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Arm Wresteling Elliott Hulse

My Strengthology Experience – Gym Orgasms & Feeling Like Superman! (Part 2)

The Final Day at Strenthology Changed Me!…It made Me Gasp for Air, Made Me Fail, it Broke me and Gave me Strength to Pursue Freedom!

I initially thought that by Going to Strengthology I was only gonna learn:

  • How to Design Badass Workout Programs
  • How to Asses & Correct Muscle Imbalances
  • How to Do the Basic Exercises with Proper Form
  • And How to Fix my Shoulder & tight Upper Back…

I Did Learn all of this In Great Detail, and Became Aware of my Muscle Imbalances as well as Came out with a Game plan on how to Fix them


This Final Day Hit Me Emotionally & Gave Me Permission to Be FREE!

Day 3 – Strongman Training, Learning the Basics & A Big Lesson on Failure

This Final Day Started With Elliott Teaching Us How To Do Exercises With Good Form

First Off Was Playing With Some Strongman Equipment

  • Stone Loading
  • Flipping Tires
  • Carrying Kegs

He had more Toys, But Focused on This Ones & Also Did These Exercises at the Beginning Since they Are the Most Taxing

Stone Loading:

This was my First Time Playing with the Atlas Stones & These Things Are FUN!

Stone Loading At Strength Camp with Elliott Hulse

During My First 3 Attempts To Load The Stone on the Platform I FAILED

I was Close to Putting It, But I Got Tired & Dropped It!

My Forearms Were Tearing Up From Squeezing The Rock So Hard & My Height Was Not Helping Me At All, BUT I Was Not Gonna Let These “Excuses” Stop Me From Getting At Least One Rep!

So I Took a Break & Got My Mind Straight

I Got Set Up Again, Stopped Thinking, Took a Breath, Picked Up the Stone & Exploded That Shit All the Way to My Chest!

This Time I Got It!

I Was Fired Up, I Decided To Try Again, But Failed

Even tough I failed again, this moment changed me, it put me in a position where I had to put all of my energy on one thing in order to overcome it.

I might have failed 3 times before getting it, but with determination I conquered it!

It Was a Reminder That You Just Gotta Do Shit, Take Risks & Although You Will Fall Multiple Times You Just Gotta Get Up & Keep Trying Until You Get What you Want

At This Moment I Was A Different Man Already & The Day Was Just Getting Started!

Next Up Were Tire Flipping & Keg Carries:

I had Played With the Tires the Day Prior & Was only Able to Flip the Small One (400 pounds I think Elliott Said) by Myself, The Big One Gave Me Trouble!

Elliott Hulse Coaching Tire Flips

On The Picture Elliott Is Assisting Me with the Big Tire (600 pds I think)

He Put his hand Under It To Take Off Some of the Load on Me, as Well As for Safety Reasons (So the Tire Doesn’t Come Back & Crush Me)

After Flipping the Tires We Then Proceeded With the Kegs:

First Off was the 100 Pound Keg, Which Did Not Give Me Much Trouble & was Able to Perform the Carries with Good Form

Keg Carries At Strength Camp

Next Up Was the 200 Pound Keg & That Was a Completely Different Story!

I Struggled to Grip it Well & Half Way I Drop It!

Working Out With a Keg

I Pick Up Again, but Struggled to Walk Straight, My Legs Were Tired & My Imbalance (Rounded Shoulder) Was Taking Over!

I Might Have Failed on All 3 Strongman Exercises in Some Form, but these Were Lessons that Showed Me That I Need to Work On My Weaknesses & Imbalances

Like I Wrote on Part 1, I Learned that My Body Was Fucked Up:

I had Rounded Shoulders, My Body Was Shifting To the Left, Mega Tight Calves, A Messed Up Shoulder & a Couple More Things!

