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10 Things Dragon Ball Taught Me About Working Out

If you grew up in the 90’s like me, then the Dragon Ball saga was a big part of your childhood (both the original DB & DBZ). Not only did this awesome anime show made you wish that you were born with Saiyan blood but it also taught you values about strength & health without you even realizing it.

Below I have written 10 lessons that were taught & reinforced from watching this show, so I want you to sit back & enjoy the lessons! (And if you have never seen DB, then no worries, you will still learn from these powerful lessons)

#1 – You only grow stronger after you recover:

This was always highlighted by the Sayains since they became stronger after recovering from every battle. In one episode Vegeta asks Krillin to attack him just enough so he is borderline dead, so that he can then go with Dende in order to be healed since after his full recovery he would be stronger.

Now while you might not recover fast or fully at all from a near dead experience, this principle is true in the real world.

When you train your muscles get micro tears from the stress you inflicted on it. After you let your body recover with proper rest & nutrition your muscles get stronger in order to withstand this stress the next time you train. So you too like Vegeta grow strong after recovering from your training session, since growth occurs during your recovery process. So make sure that if your training hard, that you also rest enough to recover!

#2 – When you learn to connect your body & mind your ultimate power unleashes:

This is touched on several times in the saga is when Goku is learning new attacks. He is told by his masters that he must learn to connect mind & body as one in order to unleash his new powers. (although those might not the the exacts words they use, they imply do imply this to some degree)

While we may not have the ability to get Goku’s powers, when we do learn to use our mind when working out we become a lot more powerful. It’s kinda like a hidden power that we have since training is a lot more mental than physical.

You can clearly see this when you are doing something new or pushing your limits to new heights. For example I had to tap into more than just my physical strength the first time I lifted atlas stones, not only was it a new exercise for me so my body was not used to it but I struggled to even get one rep since my height was a disadvantage. I was tired and bruised after 5 or so reps, but I was determined to get at last get one rep…and at this point it was more of a mental battle than anything else.

It is hard to describe exactly what happened but my refusal to give up along my will to make it happen, made the tiredness disappear and let me get one rep after failing several times before.

Many times when you push yourself to the point where you don’t know if you can get one more rep, or push yourself to finish a conditioning workout, you kinda enter a zone where you can clearly divide your mind from your body and are able to talk to yourself from an outside perspective…You start to have self conversations and see what you are really made off.

This is not something that you can just think and realize, but if you have pushed yourself to the limits before then you know what I am talking about…It is a zone where you not only strengthen your body by pushing it harder, but strengthen the mind by overcoming the resistance and thus making you mentally stronger.

#3 – Training will make you HUNGRY so fuel up with good nutrition to grow stronger

In the episode below Goku throws away a can of beer in exchange for a sports drink after training under 100xGravity, and then makes a funny comment about it.

Although the importance of a good nutrition is not always verbally highlighted in the show, you can clearly see that healthy food was emphasized as being good fuel for the body since is mostly shown trough the show (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, noodles, rice, etc)

The characters never had an exact eating plan, you kinda just see them eating A LOT of healthy & delicious look food after hard training & battles. This is certainly one way of eating that you can use if you train hard & don’t wanna worry too much about specific times when you gotta eat (although if you trying to reach a specific goal such as getting down to 10% BF then being more specific with your meals might be better)

So the big take away is that if you are training hard you will need to eat a lot of strong & healthy food in order to get stronger & healthier.

And very importantly don’t deprive your body of food if you are hungry, if you are training hard you will use a lot of energy so supply your body with some good fuel.

#4 – Use your environment to train – rocks, trees, hills, water, etc

When Goku was young he didn’t train at a gym or anything like that instead he trained outdoors using his environments: Pushing & throwing rocks, swimming along sharks, climbing trees to get fruits, fighting dinosaurs, etc.

Even when Goku & Krillin started training with Master Roshi he made them, sprint, deliver milk all around the city, running up mountains, swim with sharks & work in the field in order for them to gain endurance, strength & discipline.

