Arnold Schwarzenegger Earning His Breakfast by Doing Sit Ups!

Earn Your Breakfast With Sit Ups!

Have you ever compared your life with that of someone else you admire?

Not necessarily to see how they are better than you, but to learn why they are so successful or act the way they do?

I just started reading Arnold’s book & It’s has fired me up!

In the first chapter he talks about how his dad made him do sit ups in order for him to Earn His Breakfast!

His dad reinforced fitness & discipline at an early age & this had a major influence in his aggressive focus & drive to succeed in all that he has done

The book made me look back & see how my early childhood moments have shaped the way I am (some had a good influence, some didn’t)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recal BookAnd I want you to do the same, just take a moment for yourself right now and ask yourself:

  • Why are you the way you are?
  • Who or what influenced you to be the way you are?
  • What habits have you created that you don’t like?
  • And what are you gonna do to change & reach your goals?

It takes more than a few moments to answer these & see the whole chain of events that have influenced you to become the way you are, but it is powerful to look back an analyze at yourself

Just like you should analyze your current workout program if something is not working right so you can modify it or change something in order to get results

You have to do this with your own self as well!

And sometimes it’s hard to embrace the truth

You might think you are taking all this action & when you really look at your daily habits, you see that you are not really giving it your all!

I personally haven’t, but being aware of this puts me in a position of power, where I can change what I don’t like

So today I invite you to do the same: Analyze yourself & decide what you will change!

And if you need an extra kick in the ass so you take action: put a gun in your head (metaphorically of course)

  • Go out and tell a buddy of yours that you will pay him $20 for everyday you don’t eat 3 times a day till the end of the year
  • Tell him/her that if you don’t workout 3 times a week (or whatever plan your following calls for) that they can keep one of your most valuable possessions

Whatever it is, make sure the punishment hurts! so there is no way your not gonna stay committed!

So look at yourself right now & change what you don’t want!

I Bet You like I have it Easy! Nobody is Forcing You to Do Sit Ups in order to Eat!

So find a way to stay committed & make things happen!

Attack Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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