All My Imbalances Showed Up During these Exercises as They Require your Whole Body to Work Together

You Never Really Comprehend How Much Energy Strongman Training Takes Out of You Until You Really Do It

So At this Point I was More Aware of How Badly my Imbalances were Affecting my Performance

And Everything Was highlighted Even More When We Proceeded to Learn the Basic Gym Exercises:

  • Dead Lift
  • Bend Over Rows
  • Front Squat
  • Back Squat
  • Over Head Press
  • Integrated Cable Moves

Here Can See Some behind the Scenes Footage as We Go Trough Learning the Basics:

Throughout Learning the Basics I was Pin Pointed a Lot of My imbalances by Elliott, Specially how Badly my Hunched Over Posture Wants to Act Up on when I put Myself with Heavier Loads

One Of Reasons for Coming to the Workshop was To Learn What Are my imbalances & What To Do To Fix Them

During this Last Day All Of that Was Achieved & After Going Trough The Assessments, Learning Proper Form on The Basic Exercises & Learning How to Manipulate Tempos to Create Badass Workout Programs

I Had Achieved Everything I wanted, BUT The Biggest Moment Was About To Happen

**The Gym Orgasm!**

I don’t quite remember at what time of the day this happened, but this moment Changed My Life!

Throughout the whole cert we were doing Deep Breathing exercises & Elliott noticed How Rigid and Closed my Chest was & how it was limiting myself from Beeathing Deeply

He made me do the Deep Breathing exercises in this video:

And it was tough, I could Not Breathe Deep Down on to my Balls

I felt that my Breaths where Stopping right on my Sternum & My stomach Was Not Rise Up Much!

Shortly after this Elliott Started Smacking the Shit Out of His Massage Table

He then Proceeded  by Telling Me to Do the Same!

So I Grabbed the Tennis Racket and Smacked it as Hard as I could on the Massage Table, while Screaming & Saying:


After Releasing This Anger I Felt Good and Liberated, But this Was Nothing Compared to What was About to Happen!

A little after this Elliott told Another Student & I to Open a Big Packet he had: “It Was a Mattress”

We Laid the Mattress on the Floor & Elliott Jumped on It & Started Whining, Kicking & Screaming Like a little Kid!

He hen Told Me to Do The Same: To Get on the Matress & Trow a Temper Tantrum

To Let Go Of all my Emotions and Scream:

Fuck You! …NO! …Ahh!

To Scream & Let Out All Of the Phrases in Anger Trapped Inside of Me!

I had talked to Elliott about how much my parents protected me while growing up and how they didn’t really let me express myself and be free; this had affected how I grew up and was part of the reason why I was shy & timid

After screaming he told me to Swing my arms…To Hit the Mattress As Hard As I Could!… To Kick my Legs Fiercely and to Swing My Head Side to Side With My Tongue Out!

This was Hard and Forced, My Body was Rigid and My Mind Kept Telling Me that I looked Foolish Doing This

And while I did, I Said Fuck It & Turned Off My Mind, I Let my Body Whine, Move, Scream & Express Itself by throwing a Temper Tantrum!

My head was Shaking side to side, my arms were hurting from swinging up and down smacking the mattress as hard as I could, I was kicking and screaming Fuck You! Ahh! No!

I could Feel an emotional Energy Being Released!

For the First time I Felt that I Had Just Let Go, That I Stopped Caring About Other People’s Judgements!

The Other Students Were Watching Me But I didn’t Give A Fuck About it!…I Just Felt that this Was Me being Me!

I Was Getting Tired But This Wasn’t Done!

After what seemed like an hour of this screaming, Elliott told me to form a circle on top of my chest & Breathe Deeply!

My breaths still weren’t deep, but I could feel them happening with more ease now

I was sweating, I was thirsty, and was breathing like when you gasp for air after being underwater for too long

After what Seemed like an Eternity of Deep Breathing I thought this was gonna be it and Elliott was gonna tell me to Stop & “Wake Up”

Well he Did tell me to Stop, BUT Only To Continue with One of the most Uncomfortable Feelings I’ve ever Had!

