How to FORCE Yourself to Workout Outside!

Working out indoors at home or at a gym is awesome

The loud music, weights clashing down & chalk clouds filling up the air is a powerful environment to get get results

But at the same time we also need to also be in the opposite scenario:

A more calm, and fresher environment like the playground, a forest or any outside place

This is not to say that one is better than the other, but this is to say that we need balance

Just as we are aggressive, we also need to calm down and relax

The yin & yang

I personally have found that working out in an inside environment vs and outside one creates this balance

  • One place is loud, the other one is quiet
  • One is full of man made products, the other one is mostly if not all nature
  • One has fresh air and the other one has doesn’t

Not one is better than the other as both are simply different environments that work

We live in a very stressful world and sometimes we don’t get to relax and calm down

We are always on a rush, thinking or are worried about something

For me when I workout I forget about the world, it’s just me and the training session, nothing else matters

But sometimes when i gotta pay some bills or got too much work, I stress out & can’t stop thinking

I have found that being outside & working out helps me to get into the state of relaxation and calmness

The fresh air, birds & insects making noises around is relaxing & makes me enjoy and remember that the only thing that matters is the present

One simple way to make yourself workout outside more is to put an evil trap so you are forced to do it

Not by telling yourself to do it or planning it, but by simply putting something outside for you to workout with – something that will make you exited to go out and do

  • Can be putting a soccer net or basketball hoop on your backyard
  • Can be putting a couple of heavy dumbbells for you to farmer walk with
  • A tire to throw around…
  • Or carrying a kettlebell on your car to use whenever your near a playground

I personally just hanged my rings outside and feels good to have the big open space to use them and practice

outside gymnastic ringsBeing outside will unconsciously make you feel liberated and creative

Sometimes you cannot do that when you are inside 4 walls

So if you need a little more balance in your training, or simply want a completely different challenge outdoors then find a way to do training outside

Plan an evil trap for yourself to actually want to get out & workout

Can be something as simple as leaving a sandbag on your backyard

Whatever it is, just be outside a little bit more

I guarantee you that you will feel more grounded, relaxed and energetic!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. P.S. Being outside to some can mean to go out of their comfort zone (we are some damn used to being trapped and isolated) so if this is the case for you, then start off by training at your backyard, then slowly migrate to the park once you feel comfortable

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