1 Simple Tip to Keep the Wrists Healthy & Strong!

Your wrists are probably something that you don’t pay too much attention to…Unless you’ve gotten them sprained, injured or hurt in some way before

If you train with bodyweight then you know the crucial role that keeping healthy wrists plays in your training

Practicing muscle ups, ring exercises & handstands puts a lot of stress on them, and if you get them hurt you won’t be able to train comfortably for a couple of days (assuming is just a mild sprain)

Your wrists are a dynamic joint, so you should train them that way: train them for mobility

Mixed Grip Pull Up

Yet one of the mistakes a lot of people do is to only train 1 grip or just 1 variation of an exercise

Lets take for example the pull up

Most people just have an overhand grip & pull themselves up every time they do this exercise

Nothing wrong with doing a conventional pull up, But what happens when you got rock climbing? or wanna jump a tall wall?

You can pull yourself up for sure, but the surface you are touching is not a straight bar, or might not even be an even surface

And since you have always trained your wrists in a fixed position + are lacking joint mobility, this makes you more prone to injury since your wrists are not used to working dynamically…(and injured wrists are not fun)

So you should train your wrists for mobility in order to keep them happy & healthy

The easiest thing you can do in order to keep your wrists happy, healthy & strong is to change up your grip & do more variations of bodyweight exercises

For example, If you are doing pull ups:

  • Change your grip to a wide, narrow or neutral stance
  • Walk side to side on the bar
  • Swing on the monkey bars
  • Have a mixed grip
  • Use a towel to hang & change the grip
  • Wrap the towel around the bar or use Fat Gripz to make a thicker bar

Same principle applies to any bodyweight movement (especially push ups & handstands since they directly involve the writs)

It’s as simple as that: just change your grip & do a different variation of the exercise..it takes no time & will actually make things a lot more challenging & fun for you

I made this video the other day showing some simple pull & chin up variations so you can get some ideas from there:

And don’t think that because you are training different grips, that you will stop making gains on standard pull ups…quite the contrary will happen:

The more mobile & strong your wrists are the better & more control you will have of the bars

Personally for me making this change with pull ups, push ups & handstands has made a huge impact on my strength (especially when I walk side to side)…keeps my wrists healthy & less prone to injury

So next time you train pull ups, change your grip in order to keep your wrists healthy & strong!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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