Elliott Grabbed a small Basketball & told me Flip Over & lay down on it!

To put it on the place where I feel the most pressure & pain with it & to let out any noises that express my feelings

I Felt the most miserable Pain When I Put it Towards My Bottom Left Side & At the Same I was Making Sexual Noises

This Was Not Comfortable At All, But The more I Put Pressure The More It hurt And the more Tension I Felt being Released!

After This Was Done, I Flipped Over And:


I Felt:

  • Weak
  • Happy
  • Lose
  • Relaxed
  • And Heavy

I Felt Totally Relaxed & Did not Care About Anything Else But Just Smiling & Enjoying the Moment!

I Laid On the Floor For a Good 10 min (if not more)

I Was In Pure Euphoria, I Was Just Loving The Moment!

I had Just Had A Gym Orgasm!

As I am Writing this I still remember the feeling vividly!

This Hit me Hard & Made Me Remember to Just Enjoy Life!

I Felt As If My Worries, Fears & Self-Limiting beliefs Were Killed, Wiped Out Right In Front Of Me!

To Me This Was the most Impactful Moment at Strengthology

It Allowed Me To BE FREE & To Stop Giving  Fuck About Everything & Just Live!

It’s Tough To Explicitly Express how this Felt, But If You Have Had An Orgasm Before, You Know The Feeling:

The Feeling Of Just Letting your Emotions Take Over, To Be Relaxed, Happy & In Pure Ecstasy of the Moment

And while this may seem like

“Oh well you Had a Pleasurable Moment from Releasing a lot of Muscular Tension Inside of You”

And While that is True, It Was Way Deeper Than That!

Ever since Doing this exercise I have Not Been The Same!

Chilling With Elliott The Incredible HulseI Feel more Aggressive & Secure of Myself

All those moments I had while growing up that were making me weaker and Dependable on Somebody, Don’t Control me Anymore!

I now Feel FREE!… In Control, Secure, Powerful & Expressive

My Shyness is Slowly going away Since This made me Not Give a Fuck About What Everyone Else Thinks About Me!


This Moment Changed my Attitude & Unleashed the Beast Inside of Me!

The Workshop Ended This Day & I just Couldn’t Express Enough Gratitude towards Elliot & Everyone Else that made this Experience Amazing!

Now That I think Back, We Really Did A LOT In Those 3 Days!

And Since I Felt Invincible At the End, I wanted to Arm Wrestle Elliott!

So I Did!

Arm Wresteling Elliott Hulse

And Although I Couldn’t Move Him! It was Just a Fun Time! (Ha! just Look At the Pics)

Arm Wrsteling Elliott And Thinking Am Gonna Win

Elliott Hulse beating Me at Arm WrtelingIt Was Funny To See Al the Comments on Facebook, When Elliott Posted this Pic

This Day Was Over But After the Workshop Tom, Cesar & I Trained a bit more & then headed back to the hotel

We were dripped in dirt, sweat, and The Hard Work From This Day

My Forearms where in Pain as the atlas stone had scratched them so much from me pinching that rock that it left me cuts, and while taking a shower this Hurt like a Bitch!

But more than the Physical Pain it was A reminder that to Overcome Obstacles You Will Get hurt! You just need to Get Back up & Continue!

After Cleaning Up I was Happy & Feeling Invincible!..

I Should have Been A Little Tired From Working Out This day, But that Only Energized Me Even more!

And I already Thought That The Craziest things had Happened Already In This Weekend:

  • Getting My Atlas Fixed
  • Learning What Are My imbalances & How To Fix them
  • Learning How to Make Badass Workout Programs
  • Learning Proper Form In the basic Exercises
  • Hitting a Muscle Up on the Rings For the First Time
  • Conquering the Atlas Stone
  • Working out at a Badass Gym
  • Breaking Free From My Limiting Beliefs
  • Being Able to Breathe Deeply
  • Having a Gym Orgasm
  • Meeting Elliott Hulse!
  • And Making New Friends

Could This Weekend Get Any Better?

