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Raising the Bar by Al Kavadlo - Calisthenics Book

40% Off of of Dragon Door (Act Fast) 🐉

Raising the Bar by Al Kavadlo - Calisthenics Book

Today is Back Friday & there is sales blowing up everywhere! It’s crazy!!!

I invest a lot in my education & if I can find sales on that then that is gold to me.

Today Dragon Door is having a major sale: 40% off of everything when you use the code: BFCM2017

If you guys are not familiar with Dragon Door, they are one of the best companies go get information and equipment on kettlebells, strength & calisthenics training.

I personally have picked up 3 books from there:

#1) Raising the Bar: The Definitive Guide to Bar Calisthenics By Al Kavadlo (Pictured at top)

#2)  Diamond-Cut Abs: How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Results By Danny Kavadlo

#3) The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning: How to Get Stronger in the Gym & in Life Using the Training Secrets of the Athletic Elite By Zach Even-Esh

I highly recommend all those 3 books if you are looking to advance your calisthenics training & also to learn how to train with odd objects & get stronger with weights.

Today you can get them all for 40% off

➡️ Check the Dragon Door Website Here

Search for the books on the top right & use the code BFCM2017 when you check out & the discount will be applied.

Again, this sale is not only for books but for all exercise equipment there too. If have been looking for a pull up rack or a kettlebell, now is the time to get those at a fat discount.

That’s it today, I hope you find something that will help your current training 🙂

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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Brush Your Teeth & Workout At The Same Time

Happy singles awareness day everybody!!!

Whether you are single or taken, I hope you keep your teeth clean.

Because you do brush your teeth regularly right? :/

I hope so…

Anyway, here is a short video of how I usually brush my teeth and get a quick pump at the same time 😀

Be creative & have fun in your training.

Attack Life & Get Stronger

– Luis Carrillo

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Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning Book Chapter

Underground Strength Book – Why I train the way I train.

I still remember the first time I decided to do a dumbbell clean & jerk with a 45 pound DB at LA Fitness – feels like it just happened yesterday.

I was doing my typical bodybuilding workout – 4 sets of 12 reps & body part splits – today was shoulder day & I had been consuming training advice from from this bald guy named Zach Even-Esh.Zach Even-Esh rock training

His style of training was unconventional – using tires, rocks, ropes and playgrounds as workout material. It was a little crazy for me back then since I was used to just going to the commercial gym and training there like everyone else. But one of the exercises that Zach kept repeating over and over was overhead presses with rock and dumbbell clean and jerks.

So while at the gym I decided to do a DB clean & jerk & since then I haven’t trained the same. The explosiveness of that movement hooked me & I needed more aggressive training.

Slowly I learned more & more from Zach until my training evolved into being part underground – training with an aggressive attitude & not making excuses.

If you have ever wondered why I train at playgrounds, use sandbags, rocks, playgrounds & love to simply train with anything – it is all because Zach injected me with his Underground Strength DNA ever since I started incorporating his training style.

This week he released his first published book & I am stocked! I just ordered & can’t wait to attack it.

Check out the trailer – it will make you wanna go tear it up!

Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and ConditioningPurchase the book at:

==> Dragon Door

==> Amazon

==> Kindle

There are some bonuses you can get if you purchase by tonight, but knowing Zach’s quality of products the bonuses are just extra icing on the cake – the book alone is worth it & I highly recommend you get it.

Matt WichlinskiEverything you need to know about getting stronger and mentally tough is covered in detail in this book. If you are looking for a shortcut, or don’t have a true desire to work as hard as possible, this book is not for you. This book is all about embracing the effort, doing your best, inspiring everyone around you, and being the consummate leader of your social circle, all while becoming the strongest version of yourself.

This book is loaded with inspirational stories and informational programs that work. Zach’s training methods are intense and his passion is unparalleled; if you want to succeed, this book is for you.”—MATT WICHLINSKI, Strength Coach, WWE Performance Center

Attack Life & Get Stronger

— Luis Carrillo

P.S. If you get the book at anytime, forward me your receipt to beastlifestyle [at] & I’ll give you my book: 15 No Excuses Workouts as a bonus.

Opportunistic Pull Ups at the Park

What’s up Beast!

Earlier this week I posted a video showing how you can do pull ups in many different places at the park.

Not just in the obvious monkey bars, but with swings, trees, metal pipes and anywhere I could hang in the playground area.

I’ve been getting good feedback with this video so I will do more like these showing you how you can workout and do different exercises anywhere.

“If you can bypass looking at the obvious then you’ll find opportunities everywhere!”

I would love to see more people having this “opportunistic” way of looking at exercise, so I am exited to make more videos.

If you have any specific exercise you wanna see let me know so I can make it happen…and if you have a video of you doing any type of of opportunist exercises or street workouts (with or without weights) drop the link in the comments below, I’d love to share it on my Facebook Page to get more people fired up!