While the conditions they trained under were extremist, we too can use our environment to train: throwing, lifting and carrying heavy rocks or logs, swimming & sprinting at the beach, hiking mountains, farmer walking buckets of sand, sprinting at the park, pushing your car, climbing and doing pull ups on trees, etc…

We can always use our environment to train, as all we need is our bodyweight & something heavy to supply resistance. So if you think you need a gym in order to train, then think again.

#5 – There will always be someone stronger than you out there, so keep training!

This was part of the reason why Goku always wanted to get stronger, so he could fight & against stronger enemies. In your own training this might also be part of the reason why you seek more strength. And although you won’t be fighting against monsters you will face sport challenges where you gotta be stronger than your competition in order to win.

Your life is not just physical battles but emotional & spiritual ones as well, so training to be physically strong is not only helpful in athletics but also dealing with challenges in your life, whether it be: a race or competition, financial trouble, breaking a bone, bad relationship, etc.. you gotta learn to fight trough the hardship and conquer it (you don’t just train to get stronger physically but mentally as well)

#6 – Aesthetics show up when you train hard, sleep right & eat god food

Throughout the whole DB show training & fighting always occurred, so the characters always naturally developed a strong, muscular and powerful look. But while it is a fictional show this is true in real life: If you traing hard, eat right & get proper rest you will develop a strong & aesthetically pleasing body – it’s just the look you get from being an athlete

So if you wanna sport a badass look then train hard & take care of yourself, it is bound to happen overtime if you stay committed…I mean just look at the physiques of ancient warrior (Vikings, Spartans, Knights, etc) all they did was train, eat & kill & they had these rugged & strong physiques that not only looked strong but were damn strong.

So don’t just pump out a few sets of dumbbell curls at the gym, get under the bar & do heavy squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench, farmer walks, rows, etc. Use heavy movements that will require your whole body to work as a unit as well as lots of calisthenics in order to get stronger & build a body that doesn’t just look strong but is also strong.

#7 – Always be a student & learn from your mentors

Goku was alway eager & humble to learn from his stronger & wiser masters & mentors. Sometimes he didn’t fully understand what they were teaching him but he remained humble and open minded so he could receive their teachings.

You gotta be the same in your life & training. You gotta put your ego aside & know that there is always so much more to learn from others, always keep investing in your education & seek personal growth + it’s always good to see somebody else’s perspective on training & life.

Even if you think you know enough about strength & health, always remain student & be open to learn from others so you can become even wiser & stronger like Master Roshi

#8 – Train with weighted calisthenics

Whether it be from heavy clothes or training under 150 x gravity, training with weighted calisthenics is bound to make you stronger.

Its unlike training with dumbbells and barbels as you are moving an outside force…with BW the extra weight becomes part of you and every part of your body needs to work in order to move it, so you strengthen your whole body as a unit: static strength, endurance, tension, explosiveness, etc all is being worked in 1 motion so add some weight to your calisthenics (you will be glad with the results + makes everything a lot harder so you can’t say that training with bodyweight exercises is easy, ha!)

#9 – Do as much bodyweight as possible: handstands, pull ups, push ups, etc

This is always demonstrated throughout all the characters training besides polishing their fighting skills. But its not just because BW is effective but because practicing calisthenics will make you move better & more efficiently which transfer to everything from having better form when lifting heavy weights to having more energy in your body since you have better range of motion and less muscle imbalances.

In the end movement is life, and if you can’t move properly then this is taking away your energy & life force. So doing bodyweight training is not just to remain athletic but to increase your vitality as well. Not too mention that you can do these exercises anywhere so you have no excuses to not do them!

And lastly:

#10 – Keep a positive attitude, have fun & stay optimistic

This was always Goku’s way of looking at things: he never saw anything as impossible & neither should you.

In your training you always gotta know that you can do whatever you set yourself out to do, it might require weeks or months of practice but it will happen if you stay committed. At the same time you must keep the mindset of a child who sees everything as an adventure & no limits onto what is possible. You gotta learn to enjoy the pain you will endure and the obstacles you will face, because if you are dedicating that much time to training, then what’s the point of doing it if you won’t enjoy it?

