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Drink This For Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Time is running out!

In 4 days everyone will be gulping shots, kissing their loved ones and cheering to the new year.

It is in that moment that many of us will reflect on the year and make new fitness goals.

We say I am going to:

  • Get shredded & drop to 8% body fat
  • Gain 5 pounds of muscle
  • Learn how to muscle up
  • Add 200 pounds to my deadlift

And many other goals.

With our goals in mind we start the year excited; we buy new workout clothes, join a new gym, buy supplements, start meal prepping & hire coaches.

And that’s great! I want you to attack your goals & accomplish them.

We do all of this “sexy” things but we forget one fundamental thing.

The one thing that is KEY to having more energy, boosting performance & overall be a healthy beast.

And that is to:

Drink Water!

We get caught up in what are the best supplements & best workout routines to reach your goal that we forget that our bodies are made up of 60% water!

Drinking more water is the secret to:

  • Having more energy
  • Having more strength
  • Being happier
  • Having better skin
  • Being able to accomplish your goals faster

It’s simple and doesn’t sound too sexy but if you want to start off the year excited and keep being excited to train, move and eat better then make sure you drink more water.

It will keep your energy levels up so you keep going and don’t fall off track.

I personally try to drink 1 gallon daily.

Sometimes I drink more and sometimes I slack off and only drink half of that.

But the goal for me is always to drink 1 gallon.

The easiest way to achieve this is to have a 1 gallon jugger.

To fill it up in the morning and finish it before you go to sleep.

That way you don’t have to refill it multiple times a day and it’s less work and more drinking.

Try this for 30 days and I guarantee you will feel amazing, stronger & you friends will be asking “bro what’s your secret?”

These are the water bottles I recommend:

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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