That’s it for today,

Keep Attacking Life & Getting Stronger,

Luis Carrillo

3 Reasons Why YOU should Workout with Odd Objects

Whether it be sandbags, kettlebells, kegs, tires, rocks or a bag of potatoes

Odd objects are all around us and you can use them as workout equipment

Most of the times these odd objects are free or very low cost to make (compared to buying barbells and dumbbells)

But before I go onto describe some of these things that you can use as workout equipment let me give you 3 good reasons to train with objects:

Elliott Hulse Sandbag Loading#1 – They don’t have an even load so they force you to workout extra had, using more stabilizing muscles & activating more muscle fibers

These object don’t have to always be just heavier in order to increase their difficulty…you can just use a bigger, thinner or different material item

For example fatter sandbag (a lot harder on the grip), thicker bars (you can even use trees), or using towels & ropes

#2 – Odd objects are everywhere & will make you open your mind to working out anywhere and with anything

Working out at a gym is not always a necessity if you know how to use the tools in your environment to your advantage:

Use chairs as dip stations, walls to do pull ups, push cars for conditioning, etc

Doing this will also save you a lot of money on workout equipment…for example you can make a 100 pound sandbag for less than $20! (compare that to 100 pound dumbbell that might cost $70+ just for one DB)

Pro Tip: Buy used workout equipment on Craigslist & garage sales to save a lot of pennies

#3 – They are Fun & will make you Free

Free from always following rules & doing things like everyone else

When you use odd objects not only will you get stronger but will also be captivated by the challenge of using something uncommon to workout brings

  • You will walk out onto the world & see fences everywhere where you can do dips & pull ups at
  • You will see stop signs and try to do flag poles on them
  • You will see a heavy rock & wonder how much it weights, but curiosity & wonder won’t be enough so you will approach it, pick it up & start doing squats, lunges & overhead presses with it
  • You will pick up heavy things when you go shopping just, like front carrying a car battery all around Walmart just so you can get a massive biceps pump while everyone else doesn’t!

And perhaps all of those were personal examples, but either way your mind will be open to seeing everything as an opportunity to workout once you regularly use odd objects in your training

If you try working out with a rock for example you will feel your grip having to work extra hard – the uneven rock will force you to stabilize your whole body & you will unconsciously be freeing your mind form always having order and rules to workout

When you know you can use anything in your environment to workout you become free to explore the world & get stronger anywhere and with anything…

Life becomes your 24/7 Strength Playground!

My good friend Elliott Hulse was one of the first persons to ever introduce me to odd object training & ever since I haven’t looked back

I remember the first time I purposely pushed my car to workout, it was tough but fun

It was a different kind of energy & it made me realize that everyday things can be weapons for strength building – You just gotta be open minded & let go of always doing things “the right way”

Today Elliott’s program Lean Hybrid Muscle is on discount, but only for 8 more hours as of writing this

I’ve learned a lot from this program and this method of training is one that I personally use & will continue to use because it works

Inside you will not only get workouts, but also learn how to create YOUR OWN Hybrid Workouts + learn how to workout with odd objects

If this is something that sounds interesting to you then take advantage of his sale, if not then no worries

The program will still be available (just not with a discount)

If you do get it email me your receipt at: and I’ll give you my “15 BackUp Workouts” as a bonus which will open your mind even more to using your environment as workout equipment + you’ll get some kick ass workout challenges

I guarantee that after you start working out with odd objects, you will not be satisfied with just using barbells and dumbbells…it’s a whole new world after this!

Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

==> Take advantage of his LHM discount right here <==

Keep Attacking Life & Getting Stronger,

Luis Carrillo

Do this Workout when You Shop!

So am rocking a sexy tank top tan right now! (not cool) but who cares right?

It will even out later, anyway…

Most people in my neighborhood when it’s over 100 degree’s prefer to stay indoors

To be locked up and use the advanced technologies of air conditioning to keep cool

To me it’s the opposite

I see sun and I wanna be outside playing:

Riding a bike, hitting some calisthenics at the playground, sprinting, throwing rocks around, hiking, swimming, playing soccer or climbing a short wall:

Mexicans jumping a wall

Today at work we had to move some hay around on a dirt lot because the gym that I work at will be having an obstacle race tomorrow

And moving around hay it’s a bitch! but fun at the same time!

We wheel barrowed some of it & some we threw it up at my friend’s jeep and did a little bit of off roading up a little hill!

After about 3 hrs of work 2 other guys & I where covered in hay, itching everywhere and had horrible tans! jaja

I personally wished more people would respect and do more physical labor

I don’t just mean at a work place, but even when you go shopping:

Instead of getting a cart, try to grab 2 baskets and farmer walk them with your groceries

You will get weird stares from others around, but you’ll be getting a short grip workout while you shop

And if you wanna make this worst, then park super far away, so you really have to walk!