Goku happySo try to see fun & pleasure in training

To some is just the excitement to see how much more weight they can lift this tie, or how much better they have gotten at an advanced bodyweight skill… to others it is the high and feeling of accomplishment after every workout that makes it enjoyable or maybe the fact that you are in control of what happens – sure you might have a workout plan, but in the end you are the one doing the exercises, you are in full control of the outcome… whatever it is, you gotta know this is and be able to use it during your training.

Working out can be a burden and a serious thing, but at the same time if you let it, it can be an adventure full of obstacles that you are exited to face. Heck even to some just the feeling of being sore the next day makes them feel happy and accomplished because they overcame a grueling workout.

To me training just takes me back to being a kid, it’s a big game where I gotta win, and if I don’t win this time I will for sure will the next!

Whatever your reason for training is, find the joy in it & keep a positive attitude when training – if you stay commuted to your plan you will reach your goals even if some days things don’t go so well, just keep moving forward.

So those are 10 big lessons that I learned from watching Dragon Ball, you might have not taught that watching a simple anime show had so many lessons in working out, but it does. And if you have never seen the original DB or DBZ, then you are missing out BIG TIME!

If you have any more lessons that I can add to the list, let me know in the comments below! Can’t wait to hear them!

Luis Carrillo

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Do this Workout when You Shop!

So am rocking a sexy tank top tan right now! (not cool) but who cares right?

It will even out later, anyway…

Most people in my neighborhood when it’s over 100 degree’s prefer to stay indoors

To be locked up and use the advanced technologies of air conditioning to keep cool

To me it’s the opposite

I see sun and I wanna be outside playing:

Riding a bike, hitting some calisthenics at the playground, sprinting, throwing rocks around, hiking, swimming, playing soccer or climbing a short wall:

Mexicans jumping a wall

Today at work we had to move some hay around on a dirt lot because the gym that I work at will be having an obstacle race tomorrow

And moving around hay it’s a bitch! but fun at the same time!

We wheel barrowed some of it & some we threw it up at my friend’s jeep and did a little bit of off roading up a little hill!

After about 3 hrs of work 2 other guys & I where covered in hay, itching everywhere and had horrible tans! jaja

I personally wished more people would respect and do more physical labor

I don’t just mean at a work place, but even when you go shopping:

Instead of getting a cart, try to grab 2 baskets and farmer walk them with your groceries

You will get weird stares from others around, but you’ll be getting a short grip workout while you shop

And if you wanna make this worst, then park super far away, so you really have to walk!

Of course doing this won’t get you abs or bigger biceps but you can at least smile away when you finally reach your car & know that you conquered this mini obstacle

You don’t have to even count this as a workout, just do it for fun & because you love strength – do it because you can!

Let me know how it goes & have a great weekend + don’t get in too much trouble! 😉

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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How to FORCE Yourself to Workout Outside!

Working out indoors at home or at a gym is awesome

The loud music, weights clashing down & chalk clouds filling up the air is a powerful environment to get get results

But at the same time we also need to also be in the opposite scenario:

A more calm, and fresher environment like the playground, a forest or any outside place

This is not to say that one is better than the other, but this is to say that we need balance

Just as we are aggressive, we also need to calm down and relax

The yin & yang

I personally have found that working out in an inside environment vs and outside one creates this balance

  • One place is loud, the other one is quiet
  • One is full of man made products, the other one is mostly if not all nature
  • One has fresh air and the other one has doesn’t

Not one is better than the other as both are simply different environments that work

We live in a very stressful world and sometimes we don’t get to relax and calm down

We are always on a rush, thinking or are worried about something

For me when I workout I forget about the world, it’s just me and the training session, nothing else matters

But sometimes when i gotta pay some bills or got too much work, I stress out & can’t stop thinking

I have found that being outside & working out helps me to get into the state of relaxation and calmness

The fresh air, birds & insects making noises around is relaxing & makes me enjoy and remember that the only thing that matters is the present

One simple way to make yourself workout outside more is to put an evil trap so you are forced to do it

Not by telling yourself to do it or planning it, but by simply putting something outside for you to workout with – something that will make you exited to go out and do

  • Can be putting a soccer net or basketball hoop on your backyard
  • Can be putting a couple of heavy dumbbells for you to farmer walk with
  • A tire to throw around…
  • Or carrying a kettlebell on your car to use whenever your near a playground

