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How To Workout Without Fear (In 2018)

Yo! Hope 2018 is treating you amazing!

I already know you started on the right track so I respect you for that.

I recently began reading a book called The Big Leap” which is all about finding the fears holding you back from living the life you deserve.

Reading the book made me realize how working out in “fear” will be the reason why you won’t reach your strength goals this year. This is something we all do un-consciously (myself included).

So today I wanna help you to find one of your fears so we can eliminate it & you can get stronger!

Inside the book, the author tells you that your main goal in order to be fulfilled is to operate in “Your Zone Of Genius”

That is the zone where you are your most creative, happy, healthy, strong & full of excitement to live.

Inside the book the author says:

“Fear is excitement without the breath; The very same mechanisms that produce excitement also produce fear, and any fear can be transformed into excitement by breathing fully with it.”

In order to overcome fear you must breathe into it and get used to it being there.

Think back on the first time you asked a girl out:

You were nervous AF and when you finally had the balls to ask her out you probably held your breath in since you couldn’t relax and be comfortable.

This same thing happens when speaking in public. You curl up and start breathing heavily from the shyness and uncertainty of how the crowd will react.

Now all this fear also happens in your workouts.

  • You put more weight in the bar & you start to doubt yourself if you can even lift it.
  • Or you decide to do a heavy weighted pull up but as soon as you touch the bar you start thinking “I am tired, this is too heavy, I can’t do it”

All the fear happens in the mind not the body so in order to get rid of this fear you must simply move without thinking.

The key to overcoming fear is to be content with being in fear.

Think back at the last time you were doubtful or afraid of an exercise.

I personally fell off a pull up bar once pretty badly (my grip wasn’t strong enough) and ever since jumping into tall bars is scary.

So now I practice jumping into tall bars and also falling off of them in order to get more familiar with the height.

It’s scary and every time I go for a jump I think: “what if I fall?” but the more I face my fear the easier it gets.

What I am building here is confidence. Yes the fear is there but the more I jump the less I think “what if I fall” and instead I am simply practicing my fear so it becomes normal and it doesn’t scare me anymore.

I want you to do the same: If you have been avoiding an exercise because of a prior bad experience: break it apart and do progressions for it. Drop your ego and don’t be afraid of starting at a lower point.

It’s a new year and the reason why this is the first e-mail I am sending you it’s because I want you to succeed this year and the only thing that will hold you back is fear.

Not only in your workout goals but your relationships, finances and creative endeavors.

So please apply this mindset: if you are scared of something feel the fear but also breathe and relax into it. You will overtime turn that fear into excitement!

Here is to a Kick Ass 2018 Beast!

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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