Fasting = STRONGER?

Yo Yo Yo! … Hope you had an awesome day yesterday! I certainly did 🙂

I was without my car for the whole past week, and instead of being like the typical person that would bitch about how horrible it is to not have a car to drive…I actually enjoyed it

Having to walk or bike everywhere made me see how dependent I have gotten on that machine, so it was refreshing to take a break from the car….anyway lets move onto today’s controversial topic:

Fasting Makes You Stronger?

Well it is not as black and white as that, but personally I’ve been noticing in the last 2 months that:

When I train bodyweight with a fasted stomach I feel a lot stronger

Am able to do bodyweight moves easier as I feel lighter, more in control and mentally hungry to just move

Exercising while fasting

I’ve been experimenting with fasting for about half a year now & I have felt great ever since I started doing it

I didn’t do it because it is the cool diet that’s hot right now nor because of the health benefits…. I simply did it because my intuition told me to do it

I am fully aware that there is no perfect or ideal eating style or diet…

The way you eat is a constant evolution & a journey to find what works better for you with your current situation, goals & lifestyle

I’ve done the 6 small meals a day thing, 3 big meals a day, paleo diet, and a lot of other eating styles, but fasting opened my eyes to something that not many are aware of:

That we literally slave ourselves to food, we say “I have to eat in the morning or else Ima be cranky & irritated”

Well if you would have never conditioned yourself to eat in the morning, then you might not have that mindset at all

Am going on a rant now, but to keep it short:

Fasting has freed me from food slavery and allowed me to focus my energy on other projects instead of worrying about food and having to eat at certain times

I have the freedom & confidence to eat whenever I want and know that ima feel good

If you have never tried fasting I would encourage you to try out, not because it might help you lose more fat or anything like that BUT because you will realize the real difference between hunger & cravings

And once you can differentiate that, you can focus your energy on doing productive stuff vs just worrying or stressing about not having eaten & feeling like crap like most people do

So try it out & pay attention to how you feel & think…you’ll realize that skipping breakfast or a meal from time to time is not that bad at all…it’s actually quite refreshing to have this freedom & energy to spend on other things besides cooking and eating

I can continue talking about fasting all day, but will later expand on it… for now just be open minded to what I said & try fasting out for yourself so you can feel what freedom from food slavery feels like!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. Yeah I know I didn’t give you any exact step by step to do’s…this is because there are different ways of fasting & I am no expert on the subject, but if you want a simple example on what to do, Do This:

Next time you wake up just skip breakfast

Just stay well hydrated and pay attention to how you feel, thing & act….you might feel great or horrible, either way become aware of this & test things out

P.P.S. For me fasting works great with bodyweight workouts or heavy lifting, not so much with high rep bodybuilding style workouts…(well at least right now it doesn’t, but I will keep testing!

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