I personally just hanged my rings outside and feels good to have the big open space to use them and practice

outside gymnastic ringsBeing outside will unconsciously make you feel liberated and creative

Sometimes you cannot do that when you are inside 4 walls

So if you need a little more balance in your training, or simply want a completely different challenge outdoors then find a way to do training outside

Plan an evil trap for yourself to actually want to get out & workout

Can be something as simple as leaving a sandbag on your backyard

Whatever it is, just be outside a little bit more

I guarantee you that you will feel more grounded, relaxed and energetic!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. P.S. Being outside to some can mean to go out of their comfort zone (we are some damn used to being trapped and isolated) so if this is the case for you, then start off by training at your backyard, then slowly migrate to the park once you feel comfortable

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Do Towel Pull Ups & Get a Stronger Grip!

One of the things that always gets in the way of your training is your grip

Sometimes it fatigues before you do & doesn’t let you put the intensity you want into your workouts

You can always work on your grip by using fat bars, ropes, sandbags, trees, farmer walking…overall making the bar or object your trying to use to be a lot harder to grab

I personally love using Sandbags since they are a challenge to grab specially the heavier you go

But one thing that has always been on my list of to-use-items for grip are Towels

Those things that you use to dry yourself everyday are powerful grip builders

If you have done training with towels in the past then you know how difficult it is, and if you haven’t definitely start doing it – it will crush your grip!

2 of my personal favorite exercises to do with towels are pull ups and inverted rows

Towel Pull Ups for a Stronger Grip) Grip Training)

Grab 2 towels & do a pull ups while squeezing the hell out of them

Do this for 3-4 sets of 3-5 reps & I know your grip will be fried

If you get tired or can’t do towel pull ups no more, switch to inverted rows & finish your sets with them

Most likely your grip will give out before your muscles do, so keep the reps low (3-5 reps)

Sprinkle these at the end of your workouts & strengthen those hands

Overtime it will make any bar movement a lot easier & will help you to do more pull ups, so get to work!

If you want more grip training exercises, tips & workouts check out Zach Even-Esh’s Grip Experts Manual & take your grip training to the next level!

Grip Experts by Zach Even-Esh

P.S. The thinner the towel the easier it will be to grab, so start with those and progress onto thicker ones overtime

The Itch to Workout at Night – Good or Bad?

late night handstands workout

Some people argue as to when it’s the best time to train

Some say that early morning is best, but others say mid afternoon is optimal

both of these groups have tons of research and scientific studies to back up their claims

And while it’s cool to have something that verifies what you claim is true, we gotta remember that we live in non-linear world

Nothing is ever perfect nor does it go as planned

So these research and studies are cool but they are only points of reference and something to take into account

When it comes down to when is the best time to train, the answer is right now!

There is no right or wrong, the best time is when you want to & feel best

For some it’s in the morning, others in the afternoon and others at night…whatever the time is just get things done

Not because a study says you’ll release more growth hormone or burn more calories at that time interval but because your body is telling you to move, your craving movement so don’t ignore this primal urge & just go in attack mode

If you have the itch to train at night then workout at night

Even if some say that working out late at night will make you be even more awake so you won’t be able to sleep well,then take into account but don’t fully believe it unless you have actually validated this claim for yourself

I personally cranked out a late night workout yesterday & aside from the horrible heat I slept pretty damn well (sometimes I even train past midnight just because I get the itch to train)

So if night is the only time you have to get things done then do it!

Forget the science stuff for bit & just do the damn work

Sometimes all of those research & studies only confuse you and lead you to over-thinking and inaction

So if you got an itch to train, do it!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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To Workout or NOT Workout, that is the Question…

Some days you are on a rush & don’t have much time to get a long workout in

Often life gets on forces you to change your plans (money/biz issues, car trouble, family comes over, you get invited to go party & really wanna go, etc)

You are always faced with the decision to:

A)Do my workout or B) Skip it & do it tomorrow

I always choose A, even if I can’t do my current routine like I would like to

Yesterday I got invited to go to a water park just as I was warming up

I was working out at home, so I could have easily skipped training this day & leave it for tomorrow as I really wanted to go

