Strength & Health Magazin 1963

Simple Truth About Getting Results: It Takes Hard Work

Everyone wants to get stronger, get bigger & be lean but how many are willing to stop “wanting” and put in the work to achieve this?

Sometimes we need reminders or simple slaps in the face as I call them

Today I got a slap for you to highlight what it takes to really get results:

I found this text while reading the above 1963 old school Health & Strength Magazine

The mention of hard work will put them off immediately, yet it is the only honest answer to their query - Health & Strength Magazine 1963

“HOW MANY times have I replied to the routine query about a middle-age spread and spare tyre. The letters always start something like: “I find I am getting a middle-age spread, could you recommend some exercises to improve my waist, it is now 39in.” About 90 per cent of the people who write these letters are hoping for some magic to rid them in a week what they have taken up to ten years to acquire. The mention of hard work will put them off immediately, yet it is the only honest answer to their query. The paunch doesn’t appear miraculously overnight or from too large of a meal.”

Simple & The Plain ol’ Truth!

The goals you hope to achieve will not happen by doing some special exercise, or worse yet happen fast!

It Takes Hard Work!

Whether you want it or not, that is the only way!

So Stop Looking for Magic & Make things Happen!

I got more truth & tips from the old school that I will later share with you, but for now:

Don’t be the 90%

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo


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