Goku Turning Super Saiyan vs Jiren

Dragon Ball & Working Out 🔥

Goku Turning Super Saiyan vs Jiren “Power comes in response to a need, a desire.” – Goku

Lately I’ve been OBSSESED with watching Dragon Ball Super. It always get’s me hyped up t go kill my workouts.

(If you don’t know what that is, it is an anime show focused on epic martial arts fighting, saving the world & getting stronger.)

I was looking trough my old blog posts and I remember I wrote a post on:

➡️ 10 Things Dragon Ball Taught Me About Working Out

And I just wanted you to read it again if you haven’t since I share some really good nuggets.

Its one of my favorite posts I’ve written & will keep talking more about Dragon Ball in my emails since there is so much good stuff from the show that will indirectly help you get stronger & gain muscle.

So give that a read here once you get a chance: http://beastlifestyle.com/10-things-dragon-ball-taught-me-about-working-out/


Also before I end the email, I’ve been doing online coaching and one of my clients has already doubled his max pull ups in 3 weeks!

He went from struggling to get 5 pull ups to now knocking out 10!

Huge progress in such a short amount of time!

If you are interested in online coaching feel free to reply to this email and let’s chat.

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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