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Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning Book Chapter

Underground Strength Book – Why I train the way I train.

I still remember the first time I decided to do a dumbbell clean & jerk with a 45 pound DB at LA Fitness – feels like it just happened yesterday.

I was doing my typical bodybuilding workout – 4 sets of 12 reps & body part splits – today was shoulder day & I had been consuming training advice from from this bald guy named Zach Even-Esh.Zach Even-Esh rock training

His style of training was unconventional – using tires, rocks, ropes and playgrounds as workout material. It was a little crazy for me back then since I was used to just going to the commercial gym and training there like everyone else. But one of the exercises that Zach kept repeating over and over was overhead presses with rock and dumbbell clean and jerks.

So while at the gym I decided to do a DB clean & jerk & since then I haven’t trained the same. The explosiveness of that movement hooked me & I needed more aggressive training.

Slowly I learned more & more from Zach until my training evolved into being part underground – training with an aggressive attitude & not making excuses.

If you have ever wondered why I train at playgrounds, use sandbags, rocks, playgrounds & love to simply train with anything – it is all because Zach injected me with his Underground Strength DNA ever since I started incorporating his training style.

This week he released his first published book & I am stocked! I just ordered & can’t wait to attack it.

Check out the trailer – it will make you wanna go tear it up!

Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and ConditioningPurchase the book at:

==> Dragon Door

==> Amazon

==> Kindle

There are some bonuses you can get if you purchase by tonight, but knowing Zach’s quality of products the bonuses are just extra icing on the cake – the book alone is worth it & I highly recommend you get it.

Matt WichlinskiEverything you need to know about getting stronger and mentally tough is covered in detail in this book. If you are looking for a shortcut, or don’t have a true desire to work as hard as possible, this book is not for you. This book is all about embracing the effort, doing your best, inspiring everyone around you, and being the consummate leader of your social circle, all while becoming the strongest version of yourself.

This book is loaded with inspirational stories and informational programs that work. Zach’s training methods are intense and his passion is unparalleled; if you want to succeed, this book is for you.”—MATT WICHLINSKI, Strength Coach, WWE Performance Center

Attack Life & Get Stronger

— Luis Carrillo

P.S. If you get the book at anytime, forward me your receipt to beastlifestyle [at] & I’ll give you my book: 15 No Excuses Workouts as a bonus.

How do I build muscle safely at 13 years old?

I was recently asked: How do I build muscle safely at 13 years old?

My answer goes far beyond just telling the kid to focus on the major exercises & eat a lot (which are highly important) but above that, developing the habit of always moving & being active, is key to keep making progress throughout the years.

At 13 years old your whole world is about to change & you will:

  • Become more civilized
  • You will sit down a lot more
  • You will be smacked with more responsibilities, orders and rules

And all of these can slowly make you comfortable, lazy & overtime make you loose your energy to want to workout.

Am I blowing this out of proportion & making it sound like your wold is gonna end? Maybe a little.

Truth is that if you always find a way to be active at a young age, you won’t have such a hard time dealing with having to manage school, social life & fitness (since it will be embedded in your DNA to want to move)

So if you want to build muscle at 13 years old: Constantly be active, eat a lot, rest a lot & master the basic bodyweight exercises.

It sounds simple & it’s because it is – the only thing you have to do is put in the work & have fun!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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Simple Hack to Workout More At Home!

If you ever feel distracted at home when trying to workout, give this simple hack a try!

Pick up your 2 or 3 major distractions that are keeping you away from working out, load them in your car & walk back home

Now that your distractions are gone, get to work son!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Recommended Workout Programs

Lean Hybrid MuscleBuild Muscle While Losing Fat + Learn How to Create Your Own Hybrid Workouts

Bodyweight BodybuildingGain Muscle, Reduce Pain & Revive your Energy with Just Bodyweight Training Alone

Grow Stronger MethodGet Stronger & Lift Heavier Weights Without Adding Bulk!

Warrior Upper Body – Learn how to Do Advanced Exercises Like Handstands, One Arm Pushups And Sets Of 20 Pull Ups

15 No Excuses Workouts – Short on time? No Equipment? Or Are Bored & Need a Challenge? – I Got You Bro!

Afraid of Overtraining? [Rant]

This is gonna be a little bit of a rant, so enjoy…

Yesterday I went to the park got in a little game of basketball & also hit a playground workout: pull ups, handstands, some tucked in lever practice and tree climbing.

It made me remember: how much more easy these moves where when I was younger.

