Shit will Get Hard When Your Trying to Reach Your Goals – DON’T STOP! (Here is How!)

Ahh the first Monday of 2013, many people made resolutions & many have already given up on them!…But am sure you haven’t!

I made this video 2 days ago to give you 2 tips that will keep you committed to your goals

#1 – Be the Change that you wanna see:

You need to be certain that what you are doing will work, otherwise your just guessing & will start doubting yourself, which will make you quit when thins get hard

Just know that obstacles will happen & deal with them! …don’t give up or see this a sign that what your doing is wrong…often times when shit gets hard, it means that your on the right path & others it’s test to see whether you really want this or not

Whatever it is, know that if you really want this, you will let nothing stand in your wayThere is no Such Thing as Being too Busy, if you really want something you make time for it!

#2 – Don’t take days off, if you must simply do a little bit:

Skipping a day or saying I’ll do it tomorrow, will put you back where you started, blow your fire off & make you regret & wish that you would have continued the day before

Don’t let this happen to you, instead of taking a break when shit gets hard:

Simply do very simple things

If your routine calls for working out 4 times a week & you can’t follow it exactly as it is outlined 1 day, don’t skip it, instead modify it & simply do less to keep your fire on

Even doing 25 push ups, 25 squats & 10 handstand push ups is better than skipping your whole workout

It might not be perfect or intense as your plan calls for, but that’s fine! the main thing here is that when shit gets hard you don’t quit, you simply modify & simplify to still do something & keep your fire on

And lastly, Don’t try to do it all at once, pick 2 things you wanna change & only commit to doing those

If your goal is to build muscle, then besides training:

  1. eat a lot
  2. & go to sleep early

Simple and effective, instead of focusing on 10 things you can do, simply pick 2 and get to work

You’ll find yourself more focused & once your done with your 2 tasks for your goals you can move onto the others, but at least get your 2 things done (This will make a huge difference!)

That’s it! 2013 is here & many will start off inspired & then give up, don’t do that!

Have your goals & attack them!

know that is not your time or circumstances that matter (those are just BS excuses you make for yourself) – it’s your mindset & desire to change to be someone else that will drive your fire until you reach your goal

Let Nothing Stand in your Way & know that when shit gets hard, it’s just a test to see if you really want this or not

This Guy is Running in the Snow in Fucking Shorts! No Excuses!

Laugh at the problems, be grateful for them, learn from them & keep moving forward!

Attack life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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