Well It Fucking Did!

Feeling Like Superman!

It was our last night there & we were HUNGRY!

So we decided to get Barbeque, but the place we wanted to go was closed,what kind of place closes at 9m on a Saturday?

So instead we decided to go to a Fancy Italian Restaurant!

The Food and the Service Service were great, but most Importantly We had a Damn Good Tim!

We never Stopped Laughing & I Felt like if I had known these Guys for Years,

Once we re done we headed back to the car & the Most Hilarious thing Happened!

Cesar saw a Big Ass Cockroach on the Drivers Seat and was Screaming and Jumping in Terror!

This was fucking hilarious & had me and Tom cracking up for a good 10 min (I think I shed a couple of tears)

Since I don’t mind bugs and felt like a boss today I decided to drive

We went back to the hotel, midnight rolled up and we said good bye to one another

I was gonna be picked up at 4:30am to go the airport, but had so much energy & I couldn’t sleep, so I went out the room & that is when it happened!


I had not tough so much about the atlas treatment before, but at this time I had so much energy in me & my posture was forcing itself to be straight

My chest was up, shoulders back & I felt and energy so massive in my chest that made me feel INVINCIBLE!

I was scared & amazed in this moment, I didn’t know what to do

I Was Turning Into The Hulk!For a moment I thought that  I was Gonna Rip My Clothes & Turn Into The Hulk!

I Had an Energy that Made Me Feel Superhuman

I was out in the hotel’s parking lot just walking around in circles not knowing what to do

I was dancing, doing push ups, squats & moving around like crazy trying to get rid of this energy, but it wouldn’t go away

Am not sure why I experienced this, maybe it was the atlas treatment, maybe it was the gym orgasm, or a combination of everything, I really don’t know

But I felt like if I was Mutating and becoming Something Powerful

Maybe I was letting my old soul leave out of my body, I truly don’t know

It Felt Incredible, I Felt Like Superman

Invincible, With Perfect Posture & Confident

I knew right there that I was Not the Same Anymore

I had transformed my mind and my body onto something else that I cannot fully describe, all I know is that I felt Powerful & Confident!

After about an hour of just contemplating my feeling of invincibility I decided that I needed to go to get some rest, but as I walked towards the hotel room, there was a dude outside who also couldn’t sleep

Normally I would be shy but this time I was feeling good, confident & friendly, so we talked for a good 30 minutes about parties & prostitutes (It was more me just listening to him talked about these things)

I finally got to bed and forced myself to sleep since I still had way too much energy

This invincible feeling lasted for a good 4 days after the workshop & since then I Have Not Been the Same

Throughout this whole experience I not only learned how to design badass workouts and asses people, But I was forced to do Uncomfortable Things

The breathing exercises (gym orgasm) made me realize how trapped my true self has been hiding & after releasing some of these childhood beliefs I Feel Free!

I became Stronger & More Confident of my Abilities as a Coach & an Athlete

The Friendships I Developed here are Unforgettable, I had a Great time Talking, Learning  and Laughing with the Whole Crew 🙂

The Strengthology Crew

Everyone Got something different out of this cert, this was my experience & turned around my perspective on Lifting, Health and Life!

To you it might do the same, or have a greater impact then me, whatever the case, if you are a coach, and athlete, or just someone who is interested in training and it’s thinking “Maybe I should Go”  Just Go!

It will Help You Become the Stronger Version of Yourself!

I Went there with a Messed Up Shoulder and Massive tightness on my back & since applying the corrective stretches, mobility work & bio-energetic exercises I learned from Elliott

Most of my Tightness has Vanished & my shoulder feels a lot stronger!

Elliott if Your Reading this, Thank You & Can’t wait to see you back in September!

If anyone has any question about my epic experience, feel free to ask away!

Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. You can See some of the Pics from the Workshop on This Album

Watch the Whole Strengthology Workshop by Elliott Hulse Here

Pushing outside of My Comfort Zone!

