Recommended Programs to Get Stronger & Build Muscle!

One thing I constantly do is invest in my education

Whether that may be from books, audios, e-books, going to live events, workshops or meeting with coaches that I respect face to face

Learning from others real experience is key in growing as person and an athlete

I have gone trough tons of program that have been great, but below I put some that have made the biggest impact in the way I train

I have used them & they work if you put in the work, so check em out if your in the need a new workout program that will get you results or if your simply strength geek & want some more badass info to read!

Recommended Programs:

Lean Hybrid Muscle - Build Muscle While Losing Fat + Learn How to Create Your Own Hybrid WorkoutsLean Hybrid Muscle – Build Muscle While Losing Fat + Learn How to Create Your Own Hybrid Workouts

Bodyweight Bodybuilding by Zach-Even-Esh - build Muscle with Bodyweight TrainingBodyweight BodybuildingGain Muscle, Reduce Pain & Revive your Energy with Just Bodyweight Training Alone (see my full experience with it here) *For some reason the link is not working, so I am sending you to another great bodyweight workout program)

Grow Stronger Method - Get Stronger & Lift Heavier Weights Without Adding Bulk!Grow Stronger Method – Get Stronger & Lift Heavier Weights Without Adding Bulk!

The Underground Strength System Manual by Zach Even-Esh

The Underground Strength SystemThis is the first ever product I got that made me break the rules & train for real strength, nothing fancy, just doing work & getting beastly results in strength & real muscle! – You will never see training the same way after you devour this program! (Is that good)

Warrior Upper Body Download

Warrior Upper Body – Learn how to Do Advanced Exercises Like Handstands, One Arm Pushups And Sets Of 20 Pullups

Strengthology Neuromuscular Design Online Course by Elliott Hulse

STRENGTHOLOGY 101Learn How to Design Superior Training Programs

This course will show you:

  • How to create your own programs based on your needs
  • How to structure your workouts & those of your clients
  • How to identify stress & reduce it so you have more energy
  • what exercises to do & why + how to use proper form
  • How to look for muscle imbalances pain, & understand the root of the problem so we know how to fix it
  • How to manipulate the variables (sets, reps, tempo, weight, rest, etc) in order to get your desire result: muscle gain, strength, fat loss or a combination of them
  • How to eat for energy & your own genetic type – just because something is called healthy, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you as you might be intolerant towards it (and might not even be aware of it)
  • Learn how to reduce & identify stress in your life (this might be killing the amount of gains you could make)

Since going trough this course, all other workout program I read make much more sense since I can see the systems & methods other coaches follow

I would highly recommend that you get STRENGTHOLOGY 101 if you are just beginning, confused or even an advanced trainer that you get this course!

There are many more great programs out there, but these are my top recommendations since I know they work & will get you results!

Feel free to ask away if you got any questions about these programs or any other:)

Get Smarter & Stronger!

Luis Carrillo