Don't Order Salads, Be Your Self & get Your Damn Steak!

Don’t Order Salads, Be Yourself & Eat your Damn Steak!

Spending some time at Strength Camp this Weekend Made me realize something: FUCK SALADS!

During the weekend I went to Florida to a Workshop held by Elliott Hulse

The workshop was all about sharing your passion online & we talked a lot about being ourselves

Elliott really enforced how we all have awesome talents, yet we take them for granted or simply don’t think they are great, when in reality they are!

So the workshop was all about being yourself, being fine with it & helping those that need you

During one of the nights we all went out for dinner at BJ’s

You would imagine that about 12 people who all are into fitness are gonna order some healthy stuff right?

Some chicken, salad and drink water only (after all we are all into living healthy)

But that Shit Did Not Happen!

Who Can Resist a Damn Good Steak?We started ordering some Steak, Chicken, potatoes, Beer, Vodka & things like those

Things that mortals eat & that you wouldn’t think fitness people indulge in because they are all about being healthy

And we are, it’s just the fact that nobody is perfect, not even your own role models

Heck, even I the first time I went to Strength Camp & meet Elliott I tough he was gonna be perfect!

But that wasn’t the case at least I realized it when I saw him sipping on some Grey Goose

It made me realize that living a healthy & fit life is not about perfection & always eating 100% healthy food

If you wanna drink alcohol then do so, you know the consequences & if you are gonna do it then enjoy it!

This is a lifestyle & a life cannot always be lived with rules & restrictions all the time, be yourself & have fun!

You are smart & know to indulge in unhealthy things in moderation (don’t make that shit a daily thing)

OK now back to the story!

We all order our food and I realize that my friend sitting next to me Teiko only ordered a Freaking Salad!

At first I was like “well he is just starting with that” but then I asked him if that is all he was gonna eat & he said Yes


A Salad is not gonna fill up a Big Man that Loves to Lift heavy Shit! & I also knew the dude wanted some Meat!

I asked him why he only order a salad and he told me:

“Every time that I go to a fitness even & we go out to eat, everyone is all healthy & gets their salad, so since everyone does that then I did it to fit in”

That wasn’t exactly what he said but it is was the point he made

He was trying to just look pretty for others to fit in

He wasn’t being himself!

This made me realize how many of us do the same thing: we try to be something we are not just to please others

Well Fuck that!

Be You!

be yourself - everyone esle is taken - oscar wilde

Some will not like you, some will & that’s fine

We are not here to please everyone! You would go crazy if you tried

So do me a favor, if you are gonna go out to eat & want to eat “healthy” in front of others don’t make this mistake

Fuck the salad & Eat your Damn Steak!

The worst thing that can happen is that others will be like “Damn I should have ordered a steak!”

Be Yourself & Live Freely!

And by the way I don’t hate salads, I was trying to make a point here, so eat your veggies!

Meat + Vegetables are always awesome so eat them together!

Now let me ask you a question:

When was the Last time you were not yourself because you were trying to please others?

Everyone does this, we just gotta be aware of the situation and take control of it!

Attack Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo

P.S. 4 of us were still hungry after the restaurant (including my friend who go the salad) so we rolled up to a Waffle house & Have Some Bomb Ass Chocolate Chip Waffles! 🙂

I knew that salad wasn’t enough!


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