My 2018 Fitness Predictions | Men Booty Workouts & Calisthenics TV Show?

In a few hours the clocks will hit midnight & a new year will be started.

2018 will be Epic!

I know you will destroy all your goals & I am here to help you in every step of the way.

There has been a lot of changes in the fitness world in the last year and today I wanna share my fitness predictions for 2018, so let’s start.

Calisthenics will be televised

Calisthenics as a sport really exploded this year but it’s still in its infancy. I feel that it will be the new sport on TV like Ninja Warrior since it offers enough action and tons of wow factor.

More Calisthenics Gyms will open

There is very little few calisthenic gyms out there at the moment but more will open as the demand increases. There is a lot of skill involved in calisthenics so with that in mind more people will jump on board to learn how to muscle up, handstand & lever as a new fun way to “workout”.

Glute workouts for men = Normal

Let’s face it 2017 was the year of the booty for women and all of us men are grateful for that 🙌 I believe that more men will realize how important it is to train the glutes not just for aesthetic purposes but also for strengthening the legs, spine, improving posture but most importantly being able to lift more weight. So far powerlifting and olympic lifting are some of the the few sports that emphasize glute training to keep getting stronger. I feel that men will realize how important it is to have a stronger ass and many won’t be so intimidated to do more weighted hip thrusts, glute bridges and more glute isolation exercises.

Craft Juices/Smoothies

This year desserts got a lot of buzz because of how creative people were in their presentations from using cakes in mason jars, weird ice cream fusions like orange and chipotle, unicorn shakes & coffee, etc. In order to keep up and since originality sets you apart I believe that juice bars/smoothie shops will be more crafty and creative in 2018. These shops will mix up fruits, vegetables and spices to creative unique flavors and colors that not only taste amazing but also look Instagram worthy.

So those are 4 of my predictions.

I personally will be releasing more workout programs starting in January to help you get stronger. I’ve gotten more involved into calisthenics so that will be my main focus in 2018 but I will also be doing power lifting and strongman training.

Hope you have a kick ass New Year’s celebration & I look forward to helping you reach your goals in 2018.

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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