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The BEAST Has Been Awaken

The BEAST Has Been Awaken & It’s Ready to Kill You!

I just had the Spark, the Flashback, the Vision that turned On my Fire

I tried to picture the last 3 years of my life & it was a a boring movie

All I saw was me sitting on a computer for 3 years

I want to help others change their bodies & their life and I know how to do so, I just don’t have the look that will command the respect and the admiration of others

In the past months I have been told to change multiple times, not only by others but by Myself & I simply ignore me!

  • I have chipped 2 teeth in the past 4 months
  • I was told by 2 of my friends that I look skinny, that I used to be bigger in high school
  • I’ve been told am stupid from dropping out of school
  • I’ve been told “what do you do all day?” by my dad multiple times

And in all honesty I don’t know what do I do for the whole day

I work, but not on my passion, I read and absorb information but don’t fully take action on it, I don’t eat much and I expect to get bigger, I live a comfortable life, yet I wish I didn’t

Well Fuck All This! …This Shit Doesn’t Stop Today, It Already Began!

A little over 3 weeks ago when I went to Elliott’s Strengthology workshop I started to change!

  • Maybe it was the fact that I was surrounded by other Beasts who want to change their lives & the life of their clients…
  • or maybe its the fact that I lifted an atlas stone for the first time, even tough I failed 4 times prior to getting it…
  • Maybe it was the fact that I got my atlas fixed…
  • or maybe is the fact that I meet one of my role models
  • maybe it was the realization of how Mal-aligned my body is due to my lifestyle
    whatever the reason, am glad I went

That Air that I breathed in his Gym Woke Me Up

The BEAST Has Been Awaken

For the First Time I felt that I could Fully Breathe & Let Go of Any Judgments Made by Others

All I can say is that This Moment Changed my Perception in Life

But this wasn’t only the only thing leading to this realization, it’s an accumulation of multiple times of discomfort, emptiness, and regret trough the last couple of months

And perhaps your reading this and are like why are you writing about your feelings & not about lifting heavy shit and getting bigger muscles?

Because this emotion is what will change all of this:

The way I eat, the way I move, and the actions I take, that will ultimately be what I inspire & teach you with; My Experiences

All my life I’ve been waiting for this magical wake up call that everyone seems to get and write about, but for some reason I haven’t had it

But Perhaps I just had it… or not, that doesn’t matter, I am aware of my problems

I am 135 pounds right now, and although i am not incredibly weak, I feel weak…I used to be 150 on high school and have lost that weight all because I don’t eat much..Why do I behave like this?

I don’t fully know, but I am aware of it and this is all I need in order to Change & Take Action!

I have been waiting for the Perfect Way to start this blog, and while this post might not seem perfect nor fully related to strength training,But I feel it’s right

Life & lifting is not always about heavy weights, it’s about the deep emotions and personal growth you face throughout your Journey, and I just experienced some of this “growth”, and while I can’t fully express the way it feels, I can say it makes me feel Powerful & Free!

The Chains have been broken & I am in Full Control!

The main thing that I want to leave you with is to look deep down into life story & see if it is satisfying or not?

mine wasn’t, but that doesn’t mean that it will continue like that

Oh no, it will continue with craziness, adventure,  fun & inspiration that I hope changes your life

The BEAST Has Been Awaken & It’s Ready to Kill You!

It wants you to Kill all the Shit that has been holding you back from Getting Stronger, Reaching Success and Being Happy

It wants to Awaken the Fire inside of you & Rebel not to Society, But To Yourself !

To Purse Pain because in it you will find the Pleasure of Growing Stronger,

To get Uncomformed with your Life & Pursue Your Passion because that is what ultimately will make you Happy

But Enough of me talking

Time to get Shit Done!

I’ll post some of the crazy roller coasters I have been experiencing since going to the Workshop & what was my Strengthology Experience soon… it’s gonna be Epic!

Take Action & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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