Of course doing this won’t get you abs or bigger biceps but you can at least smile away when you finally reach your car & know that you conquered this mini obstacle

You don’t have to even count this as a workout, just do it for fun & because you love strength – do it because you can!

Let me know how it goes & have a great weekend + don’t get in too much trouble! 😉

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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Anything Heavy Will Build Muscle

The other day I was watching a video my boy ManTis

He was doing squats with cinder blocks

In the comments there was something that puzzled me & to some degree disturbed me

Here is the comment:

can you really build muscle with cincer blocks

I don’t understand how you can ask that question, as the equipment or tools don’t matter that much to build muscle

All you need is just something heavy in order to provide your body with resistance (your body doesn’t know that you are using a barbell or cinder blocks, all it knows is that you are putting heavy stress on yourself)

So to answer him: HELL YES! you can build muscle by doing cinder block squats

In the end weight is weight & heavy weight is resistance for the body regardless of it’s shape

Might not sound as sexy as a guy or girl giving you a tour of their fancy globo gym telling you all this hyped up stuff about how they have superior weights and machines that will get you results faster, but it’s the truth

If you wanna train at a gym that is fine, am not here to tell you where and not to train…I simply want you to wake up and realize that conventional weightlifting equipment is not needed to get results

It might be more convenient to train with it, but isn’t needed

Results happen when you lift anything heavy – whether it be cinder blocks, milk jugs, car batteries, rocks or barbels – all are weights so use them!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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Bodyweight Bodybuilding – Gain Muscle, Reduce Pain & Revive your Energy with Just Bodyweight Training Alone

Grow Stronger Method – Get Stronger & Lift Heavier Weights Without Adding Bulk!

Warrior Upper Body – Learn how to Do Advanced Exercises Like Handstands, One Arm Pushups And Sets Of 20 Pull Ups

Do Towel Pull Ups & Get a Stronger Grip!

One of the things that always gets in the way of your training is your grip

Sometimes it fatigues before you do & doesn’t let you put the intensity you want into your workouts

You can always work on your grip by using fat bars, ropes, sandbags, trees, farmer walking…overall making the bar or object your trying to use to be a lot harder to grab

I personally love using Sandbags since they are a challenge to grab specially the heavier you go

But one thing that has always been on my list of to-use-items for grip are Towels

Those things that you use to dry yourself everyday are powerful grip builders

If you have done training with towels in the past then you know how difficult it is, and if you haven’t definitely start doing it – it will crush your grip!

2 of my personal favorite exercises to do with towels are pull ups and inverted rows

Towel Pull Ups for a Stronger Grip) Grip Training)

Grab 2 towels & do a pull ups while squeezing the hell out of them

Do this for 3-4 sets of 3-5 reps & I know your grip will be fried

If you get tired or can’t do towel pull ups no more, switch to inverted rows & finish your sets with them

Most likely your grip will give out before your muscles do, so keep the reps low (3-5 reps)

Sprinkle these at the end of your workouts & strengthen those hands

Overtime it will make any bar movement a lot easier & will help you to do more pull ups, so get to work!

If you want more grip training exercises, tips & workouts check out Zach Even-Esh’s Grip Experts Manual & take your grip training to the next level!

Grip Experts by Zach Even-Esh

P.S. The thinner the towel the easier it will be to grab, so start with those and progress onto thicker ones overtime

No Excuse Backyard Workout in Culiacan, Sinaloa!

2 months ago I wrote a post on how to workout during vacation

I went to Mazatlan during that time & knew that I had to rely on minimalistic workouts & Bodyweight training

While I was there I recorded this little ghetto workout that I cranked out at my grandparent’s back yard!

– Pull ups on the metal pipe & roof
– Overhead pressing & squatting rocks
– And more bodyweight training

Simple, effective & just make it in happen even tough I have no “gym equipment”

There are way too many ways to workout, you just gotta be open minded, creative & stop making excuses

So give a workout like this a try next time your on vacation or next time you wanna break the rules!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Training at a farm & I can front Squat Now!

Went to a farm this past weekend & look at what I found! 😀

1 year ago I couldn’t do front squats at all, the bar pretty much choked me out, you can clearly see that here:

And today although they still aren’t perfect, I can actually hold the barbell in front of me without choking myself out now! ha

Back in June last year I went to Florida to visit my mentor, coach & friend Elliott Hulse and he showed me how to correct a lot of the imbalances that were stopping me from front squatting, I still got a lot of work to do, but progress is happening! 🙂

If you are interested you can see all that he thought me in this video course: Strengthology

Strengthology Video Course

Or if you want I wrote about my experience there in these 2 posts:

My Strengthology Experience – Knowing that I am All Fucked Up! (Part 1)

My Strengthology Experience – Gym Orgasms & Feeling Like Superman! (Part 2)