I started to get into weightlifting in high school & during this time I slowly started to do less and less bodyweight training (push ups, pull ups & lunges were a regular part in my routine but I only treated them as reps and sets as opposed to actually improving movement)

This was a huge mistake!

During my workouts in high school I started to think that doing an extra 100 push ups a day would mean over training, since I read that you could over-train easily (especially if you train the same muscle multiple times a week) so I avoided doing them even tough my body was craving that extra movement.

I had a fear of over-training, but I shouldn’t have had it, since I used to do 200 push ups a day when I was in middle school & the beginning of high school (100 as soon as I woke up & 100 before bed) & always felt amazing.

This is a mistake that I see a lot of people doing is: neglecting their urge to workout more.

Doing an extra 100 reps of push a day, or an extra 20 pull ups, or even squatting for 20 more reps will not lead to over-training!

If you feel like doing extra work, DO IT! – Do not hold back your body when it wants to move.

If you feel like doing pull ups while reading - DO IT!

If you feel like doing pull ups while reading – DO IT!

Overtraining is a real thing, but it usually happens when you are under tons of lifestyle stress (get little sleep, eat a lot of crap, have financial and relationship issues) not just from working out more.

If you at any point during the day see a bar and want to do a couple of pull ups, see a rock and want to do some squat and over head presses or see a motivational video and want to crank out some push ups – Don’t stop yourself from doing them.

Forget that tomorrow is leg day, or that you will do pull ups again during your workout next Monday – Went your body is craving movement and exercise simply MOVE!

Don’t care about whether they will help you build more muscle or not (they will btw) but just exercise for pleasure.

Because you can & it’s fun!

It’s kinda hard to separate the mindset of always training for something vs just moving for fun.

But it’s something that you develop trough just moving throughout the day.

Not all rules apply to this as sometimes you will have goals like gaining 10 pounds of muscle or deadlifting more weight which will require you to be more strict with how you spend your energy.

But even at this state, practicing movements will do wonders to just be relaxed & mobile in your training.

Your not a robot, your a strong human being, so start acting like one!

Training is never an straight equation, it is dynamic & changes as your goals change, so if you currently have this mindset of thinking that doing extra small work like 100 push ups here and there will eat away your results – Please take a moment to reflect and analyze your situation.

And if you finally realize that doing extra work won’t hinder your results then don’t neglect this feeling & take action!

That’s it, rant is over…Have a kick ass day!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Recommended Workout Programs

Lean Hybrid MuscleBuild Muscle While Losing Fat + Learn How to Create Your Own Hybrid Workouts

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27 mistakes that you should NOT be doing if you wanna Get Bigger & Stronger!

If you are lacking results then take a look at the list below & avoid these mistakes

