Fancy ab wheel roll outs

Cheap Alternative to Ab Wheels + Exercises to Work on Your Core!

You can get some ab wheels for about $7 (the cheap plastic ones) or some up to $50

Ab wheels are great to work on your core, but here is another way to do exercises similar to it to work on your core strength!

Cheap Alternative to Ab Wheels+ Exercises to Work on Your Core

Furniture Sliders Are That Great Alternative

Some cool exercises you can try with these are:

  • Hand walking (Similar to wheel barrows with a partner holding your legs)
  • Jumping Walking Push Ups
  • Push them & walk (can add weighted resistance to make this more challenging)
  • 2 and 1 Leg Hamstring Curls (Great for activation your hammies before hitting some deadlift)

You can come up with a lot more variations of push ups, planks & hand walking exercises

Furniture Sliders Will Build You Abs of Steel!

Cheap Furniture Sliders Get You Abs of Steel

The core is an stabilization muscle & should be worked that way: to stabilize your whole body

These sliders do a great job for that as your always keeping tension in your core

They are Great to warm up for a squat, deadlift, bench press, over head press or any movement that requires you to brace the abs and keep them tight!

You can also use it as a finisher to see how far you can walk in your hands

So there you go, a cool substitute for ab wheels

A little different but gets the job done (and you might even have some at home already!)

Give them a Try & let me know how it goes!

Luis Carrillo

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