So instead of skipping it, I just chose to do everything super fast (not much rest & keeping the intensity high)

I dropped the weight on what I was doing & got to work non stop…25 min later I was done, took a shower, grabbed a quick bite & went to the water park with my friends

It was a fast training session, but it felt good to get it done

Other times that I am faced in a similar situation I chose to just pick 3 exercises & do them non stop for 5 rounds (preferably 1 upper, 1 lower & 1 full body exercise)

The point that i am trying to make here is that you will get smacked with temptations and obstacles so you simply gotta change your plans a bit in order to get things done…then the next day you can jump back into your “planned” routine

Don’t let life get in the way of what you want, get creative & find a way to make things happen

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. My example might have not seen extreme like I had to go to work, so I had to change my plans fast although what I shared applies to that too…but often times what is harder is making choices when pleasure & fun is involved…as it’s always tempting to go out & have fun vs stay at home for a little longer & put in the work…so if you can learn to manage your emotions you will have an easier time staying dedicated to your goals

Recommended Resources

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Grow Stronger Method – Get Stronger & Lift Heavier Weights Without Adding Bulk!

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How to Deal with Post Hernia Surgery & NOT being able to Workout

So how do u deal with post hernia surgery & not being able to workout intensely for 6 months (assuming that’s what the doc said)

Yeah it sucks to have a cut down there & not be able to train hard right now BUT this is a test

It’s a test for you to realize how you handle difficult situations

Are u able to adapt fast or just whine around like most people?


Hernias can happen for many reasons (they told me that I was born with a weak abdominal wall, so it could happen with anything)

But after this injury messing up my “perfect schedule” of working out, eating right, sleeping & doing it all over again…I got depressed & frustrated

I got worried because I couldn’t train for a couple of months comfortably…

I was too used to being not sedentary that being told to just rest & not move, pretty much fucked up my whole flow of activities & goals

I had been working hard to build muscle and to get a hernia felt like somebody bitch slapped me to tell me that I should stop training

What I didn’t realize back then, Is that this was a test to see how I handle difficult situations, change of “planned” plans and too see if I can keep my mental edge

To have this silly injury pretty much crated havoc on what was most important to me at the time:

Weight training

That was all my life and to have it be taken away for a bit felt like somebody stabbed me on the heart

Am being a little dramatic here, but the point I wanna make is that being this guy that worked out was my identity

And once I couldn’t be this guy I collapsed into depression (even tough I wasn’t aware of it at the time )

You probably are going to a similar situation where training might be all you do and this hernia pretty much told you: STOP!

So what can you do?

Well first realize that yeah you will lose muscle & Strength…am sorry it will just happen…so accept it and be cool with this

But If your gains were from real muscle and strength that you had fought so hard trough hard work then don’t worry as you will be able to get it back later…it will take some time but you will for sure get your hard work back

The big part in this dilemma is staying cool with this hardship and just finding a way to make the best out of it

  • Keep waking up and stay moving to not lose the habit of being active
  • Do basic Bodyweight moves in order to maintain your muscles active
  • And take care of yourself: listen to your body & slowly progress onto more advanced moves & using weights again slowly (you have an internal cut, so give it time to heal)

What’s most important here is to not lose your ambitious mindset with training

Since you can’t train like you did before, you gotta optimize and find little creative ways of working out

This is a life test to see how you deal with trauma in your life


It’s something that I can keep talking about, but chances are that if you currently have a hernia right now, are recovering from one, or are battling trough any injury that is messing up your ability to train normally, then you comprehend what I am saying:

You should not stop training and moving…yes you can’t do what you did before, but you can always find creative ways to get work done

And if you already feel sad, frustrated, depressed and anxious…calm down & don’t lose your head!

  • Learn to adapt and optimize: find little ways to make things happen
  • Slowly as you recover you will be back to how you were

For now accept that your injured so take care of the most important person in the world: YOURSELF

So you can later come back with a vengeance, optimize your training to prevent injuries and imbalances…and be ready to kill it whit you train so you can get stronger again!