  1. Always training for failure (taxing CNS too much)
  2. Not warming up (unless you want injury & no full ROM)
  3. Expecting results fast (you got fat in 6 yrs what makes you think that you will lose your fat in 6 weeks?)
  4. Not building mental toughness trough your workouts (you will still have self confidence issues even if you get a good body, it’s all about the mind & character you build trough your training sessions that matters)
  5. Eating like shit & thinking “It’s OK! I am training so I can do it”
  6. Stressing about calorie counting (unless you are going for less than 10% BF then don’t stress over this)
  7. Doing only isolation exercises
  8. Not doing bodyweight exercises (these set the foundation for everything)adams lever
  9. Thinking that you know enough (you will never know enough, be humble & keep learning)
  10. Thinking that you will overtrain (poor rest, and crappy food will make you feel tired & “overtrained” so fix that shit first so you can keep training hard)
  11. Always going with a no pain no gain mentality (you need to rest & recover, your ligaments & tendons don’t heal as fast as your muscles so take it easy every now & then)
  12. Not training legs (this is the most testosterone producing part on your body so why you neglecting it chicken leg boy?)
  13. Not lifting heavy (muscles without strength are useless, and strength is the foundation for everything: Arnold was powerlifter before a bodybuilder, learn from this)Heavy shoulder press
  14. Thinking that supplements are magic & will help you alone (they aide in your progress assuming that you are eating properly & resting enough – if this is not happening then don’t obsess over supplements as they are not replacements to compensate from your lack of dedication)
  15. Always eating sugar post workout (This will only help you to get fat – feed yourself real food to grow)
  16. Not eating real food & relying on powders too much (your body needs real food, enough said)
  17. Not drinking enough water (Gatorade doesn’t count) – your body is 60-70% water so give it what it needs!
  18. Stressing too much about everything (this will fuck up your results & hormones)
  19. Not sleeping enough (your anabolic when sleeping not when working out)
  20. Always following rules (once in a while fuck the rules & just soul lift – it doesn’t have to be perfect but just have fun!)
  21. Not having fun: if your not enjoying your training then this will always feel like chore (after all nobody is forcing you to workout, it’s your own decision to do so enjoy it)Franco Columbu overhead pressing girl
  22. Thinking that your better than others because you lift weights (this doesn’t make you any better, you are still a human being & there is no need to be a douche)
  23. Thinking that you are smart, giving poor advice & telling people they are doing things wrong because you lift (just realize that not everyone is training to be a  bodybuilder so if you will give advice make sure it helps them reach their specific goals – don’t try to convert them into being like you)
  24. Using too many machines (machines are like supplements they are extra if your goal is only bodybuilding: other than that master the basics & hit them hard)
  25. Neglecting the posterior chain (Train that which you don’t see in front of the mirror & thank me later)
  26. Not following a plan (I love to self experiments but if you wanna stop guessing about whether what you are doing will work or not, then then follow a plan that will deliver results – like the one’s I recommend here)
  27. Not having goals: What are you training for? muscle size, strength? bodyweight strength? what exercises do you wanna get stronger at? how many pounds do you wanna add to your frame? – Have spcific goals & attack them!
  28. Bonus: Not having a WHY! – Why are you training? I am sure that it is not just for aesthetics really dig deep as to what is your reason for training (is it more confidence? Want more energy when you wake up? You are sick of always being in pain? Sick of being skinny? Wanna be a good a role model for your kids? Wanna attract more girls? Want to love yourself in the mirror? Want to live longer? Need to lose weight in order to not die in a few years? Want to respect yourself? – Dig deep & find that emotional reason that will make you take action when times get tough.

In the end try everything for yourself (don’t always believe all that you read without having prior experience). If what you are doing is not working then stop it or change it.

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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Grow Stronger MethodGet Stronger & Lift Heavier Weights Without Adding Bulk!

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2 Powerful Non-Fitness Books that YOU Should Read!

So over the past months I have read some very impactful books. Most are not focused primarily on fitness, if not more towards self-development & physiology of the mind but the lessons in these books can be put into action in any of your goals: business, health, relationships, being more creative & getting to know yourself better.

The 2 books that I talk about below have impacted the way I see the word and myself in a very profound way & It would be selfish of me to not tell you about these books since one simple idea or realization can help you overcome a hump that you are currently going trough or get you to be more connected to your true self.

So without much further writing, here are the 2 powerful non-fitnes books that I highly recommend you read:

Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani:

==> Get it at Amazon

Dying to Be Me- My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita MoorjaniI can’t fully describe how powerful Anita’s story is. Everyone will get something different from it, but from her battling Cancer, having a Near Death Experience and getting a 2nd chance at living life, this story will make you analyze your whole life and how you are living.

In the book she describes how living in fear was the major part that caused her Cancer, so no matter what method she choose to alleviate it with, it wouldn’t help unless she completely let go of trying to please others and be true to herself.

It was only after her near Death Experience, where she finally experienced love and acceptance that she realized that her life had to be lived with joy and love for all of her actions. Not in fear trying to please her parents, religions or trying to fit into society when it doesn’t feel right.

It’s a fantastic story & it will inspire you to live with a passionate purpose as opposed to day by day and be closer to being content with what life throws at you. Even if things in your life don’t always come out the way you want to, the way you react to them is what will ultimately decide whether they will affect you negatively or make you a better person.

In the end this book will make you love life a lot more and make you wanna be creative and take action to build a fun and passionate life. It might even change your perception on the meaning of life, based on her experience. It certainly did for me.

The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connection, and Courage by Brené Brown:

==> Get it at Amazon

The Power of Vulnerability - Teachings of Authenticity, Connection, and Courage by Brene BrownI got this book simply because the word vulnerability to me means to be open to receiving without judgement & to simply be in acceptance, which is something I still struggle with.

I don’t think I can accurately describe how important being able to be vulnerable means to strengthen yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s all about letting go of worries, judgement and being open to receiving, enjoying and accepting. Being vulnerable will raise your level of happiness and break the barrier that makes it hard for people to see your true self & get to know you better.

This book is not about being weak, if not it is more about having the courage to expose your true loveable and sometimes childish self to others without any judgement.

