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Strength Motivation That Will FIRE You Up!

One of the things I love to do in order to keep learning & constantly be motivated to keep trying harder is to listen to others athletes & coaches interviews

There is something about listening to their past struggles that lights up a fire in me and let’s me know that things get hard, and the only way to improve is to keep going & take more risks!

One of my strength friend’s Dave Hall from Agoge Fitness Systems has been running an interview show weekly where he has interviewed some of the best strength and condition coaches & athletes

He calls these weekly interviews Mental Meat Heads

==> Check out The Interviews Here

That name is powerful & right away tells you that these interviews go a lot deeper than just training for bigger muscles or lifting more, those topics are disccused for sure, but these conversations also talk about about getting stronger mentally, so we can kick ass physically!

If you need some motivating & informative stories with some of the top strength and conditioning coaches then I invite you to check out the site & download a couple of the interviews so you can listen to them while you drive to work today (or anytime)

They will fire you up to be even more successful!

Motivation Strength Interviews that Will Fire you Up

That’s it for today, keep having an awesome day & let nothing stand in your way of reaching your goals!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. he also has interviewed me there on how I gained 5 pounds by just using bodyweight training, so if that sounds interesting then check it out here:

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