emotions trying to get in the way of what you want

Be in control of the situation right from the beginning & tame your own horse

In the end, realize that you will be afraid when you hit obstacles & trying new things out, but exposing your fear is a choice, swallow it and hide it or expose it and let it cripple you down!

The decision is yours!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis “future cowboy” Carrillo

P.S. If you have never ridden a horse, go do it!…it’s an experience with so many life lessons that you won’t forget + it’s hella fun!

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