Physical Strength can be easily gained again

But mental strength, that’s something that you must cultivate, nourish and constantly work to strengthen

Gaining mental strength is not as black as white as training for physical strength, but the more obstacles you overcome the stronger mindset you will have

Injuries and hardships are part of life, without them we would be weak…so battle trough these fights and win on the face of adversity!

If your dealing with a hernia, listen to your doctor, he is a pro, so if he says to train after months lightly then listen to him, BUT also listen to yourself:

If you wanna train, do it slowly and keep progressing from there till you feel more and more confident with your ability to train intensely again

Your external cut will heal faster than your internal one so be aware of this and proceed with caution & as you feel ready

For me I was up and walking daily after 1 month from recovery, but it took me another 3 months to feel comfortable in the weight room again…for you it might be the same or take longer, whatever the case go by feel and only progress onto doing more strenuous activities once you feel comfortable

For me this hernia was a big lesson on life & how to make the best out of difficult situations…and I am grateful I went trough this injury as it made me realize how unprepared to handle adversity I was

It did suck to have to wait that long of a time to recover, but in the end I came out with a stronger mindset…and You Will Too!

It is not what happened that matters (that’s a done deal)…but how you handle this situation, that is your choice… so choose to whine about having a hernia and not being able to train or find a way to make the best out of it so you come out stronger!

If you have any questions, comments, have or want more advice on dealing with a hernia…then drop them below & I’ll do my best to help you!

Hopefully my experience helps you cope with this injury a lot better 🙂

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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Is this really “The Worst Gym Ever”?

Am kinda fired up to train and also ready to smack some people in the face so they understand a little life lesson

Yesterday I stumbled onto this video:

My eyes lighted up with excitement & pleasure to see such an awesome outdoor gym & have it be actually used by the few warriors out there who get the work done

But along with my excitement I was also disappointed & awed at the title of the video + some of the comments on the video

The title of this video is “The worst gym ever” and to me I don’t see anything that signifies that at all

Some may complain about the rust & that it looks old & ghetto

A rusty gym is not a piece of shit

To me that is beautiful but to others the superficial shit is what matters

A lot of people live in this paradigm that if it looks good on the outside then it must be good in the inside, but not the other way around

It’s the same as judging a book by it’s cover which ultimately leaves you with an incomplete judgement of the person, place or situation

In this case weight is weight regardless of it’s shape & state….yet so many people are blinded to see past what is important:

When you go to a gym, yo go there to train & nothing else

Whether the equipment is new or not it doesn’t matter…because when you truly are training, a gym is simply a place where you just go get work done

You go there to put effort & become stronger…to see what you really are made of & battle trough the obstacles to fortify your mind, body & spirit

The equipment and location is secondary, what is primary and the most important is your attitude and work ethic

The guys on the video might not have state of the art equipment & that is great because that is only superficial stuff…what we don’t see but can definitely perceive is their work ethic, courage & hunger to just crush the weights and get stronger

When you have that, your equipment doesn’t mean shit

It saddens me to see people bashing on this great gym like that but at the same time I also feel a great deal of responsibility to not talk smack and call people crazy and stupid for doing so

That won’t solve anything as what we need to do is to help this people open their minds and have them realize what a real gym is:

A gym is factory of health & strength not a place where people go to look pretty

It’s a tough concept to share with people as many are comfortable & brainwashed into thinking superficially, but the only way we can help these people open their eye is by Leading by example

Not by bashing & starting fights, but simply putting in the work & showing to others that equipment is not what matters: Your Attitude Is

Results speak by themselves & Slowly as others see you getting getting stronger they will ask for help & advice

And in this you are in a position of power, where you can pay it forward & help others out

Not by saying “I told you so” or “Oh now you wanna listen to me?”

But simply saying “Yes I will gladly help you”

It’s a tough concept to swallow & showing superiority towards others might make you feel good momentarily, but ultimately being a compassionate cool guy or gal is what will make our community stronger

A lot of people need to re-evaluate what they truly value & we are here to help them achieve that, not by forcing them to do so, but by extending our love, experience & passion for health & fitness

The gym in the video might not be fancy but it has what it needs to turn those kids into monsters and that is: A whole lot of hard work & a heavy those of attitude

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Please spread this message with others & lets make this world stronger, not by fighting or bashing but by helping each other 1 by 1 to get stronger!