My Strengthology Experience – Knowing that I am All Fucked Up! (Part 1)

It’s been a month since I went to the Strengthology Workshop held by Elliott Hulse & usually when you go to an event to learn a new skill or to further your education, you tend to slowly lose the fire that was build from the energy at that event. That has not been the case with me at all!

Strengthology made me uncomfortable, it thought me how to design well structured workout programs, it showed me how fucked up my body is and what I can do to fix it, It made me feel alive, out of breath & like a kid again, But most importantly It Gave me a Wake Up Call to unleash The Beast Inside Of Me!

I have always been a shy guy and was scared yet exited to go meet Elliott, but deep down I knew this was gonna help me become stronger, So Even though I was Broke & Scared I said Fuck It & Signed Up for his Certification!

I got to know 2 of the other 3 students that attended the day before the event, since we were all staying at the same hotel, we were all fucking exited to meet Elliott, ready to learn from him & of course tear shit up at this gym!

The morning came and it was class time! …so we impatiently walked towards the gym

Doors were open, but no one was in sight so we decided to do some Bio-Energizers to get Warmed Up & Fired Up for the craziness to come

Strength Camp

While we were doing so, one of the doors opens & The Beast Elliott Hulse comes out to greet us & tells us to do what we want while we wait for the other fellow Strengthtologist to arrive

We sit at the room with the massage tables & whiteboards everywhere and then Otto (the other student) arrives

We started introducing ourselves & I was exited & nervous to be surrounded with other Strength Geeks that are unconformed with being good enough coaches, trainers, or athletes…all of us in that room were there to Become the Strongest Version of Ourselves & Serve others with our passion for strength, health, freedom & our love lifting heavy shit!

After the intros I knew I had meet my new family & knew that my passion for Strength & Health was only gonna become bigger after these 3 Life Changing Days!

The First Day: Getting my Atlas Fixed

The first day Dr. Moses Bernard, DC, our Upper Cervical Chiropractor (cool interview about him here) thought us the MAJOR role that our Atlas (C1) plays in Not Only Aligning our Posture, but how if This Vertebra is Mal-Aligned can Cause Faulty Brain-to-Body communication which leads to a whole array of Sicknesses, Pain, Aches, Bad Brain Function & lot’s of Issues Compromising our performance in Life & the Gym!

He gave us a badass presentation on the atlas, what causes imbalance on it, and the massive impact that aligning this bone can have in your posture & how you feel.

Elliott did a sick Interview with the other Specialist who also attended us on What the Atlas is, What it Does, & How Elliott was able to lift more weight & lower the amount he spends working on corrective stretches to fix his posture & fix muscle imbalances, just because of getting his atlas fixed

Check it out here: Interview With Dr. Stan Pierce, Upper Cervical Specialist

After the Enlightening presentation we were examined live on our faulty patterns governed by our CNS:

  • How we don’t walk straight
  • Have bad posture
  • Which side of your body is stronger
  • & Which is tighter than the other

We did a couple of test & I could feel how bad my posture was gonna be

What does this have to do with getting stronger & lifting more weight?

Everything! This is the foundation, and if this bone is mal-aligned it will screw off your Nervous System lowering your performance by sending the wrong messages you your muscles, bones & body

Simply fixing this Will Improve Communication lowering the amount you have to deal with your muscle imbalances, & fixing your posture so your muscles can communicate & fire away properly so you can lift more weight, run faster, & be an all around dominant BEAST!

After the presentation We Went to the Clinic to Get X-Rays for our Atlases so the next day we could see our mal-aligned postures & how out of place each of our atlases were so then they can fix us

While we waited for everyone’s x-rays to happen, I had some enlightening conversations with Elliott & Dr. Moses about what your correct posture should be & asked Elliott about his experiences with his past bacterial infection

After the conversations with Dr.Moses & Elliott at the Clinic, we headed back to the Gym to Tear Shit up!