While fitness is not the main emphasis on the book, tough it’s mentioned a little, you certainly can apply the lessons into your workouts. When you are able to be vulnerable in your workouts and yourself, you will free yourself to training without barriers, to just train with acceptance, joy and emotional expression. It is tough to explain this without having experiencing it, but once you are able to let go of the barriers and defenses that keep you from feeling content with what you do and how you act, you will experience a blissful openness in your workouts.

These books might look like they are more on a spiritual way of being, and they indeed are, but the visceral lessons can be immediately put into your life, workouts, nutrition and self improvement goals. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover or category as the lessons can indirectly impact many other areas of your life.

And on a final note if you do get one of these books, be open to receiving the teaching in these books without judgement. Don’t just read them to read but experience what you are reading or listening to, this way you can also be emotionally connected to the teachings.

If you have read any of the 2 books I would love to know what was the big take away you got them or if you have any other powerful book recommendations drop them below!

Keep Attacking Life & Getting Stronger,

Luis Carrillo

P.S. I highly recommend getting audiobooks, not that they are better than print, but just the fact that you can listen to them on the go makes it so that you can listen to them anywhere – so no excuses not to read!

Opportunistic Pull Ups at the Park

What’s up Beast!

Earlier this week I posted a video showing how you can do pull ups in many different places at the park.

Not just in the obvious monkey bars, but with swings, trees, metal pipes and anywhere I could hang in the playground area.

I’ve been getting good feedback with this video so I will do more like these showing you how you can workout and do different exercises anywhere.

“If you can bypass looking at the obvious then you’ll find opportunities everywhere!”

I would love to see more people having this “opportunistic” way of looking at exercise, so I am exited to make more videos.

If you have any specific exercise you wanna see let me know so I can make it happen…and if you have a video of you doing any type of of opportunist exercises or street workouts (with or without weights) drop the link in the comments below, I’d love to share it on my Facebook Page to get more people fired up!

That’s it for today,

Keep Attacking Life & Getting Stronger,

Luis Carrillo

3 Reasons Why YOU should Workout with Odd Objects

Whether it be sandbags, kettlebells, kegs, tires, rocks or a bag of potatoes

Odd objects are all around us and you can use them as workout equipment

Most of the times these odd objects are free or very low cost to make (compared to buying barbells and dumbbells)

But before I go onto describe some of these things that you can use as workout equipment let me give you 3 good reasons to train with objects:

Elliott Hulse Sandbag Loading#1 – They don’t have an even load so they force you to workout extra had, using more stabilizing muscles & activating more muscle fibers

These object don’t have to always be just heavier in order to increase their difficulty…you can just use a bigger, thinner or different material item

For example fatter sandbag (a lot harder on the grip), thicker bars (you can even use trees), or using towels & ropes

#2 – Odd objects are everywhere & will make you open your mind to working out anywhere and with anything

Working out at a gym is not always a necessity if you know how to use the tools in your environment to your advantage:

Use chairs as dip stations, walls to do pull ups, push cars for conditioning, etc

Doing this will also save you a lot of money on workout equipment…for example you can make a 100 pound sandbag for less than $20! (compare that to 100 pound dumbbell that might cost $70+ just for one DB)

Pro Tip: Buy used workout equipment on Craigslist & garage sales to save a lot of pennies

#3 – They are Fun & will make you Free

Free from always following rules & doing things like everyone else

When you use odd objects not only will you get stronger but will also be captivated by the challenge of using something uncommon to workout brings

  • You will walk out onto the world & see fences everywhere where you can do dips & pull ups at
  • You will see stop signs and try to do flag poles on them
  • You will see a heavy rock & wonder how much it weights, but curiosity & wonder won’t be enough so you will approach it, pick it up & start doing squats, lunges & overhead presses with it
  • You will pick up heavy things when you go shopping just, like front carrying a car battery all around Walmart just so you can get a massive biceps pump while everyone else doesn’t!

And perhaps all of those were personal examples, but either way your mind will be open to seeing everything as an opportunity to workout once you regularly use odd objects in your training

If you try working out with a rock for example you will feel your grip having to work extra hard – the uneven rock will force you to stabilize your whole body & you will unconsciously be freeing your mind form always having order and rules to workout

When you know you can use anything in your environment to workout you become free to explore the world & get stronger anywhere and with anything…

Life becomes your 24/7 Strength Playground!