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Fasting = STRONGER?

Yo Yo Yo! … Hope you had an awesome day yesterday! I certainly did 🙂

I was without my car for the whole past week, and instead of being like the typical person that would bitch about how horrible it is to not have a car to drive…I actually enjoyed it

Having to walk or bike everywhere made me see how dependent I have gotten on that machine, so it was refreshing to take a break from the car….anyway lets move onto today’s controversial topic:

Fasting Makes You Stronger?

Well it is not as black and white as that, but personally I’ve been noticing in the last 2 months that:

When I train bodyweight with a fasted stomach I feel a lot stronger

Am able to do bodyweight moves easier as I feel lighter, more in control and mentally hungry to just move

Exercising while fasting

I’ve been experimenting with fasting for about half a year now & I have felt great ever since I started doing it

I didn’t do it because it is the cool diet that’s hot right now nor because of the health benefits…. I simply did it because my intuition told me to do it

I am fully aware that there is no perfect or ideal eating style or diet…

The way you eat is a constant evolution & a journey to find what works better for you with your current situation, goals & lifestyle

I’ve done the 6 small meals a day thing, 3 big meals a day, paleo diet, and a lot of other eating styles, but fasting opened my eyes to something that not many are aware of:

That we literally slave ourselves to food, we say “I have to eat in the morning or else Ima be cranky & irritated”

Well if you would have never conditioned yourself to eat in the morning, then you might not have that mindset at all

Am going on a rant now, but to keep it short:

Fasting has freed me from food slavery and allowed me to focus my energy on other projects instead of worrying about food and having to eat at certain times

I have the freedom & confidence to eat whenever I want and know that ima feel good

If you have never tried fasting I would encourage you to try out, not because it might help you lose more fat or anything like that BUT because you will realize the real difference between hunger & cravings

And once you can differentiate that, you can focus your energy on doing productive stuff vs just worrying or stressing about not having eaten & feeling like crap like most people do

So try it out & pay attention to how you feel & think…you’ll realize that skipping breakfast or a meal from time to time is not that bad at all…it’s actually quite refreshing to have this freedom & energy to spend on other things besides cooking and eating

I can continue talking about fasting all day, but will later expand on it… for now just be open minded to what I said & try fasting out for yourself so you can feel what freedom from food slavery feels like!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. Yeah I know I didn’t give you any exact step by step to do’s…this is because there are different ways of fasting & I am no expert on the subject, but if you want a simple example on what to do, Do This:

Next time you wake up just skip breakfast

Just stay well hydrated and pay attention to how you feel, thing & act….you might feel great or horrible, either way become aware of this & test things out

P.P.S. For me fasting works great with bodyweight workouts or heavy lifting, not so much with high rep bodybuilding style workouts…(well at least right now it doesn’t, but I will keep testing!

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Wait, what? You are feeling Awesome?

First off I just wanna say that You, Yess YOU! are Freaking AWESOME!

Usually when you ask somebody “how you feeling today?” they say “I am fine, am good, etc”

But when somebody responds with a “I am fucking awesome!” you kinda have a “wait, what? your feelin how?” moment

Your expected response is disrupted & now you wonder why this person feels awesome? what makes him different?

You quickly start asking yourself:

Did he win something, get laid, break a PR, fixed a problem? etc..

You just wanna know why are you feeling better than you?

This is what happened during the morning today at the gym:

I asked the guy why are you feeling so awesome? and he simply said, “well why not?” (with a big ass smile)

And you know, he’s damn right!… WHY NOT!

How you feel is all up to you!

be fucking awesome

Whether you are feeling sad, tired, happy, exited or strong is all your fault, you are making a decision (whether it be conscious or unconscious) to feel this way

Nobody is forcing you to feel like this, it’s just you

Sure certain events can influence how you currently feel, but once you become aware of this you got the power to change your state & feel a lot better

So if you got a rough start to your day, hit your leg by accident, couldn’t break a PR today, fell off the pull up bar, burned yourself while making breakfast or whatever “bad” thing happened

Laugh it out, there is no reason to feel like crap over something that is now in the past

It’s gone, so move on & keep being awesome!


Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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