I do want to mention that while the idea of fixing your Atlas makes logical sense, I didn’t think it was gonna have that much effect on me, BUT Oh Boy I was Fucking Wrong! (keep reading …)

At this point we are Back at Strength camp

Hitting a Muscle Up at Strength Camp

I Flipped some Tires for the First Time, as well as Hit a Muscle Up on the Rings;

The Environment on this Gym Makes You Unleash the Animal in You & Motivates You to Push Yourself to Train Harder!

This same day we went out for lunch & we talked about Training, Life & Ourselves

It wasn’t just Elliott and us 3, it was also Chris Barnard (the head Strength Coach at Strength Camp) so being able to talk to these coaches was Awesome! One of the reasons why they are Successful is because they are Humble, Passionate & Caring!

You Can See when Somebody Cares about helping You by the way they Treat You & Elliott Over-Delivers on that Aspect!… He Gives You His All & Is There to Help You Become Stronger in Every Way Possible!,  He’s not only there as a Coach or a Teacher, But Also He is there as a Friend!

Just having the opportunity to learn from his Experience was worth the whole trip & This was Just the Beginning, the next 2 days were EPIC;

They Made me Feel Alive & More Powerful than Ever!

I also remember doing a little Prep Warm up at the Start of this Day, & While doing the Ground Pound I could Feel the Energy From the Ground Rising Up On Me! (It felt insane!)

Day 2 – Knowing that I am All Fucked Up!

This day we went to Pierce Clinic early to get our X-Rays & I was Shocked at Our results

The X-ray’s showed clearly how I was hunched over: my neck was a diagonal line going to my skull

But this was only the Beginning of seeing How badly I was Messed Up!

We all got our Atlas fixed & had to Wear a Collar afterwards (so if you get the Strengthology Level 1 course, you’ll see us doing assessments on our fancy blue collars)

How we Looked after Fixing Our Atlases!

After getting the Atlas treatment, I was expecting to Feel Different, but I felt pretty much the same. On the other hand Otto motioned he felt a waterfall of blood flush down his Spine after the Treatment!

I showed up with:

  • A messed up left shoulder
  • A super tight upper back
  • And hunched over posture

So I thought I was gonna have some instant relief to some of this issues after the treatment, but that Did Not Happen At All…

At least Not Yet!

We were told to not turn our Necks for 3 hrs, so the drive from the Clinic to Strength camp was Pretty Hilarious! A common comment between us was

“Stop! Don’t drive so Fast, You’re Gonna Fuck Up my Atlas!!!”

ah Thank you Guys for making every ride Fucking Hilarious!

We proceed with the class and went through Assessing Posture & Muscle Imbalances On One Another

Throughout this Assessment I Discovered How Badly, or for lack of Descriptive Words: How Fucked Up My Body Is!

Since that day I have been using the assessments & stretches I learned to pin point the Muscle imbalances, Tightness & Faulty Recruitment Patterns of my Parents & Friends I am training so I can help them find Relief & Have Better Workouts!

While you can learn how to asses somebody by watching the videos on the Strengthology Online Course, it was great to finally Do Them Live & See What I was Doing Wrong

I still need to practice a lot more, but all this comes from experience and I know I will only get better the more I do it

This day was a Wake-Up call, as I got to see Many of the Imbalances I have & Learned What to Do About Them

My friends and family say that they feel hella better after doing some of the movements I learned at Strengthology during the warm up! that is Great to Hear Because they Also Make Me Feel hella Better!

This was Only the Beginning of Strengthology, The Next day was Fucking Insane! and I’ll Share that With you Tomorrow, as Well as I’ll Try to Describe the Euphoric Moment I had that Changed My Life!

Pushing outside of My Comfort Zone!

The Next Day was Brutal, Insane & Life Changing!

Any Questions You Have Drop them Below, I would Love to Answer Them!

Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo

Watch the Whole Strengthology Workshop by Elliott Hulse Here