My good friend Elliott Hulse was one of the first persons to ever introduce me to odd object training & ever since I haven’t looked back

I remember the first time I purposely pushed my car to workout, it was tough but fun

It was a different kind of energy & it made me realize that everyday things can be weapons for strength building – You just gotta be open minded & let go of always doing things “the right way”

Today Elliott’s program Lean Hybrid Muscle is on discount, but only for 8 more hours as of writing this

I’ve learned a lot from this program and this method of training is one that I personally use & will continue to use because it works

Inside you will not only get workouts, but also learn how to create YOUR OWN Hybrid Workouts + learn how to workout with odd objects

If this is something that sounds interesting to you then take advantage of his sale, if not then no worries

The program will still be available (just not with a discount)

If you do get it email me your receipt at: and I’ll give you my “15 BackUp Workouts” as a bonus which will open your mind even more to using your environment as workout equipment + you’ll get some kick ass workout challenges

I guarantee that after you start working out with odd objects, you will not be satisfied with just using barbells and dumbbells…it’s a whole new world after this!

Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

==> Take advantage of his LHM discount right here <==

Keep Attacking Life & Getting Stronger,

Luis Carrillo

Eat these 2 Foods to get MORE Calories in!

Yo! What is up!

If you are naturally skinny & have trouble eating a lot, then I got a quick tip that will help you to get more calories in

Currently we are in holiday season so you will automatically be getting a lot of extra calories from the holiday parties

Which is fantastic if you are trying to get bigger (so really take advantage of this season & eat big + train hard)

But since you won’t be feasting at parties everyday then consume these next 2 foods in order to get more calories in throughout your day:

Extra Virgin Coconut oil & Organic Peanut/Almond Butter

I personally just started cooking everything with coconut oil, not just to get more calories in, but because coconut oil is fantastic for cooking at high temperatures (it won’t make your meats & eggs stick to the pan as easily)

extra virgin coconut oil

You can also just take a spoonful of coconut oil & eat it that way or add a spoonful or 2 to your shakes (you won’t even know it’s there)

Unless you are allergic to peanuts or almonds then Organic Peanut & Almond butter should be staples in your nutrition

organic peanut butter

You can add them to your shakes, make peanut butter & banana or apple sandwiches or grab a scoop whenever you are feeling hungry (It will tranquilize your hunger for a little bit)

A spoonful of each might not sound like much (and it really isn’t when you are eating it) but the calories form these fats really add up…just take a look at how many calories are in a spoonful of each:

  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: 121-130 (varies by brand)
  • Organic Peanut Butter: 90-105 (varies by brand)
  • Organic Almond Butter: 90-95 (varies by brand)

You can easily consume an extra 400-500 calories just from a couple of spoonfuls of these fats & not too mention that they are freaking delicious!

So really take advantage of this simple tip if your goal is to get more calories in

And in other news:

My buddy Elliott Hulse is having a sale on his Lean Hybrid Muscle program this whole week

Lean Hybrid Muscle Elliott Hulse

==> You can check out his LHM offer right here <==

And just to be extra cool, if you take advantage of his sale right now I will send you as a bonus a copy of my 15 BackUp Workouts for free!

Just forward me your email to & I’ll send you your bonus ASAP!

That’s it for today,

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Free No Gym Equipment Workout

Yo! What is up!

Hope you are having an awesome start of week so far

I just finished setting up a workout guide for you, & instead of telling you more about it I wanna give you a free sample of it

A free sample? Yup! I want you to taste it first

You can download your free workout here

Or just follow the workout below:

1A) Incline Push Ups 5x 15 (Last set max out)
1B) Jump Squats 5 x 10
1C) Tree Pull ups 5 x Sub Max Reps (Last set max out)
Rest 1 Min between each superset

2A) Dips/Recline Rows 5×15
2B) Jumping Lunges 5×10
2C) Tree or Monkey bar Chin Ups 5x Sub Max Reps (Last set max out)
Rest 1 Min between each superset

3C) Leg Raises 5x 10 (on pull up or parallel dip bars)
Rest 30 sec between each set

4)Parkour Rolls 4×3 (Make sure to do it on grass so you don’t hurt yourself)
Rest 30 sec between each set

5) 3 Sprints x 10 sec or find a long distance (Max Out)
Rest 15 sec between each set

No equipment is needed for this workout if you are at a playground or even at home (you’ll just need a door frame pull up bar)

15 Backup WorkoutsGive it a try & let me know how it goes

The full guide contains 15 workouts that you can use next time you are short on time, don’t have any or very little equipment or when you want a crazy challenge

But before you get it, give the workout above a try

It’s perfect for you if you have no equipment!

Talk soon,

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo