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Feeling lost & confused with working out

Why You Don’t Know What To Do – [From Gary Vaynerchuk]

“You Are Not Lost In Life – You Are Just Early In The Process”

I just saw this video from Gary Vaynerchuk and it hit me straight in the gut.

The answer to “I feel overwhelmed & I don’t know what to do” from a young guy (LIKE ME) spoke directly to me.

Gary’s Answer: You gotta try stuff. The biggest reason you don’t know what you wanna do is because you haven’t tasted enough things & the biggest reason you are not tasting enough things is you are worried about finding it too fast”

We are all guilty of this and I certainly am fighting with this fear of what if I fail & what should I do?

The key is to take shots, be PATIENT, learn and move forward.

Since high school, I have always wanted to be an athlete & teach fitness to others & I have to some extent done that. That’s why I started my blog, YouTube channel & became a personal trainer.

It’s scary to put this info out there since I know I am always judged but my gut is telling me to do it.

When it comes to my own fitness goals & workouts I have so many options in front of me.

I have tried:

  • Powerlifting
  • Strongman
  • Learning Advanced Calisthenics Skills
  • Parkour
  • Going for high reps on bodyweight exercises (like 20 pull ups)

These different training styles & modalities that I have tried and have shaped the way I train but

I FEEL CAGED & TRAPPEDFeeling lost & confused with working out

I wanna get stronger, build muscle, get ripped, learn how to do a handstand on gymnastic rings & deadlift 600 pounds.

Like all of you, I wanna do it all but I have to pick a discipline & get better at it instead of trying to be a jack of all trades & a master of none.

My gut is currently telling me to be a better calisthenics athlete: master the basics & learn the muscle up, handstand, lever & pistol.

Training for these skills is not as easy as do 4 sets of 12 reps. You gotta obsess, be patient & practice the skill daily.

Most importantly you have to let go of your mental fear & overcoming the biggest obstacle in your life: YOURSELF

You are the one limiting yourself from not being able to get these skills done.

Yes we need to learn progressions to these exercises
Yes we need to get stronger in certain positions
Yes we need to learn to breathe when creating tension while on a handstand

All these attributes are necessary to build up your physical strength, balance & control.

But the ultimate battle is to free yourself from fear.

To stop worrying about being scared & failing from a handstand.
To stop thinking you can’t do a hard exercise like a muscle up or handstand when you haven’t even physically tried it.
To stop caging your mind into thinking that you are weak, skinny, fat, heavy, tired, genetically ungifted or [insert other lame excuse you’ve told yourself]

Try a new exercise without much thought & let the fear move to the side.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Be afraid of not knowing whether you can or can’t.

To end this just TRY & gather learning experiences.

Watch Gary’s video & remember that anything you wanna achieve will happen as long as you keep trying and are patient.

That “overwhelmed + lost feeling” of not knowing what to do will little by little start to get clearer & you’ll have greater direction on what you want to do vs just “thinking of what if”

Attack Life, Your Goals & Your Fears,

– Luis Carrillo

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

Let’s Be Friends:



Hotel Luggage Cart Pull Up

Find Opportunistic Workouts Anywhere [You] Can

Last week I was working 12 hour shifts back to back and I am sure many of you are familiar with those schedules.

The little sleep, the constant to do and not having much of a break.

In those moments you need to either be prepared with meal prepping or make healthy choices when it’s time to eat.

I was working at hotel and was fortunate to get breakfast and lunch for the most part by the hotel so I was eating eggs & potatoes for breakfast and salad, beans and chicken or turkey.

For dinner I usually just went to Chipotle since it was convenient. I just made simple choices and didn’t overthink my eating schedule.

When we are busy is better to keep things as simple as possible and if that means having the same meal over and over then let it be. As longs as it is not something greasy or fried for the most part you should feel fine.

Opportunistic Workouts

Last week I also didn’t get much time to workout or train but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t moving. My job was very active so I was constantly moving and pushing carts with heavy items on them.<

On the times I had a break I got my coworkers involved into doing a few reps of dips, push ups, pull ups and L-sits on chairs, the carts we were pushing or anywhere there was a corner.

Hotel Luggage Cart Pull Up Chair Elevated push ups  Clapping elevated push ups

L- Sit on Chair

It’s fun how many people will follow you into working out when you show them that it is easy and that things don’t have to be perfect. Specially with bodyweight exercises since they don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere, most people will see it as a challenge and will join you to see if they can do the skill.

Yesterday I had a call with a new friend of mine and we talked all about opportunistic workouts and how he didn’t have access to a bar where he can practice muscle ups so this is what i told him:

Find any bar outside and do pull ups there to practice your muscle up:

  • Use the bars on shopping carts to do pull ups or dips
Shopping cart Pull Ups


  • Any store will have rails that you can use as a bar (check out the guy below)
Home Depot Pull Ups


  • Use any wall to practice a pull up
  • Use any bar at the playground and if there is no good pull up bar then buy gymnastic rings and practice ring dips and the muscle up there. Hang them on the swings, a thick tree branch or somewhere safe and sturdy.
  • Use gymnastic rings at home and hang them on your door frame pull up bar to practice the muscle up there.

There was a lot more examples I shared but the point was to open his eyes to the fact that there are opportunities in every day life. It’s just up to you to keep your mind open and attack when you see an opportunity.

Lots of pictures today but I hope they motivate you and get the point across:

Keep nutrition simple and find opportunistic workouts anywhere you can.

Attack Life & Get Stronger

-Luis Carrillo









muscle up

You CAN do a Muscle Up “You Got This!”

“It was a simple – “You can do it, you got this”

A month ago I joined a gym called Just Go Lift in San Diego, California.

I hadn’t been part of of a gym in about 2 years and I was missing the community and support from others.

I am not gonna lie, I was hesitant to join since I had been training alone for so long so the fear of being judged and seen scared me a little. (I’ve always been an introvert by nature.)

But I joined and the coaches welcomed me with open arms and my thoughts of “I will be judged” were all a lie.

I have had nothing but support here and that is what a good community does: they support each other and grow together.

I have been working on getting my muscle up again and while training here I realized how weak I was and have been working on the basics: Pull ups, dips, planks, L-Sits and any movement to get my body and hands used to hanging again.

2 weeks after joining I meet a few calisthenics guys. Seeing them do muscle ups like nothing and freestyle on the bars made me realize that I can do this.

muscle up monster

They gave me advice on how to do the muscle up and what I can improve on.

After 25 min of failing and very encouraging “You can do it” “You got this” words I was able to get 1 muscle up and that is all It took for me to make the mental switch on my mind.

I ended up doing a few muscle ups that night and my whole mindset on training changed from “I am weak & have so much training to do” to “I can do this and I am excited to keep working at it”

Instead of feeling bad for being weak now I am happy because there is so much exciting growth that will keep happening.

All it took for this mental switch was for someone else to believe in me and guide me with their support.

The point I am trying to make with this is that in order to accelerate results you need a foundation (i.e. working on the fundamental exercises)

But if you want to accelerate even faster then you need mental support and that is where joining a community comes in. They will be there to pick you up when you feel worthless and be there to make you remember that you can do anything.

Train not only the physical but also the mental and you will get there faster.

I am not sure what your specific goals are at the moment but I wold advice to get friendly help from someone that can do the skill you wanna do. Whether that be a muscle up or a handstand just ask and you will be surprised by how open others are willing to help.

Enjoy your Labor Day and reply with any questions, I am here to help.

Attack Life & Get Stronger

– Luis Carrillo





It’s NOT OK to Conform to the idea that you are a failure.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve made videos for you guys but I am back!

In the past 2 years I’ve been lost and I got a little too comfortable with living an average life until last month when I woke up very dissatisfied.

I went from working out daily and eating healthy to living a very unhealthy lifestyle: I was staying up late, drinking, eating out too much and neglecting my training.

All the progress I had made in the gym and in my online business declined.

When I made videos, wrote articles and sent emails for you guys I had a purpose to live for: I was on my mission to help skinny men get stronger and live a badass life.

3 weeks ago I went to a business and personal development and I made a lot of great people who got me back on track on living my mission.

It was a breath of fresh air to reconnect with some of my mentors (Elliott Hulse, Craig Ballantyne, Vince Del Monte & Bredos Keuilian to name a few) and also get acceptance that we all fall down – and the only thing that matters is getting back up.

Elliott Hulse @ the High Status Summit

Craig Ballantyne @ the High Status Summit

Bedros Keuilian @ the High Status Summit

Vince Del Monte @ the High Status Summit

Over the past 2 years I’ve been anxious and afraid to keep creating content since I am not at the level I was before but after hearing my mentors talk I know that it’s OK.

It’s OK to fail. It’s OK to feel sad and depressed BUT It’s NOT OK to Conform to the idea that you are a failure.

So today I am back.

I am back to making content for you guys and help you guys get stronger.

I’ve been training on the regular again, I joined a gym and have made amazing new friends in the calisthenics community.

A post shared by Luis Carrillo (@itsluis) on

Something I have learned from training and talking with these athletes is that they aren’t perfect. They have all have had tough moments when their life was in ruins but none of them settled for mediocrity.

Maybe you are in the same spot I am – feeling lost and alone but you aren’t alone.

You got me and the whole fitness community.

My goal with this site and messages is to help you grow stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually trough fitness.

And I will do that.

I’ve been thinking about how to serve you guys better and I will keep making videos but I’ve also been thinking about interviewing calisthenic athletes about their lifestyle and how they have gotten stronger.

If that is something that would be of interested to you please let me know. (reply to this email and tell me you do want interviews)

Also I do want to get to know you better and I think there is no better way than actually talking to you. So what I want to do is make myself available and get on a phone call with you.

I want to know what are the obstacles holding you back so I can serve you better and I think the best way to do that is to talk with you live.

I will have more details about that at the end of the week.

Lastly I do wanna apologize for being MIA for so long and I appreciate all the nice and supportive comments you guys have left on my videos and blog. I am grateful to have you as a subscriber and will keep pumping regular content to serve you better.

Talk soon,

Attack Life & Get Stronger

– Luis Carrillo

Demon Bells

Fighting Emotional Demons, Forcing Happiness & Powerlifting

Warning: I am very open about myself & this might be one of the scariest & most personal things I’ve written but I need to get it out there.

First off I hope you are having an awesome week so far…I’ve had an interesting one so far but I wanted to share with you some (and very personal) updates as to what I’ve been up to, my scattered thoughts and things that I will be releasing soon.

Demon BellsEmotional demons: Depression + Being Lost & Found

OK so I am not sure how to entirely explain this, but I think depression is a word that it can be compared to.

You guys have noticed that last year I did not made many videos and the reason as to why, it’s because I I felt lost.

It’s interesting to look back & to admit to myself that I was to some degree depressed & unmotivated to progress (funny because I talk and write a lot about motivation & not having excuses yet I am a victim of what I fight against – I guess I knew this subconsciously so I told myself why bother to write about improving your life when mine is simply static and not moving right now – which was a huge mistake)

Even tough last year I felt very passive, I did create several training programs, workouts, but all of these projects where not completed or released (I have lots of rough drafts, video ideas, workouts & they will all come to life in the weeks to come)

At this exact moment, I don’t feel lost or depressed anymore – those emotional demons I’ve being fighting with have left (but I know they are not gone)

One of my mentors Elliott Hulse describes how we have anabolic & catabolic cycles in life – you can’t have anabolic without being catabolic first.

I felt that last year I was forcing myself to be anabolic (i.e. to be productive & creative) when these actions cannot be forced, they just have to be allowed and be let.

My best work has always been done when I allow myself to feel “possessed” – when I have an un-describable energy where I just am and am doing – an state of flow.

This state is something that I’ve tried to describe & show in the past trough my workouts – where you just workout in the moment because your body feels like moving, not because you are forcing yourself to move – it’s a moment where you allow yourself to be movement itself.

This workout happened in that state of just being:

Forcing myself to be happy:

I read and listen to various books last year and one of the things that screamed to me in terror is that I was always forcing myself to be and feel positive – to bury negativity & force myself to smile even when I didn’t want to.

One of the books that made me realize this was “Fear of Life”

I don’t remember the exact page or quote that highlighted this, but the book talked about just letting emotions happen. If you feel sad be sad, if you are happy be happy, if you feel sexual be sexual BUT don’t be ashamed of how you feel and try to suppress your feelings – just let them be.

This gave me a huge slap n the face since it made me realize that I have always felt bad for not being Mr. Positivity 24/7 & it gave me permission to welcome “bad” & “sad” emotions & stop feeling ashamed of them.

I highly recommend that book – it will make you really uncomfortable as you will be exposed to exploring your own self, emotions and your habits that have been developed since childhood & give you insight as to why you are the way you are so you can change them.

This mindset alone, of letting my emotions just be has relieved a lot of pressure from myself & has allowed myself to be less judgmental and more welcoming.

How I Pushed Those Demons Away:

I’ve talked in the past about just moving and letting things fall into place – to take action and learn from experience, like how I describe in this video:

 “Clarity comes from Taking Action NOT Thoughts!”

For the past 5 years I have been working out outdoors and at my home gym, but since last year I felt that it was time for a change even tough that I wasn’t entirely sure on what specific change.

I had created an identity for myself as being a guy that workouts at home or outdoors – no excuses. And to some degree I did not want to let this identity go therefore I decided to keep working out at home – to force myself to do it.


My workouts started to suffer: my intensity wasn’t there anymore, I was just going trough the motions and was bored – I was just doing something to do it.

During this past year I did not make much progress (strength & muscle wise) simply because I wasn’t in love with training.

About a month ago, I was reading Zach’s Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning & he describes how he had a period in his life when he was depressed, didn’t make progress at the gym, he wasn’t even excited to train anymore.

That’s exactly how I felt and it resonated with me a ton. His turning point was the realization that he wasn’t gonna go anywhere feeling that way and it was time to man up – he joined a bodybuilding contest and the competition lit up the training spark once again.

For me what I was missing back from my workouts was a feeling of community, I needed an environment where I was gonna be at war with other warriors.

I don’t remember exactly what page in the book made me wanna do this but I decided to finally join a gym again.

My friend had joined this power-lifting and strongman gym not too long ago & I knew the place was awesome since I did a trial workout there before, but I didn’t sign up because I told myself that I had work so I wouln’t have too much time & the place wasn’t close to my house.

Like Zach I realized that I wasn’t going anywhere by just feeling and being the passive way I was, I needed to be surrounded with other people that where committed to being strong, even if I was gonna be the weakest there, I knew that things where only gonna progress quickly because of the environment, so I signed up 2 days after realizing this.

It’s been almost 1 month since I joined & I am glad I did. I am finally making constant strength and muscle gains again + my outlook on life is that of just moving forward.

There have been days that I feel tired and don’t wanna wake up but I do it anyways because I don’t want to be weak anymore. This is my first time actually training for power-lifting & my CNS is barely starting to adapt to the constant heavy weights & I’ve always had an interest in strongman so I am having a lot of fun with the training. More than anything thanks to the training my mind is shifting to stop over-analyzing everything and just taking action.

I still love at home & outdoor workouts – they get me fired up, but being part of a gym was something I’ve been missing and craving for a long time.

You might be in a similar situation with your training, so I hope that my experience resonates & helps you get out of that training rut.

If you get anything from this rant is to just workout, to just move even when you don’t want to – force your body to move, get in tune with your self physically & your mentality for life will change for the better. – This is something that you will only understand once you actually start moving regularly so don’t think about it Just Do It.

If you want to change your emotions then you gotta get in motion – there is a reason why it is spelled E-MOTION


I have so much more to share but I’ll stop for now…

What’s the point of writing all of this?

My original intention was to share my feelings & realizations that are stuck in my mind, but to my surprise as I was writing this post learned more about myself than I was aware of.

I know that you like me have experienced some similar downs and slaps in the face in your own life. And I want to remind you that you are not alone – not everyone’s life is sunshine, rainbows & constant strength gains all of the time. Shit happens to everyone, learn from it & keep moving forward.

You currently might be fighting some emotional demons (even if you are not entirely aware of them) that are holding you back from making progress, and I want to help you overcome & make you aware of this.

I am not entirely sure how I can do that besides talking to you to try to bring out the roots of whats holding you back (childhood traumas, bad habits that lead to unwanted actions, negative or super-positive self talk, etc)

I am not an expert on this at but I want to help you in some level so if this is of interest to you email me: beastlifestyle [at] with subject line: “emotional demons” and lets set up a coaching call to talk about overcoming your obstacles.

That’s it, I’ve written too much, drop a comment below.

Attack Life & Get Stronger

– Luis Carrillo

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Simplify Your Workouts & Nutrition + (Actually Eat Your Veggies Trick)

The other day I ordered a dash wallet and when it came in the mail, the package contained this quote:

 “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” – Dr. Seuss

That quote made me think about simplifying my workouts & nutrition for this month.

My simplified exercise list:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench & Overhead Presses
  • Farmer Walks
  • Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Inverted Rows & Muscle Ups
  • Dips
  • Push Ups
  • Squats & Pistols
  • Jumping
  • Crawling
  • Climbing
  • Rolling
  • Sprints

My simplified food list:

  • Eggs & Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Ground Beef & other red meats
  • Salmon, tuna and other fish
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes & Yams
  • Beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits & Veggies (See my video for the “actually eat your veggies trick“)
  • Almond or Rice Milk
  • Coconut oil
  • Butter
  • Peanut & Almond Butter
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Avocados

**Pro Tip: Meal prep & cook your meats & carbs in advance so you only have to reheat them later – preparation is the cure to not desperately look for anything to eat once you come home hungry & are un-energized to cook**

My simplified supplement list:

  • I sometimes take creatine
  • Don’t take protein powders because they make me bloated (Haven’t experimented with pant based ones yet)
  • I am testing out making my own nootropic stacks (Limitless anyone???)
  • And zinc (ZMA’s) before sleeping – These have helped me a lot to not get sick, improve my sleep & my dreams are much more vivid

That’s what I am focusing on for this month, and I want you to ask yourself those 2 questions.

  1. I can do a lot of different styles of workouts but what are the most important goals for me right now? – For me it is Strength and movement efficiency.
  2. I can eat whatever I want, but what foods are the ones that will give me the most energy & support my fitness goals? – For me it is real whole foods that I know will not bloat me.

Answer those 2 questions for yourself & simplify your lifestyle so you can focus on what will give you the results you want.

Simplify Your Life & Get Stronger

– Luis Carrillo

Recommended Workout Programs

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2 Simple Tips for Eating More & Using Better Form (Beginner Workout Problems)

I always like to ask everyone who signs up for my newsletter:

What is your #1 struggle or problem that you are facing right now? what is stopping you from getting stronger or building more muscle?

I always get some really good questions that I am gonna start sharing more with you since I know a lot of you are facing these same issues.

Today I got this question from Dirk (who is a going through beginner workout problems) asking:

Don’t really have a “big” problem, mostly little things like eating enough, learning proper form, basic beginner problems I suppose

I know a lot of us suffer with the same issues, even if we are not beginners – consuming enough calories & using proper form are simple to do once you establish the habit, so today I wanna offer 2 simple tips that will help you develop this important habit.

Eating enough calories: Don’t stress out a lot about macros & precise calories, simply start eating more little by little (instead of all at once) add an extra bowl of brown rice everyday for one week, the next add a table spoonful of coconut oil everyday for one week & keep getting used to consuming more calories week by week (it will be easier to adapt this way)

Using proper form in your workouts: This is key to develop good habits, so don’t listen to your ego & don’t max out on lifts…since you are a beginner, you don’t need to max out in order to see results, just do more work/weight week by week. If you reach a point where a weight or exercise is too heavy for certain amount of reps (for example: 4 sets of 8 pull ups) then do more sets but with less reps (example: 5 sets of 6 pull ups) – in the end you will be doing more overall work & be able to keep better form instead of forcing ugly reps that can lead to injury (and being injured for 1 or 2 weeks is no fun)

A simple thing you can do to keep proper form in mind at all times, is to do a warm up set & focus on proper form only (don’t care about the weight you are lifting on this set, just prep up your body & mind for the lift – close your eyes & visualize the weight you wanna be lifting if you must)

Besides all of this just rest a lot so you can be ready to kill it next time you train.

These are very simple tips, but put them into use & I know they will make a huge difference overtime.

If you have any more simple tips for these issues drop them below & let help each other out to solve these beginner workout problems!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Recommended Workout Programs

Lean Hybrid MuscleBuild Muscle While Losing Fat + Learn How to Create Your Own Hybrid Workouts

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Grow Stronger MethodGet Stronger & Lift Heavier Weights Without Adding Bulk!

Warrior Upper Body – Learn how to Do Advanced Exercises Like Handstands, One Arm Pushups And Sets Of 20 Pull Ups

15 BackUp Workouts – Short on time? No Equipment? Or Are Bored & Need a Challenge? – I Got You Bro!

Thank You for Choosing To Be Strong :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is thanksgiving in the U.S. & many of us will pig out until we can’t no more (that might be me too, lol)

…Anyway, this day is about being grateful, so I just wanted to say a big:

Thank You 🙂

  • Thanks for being a subscriber
  • Thanks for letting me share my info with you
  • Thanks for choosing to learn from me
  • Thanks for following my advice
  • Thanks for wanting to live a healthier life
  • Thanks for choosing to be strong
  • And thanks for choosing to not settle for less.

We can be weak and average like everyone but you choose to improve yourself by building a better body & mind trough working out & eating better.

For that I am thankful & graceful.

*Thankful that I can help you on your journey & grateful that I am able to do so*

When I was in high school I always wanted to be an athlete & help people get stronger & healthier.

I never thought that by writing my emails, blog posts, making videos videos & products I would be able to help hundreds of people.

…and while I am not making a living from doing this (I still have a normal job) – the life I once dreamed of is slowly coming to fruition.

I tell you this because I want you to realize that I love sharing this info with you (would do it, even if I didn’t get paid for it because it fuels my soul) & I am grateful that you guys enjoy & actually put the info to use.

Thanks for being an action taker.

Today might be a day to give thanks, but also take a moment to:

– Be Grateful For You –

Be grateful for:

  • Getting stronger week by week
  • Being healthy & alive
  • Having work and being able to make a living
  • Having the strength to make decisions that will improve your life
  • Having the discipline to workout in order to get stronger & build more muscle
  • Having the courage to do what it takes to get stronger (both inside the gym & outside overcoming hardships)

Take a moment and just think about how much you have grown this year, not only physically but mentally, spiritually, financially & how you are becoming the best version of yourself.

The journey to personal growth never stops, but I am grateful that I can be a small part of it for you.

I am grateful for my struggle

With that said, enjoy your turkey & thank you for choosing to be strong.

I am here to help you along your journey,

Attack Life & Get Stronger

– Luis “Grateful” Carrillo

Don’t hold back in your training + expensive sushi

“That was some really good sushi!”

That’s what I said a few nights days ago, when me and some friends went to an upscale sushi place (the type of place that asks you if you have a reservation as you walk in).

I like sushi, but had not tried it with raw fish on top, so I was a little hesitant when I looked at the menu but the kitchen sink sounded really good, so I ordered that plus some crispy rice, because sushi never fills you up.

After cracking some jokes our waitress came back with the sushi.

*Insert sounds of plates lightly hitting the table*

I simply look at my plate with a look of that’s it? & I am glad I got 2 orders (workout problems :/)

Kitchen Sink Shino Suhi + KappoThe kitchen sink referenced above (it’s the name of the plate)

Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna Shino Suhi + Kappo.JPGAnd Crispy Rice w/ Spicy Tuna

Both of these combined were close to $40

There were pricy, but sometimes you gotta Treat Yo Self!

And am glad I did as the sushi was gooooooood! – the best I’ve tried so far.

– The kitchen sink was tender, sweet, spicy and kept getting more flavorful with every chew.

– The crispy rice started to feel like eating a warm but solid Rice Crispy treat, but as you progressed to munch, the mild spicy tuna hit your mouth walls with a very pleasant combination of subtle flavors – it was delightful!

Needless to say I’ll have to go back & try more sushi 🙂

So how does sushi mix in with working out?

In a literal way it doesn’t, the only thing I can think of is that if you don’t workout you’ll end up looking like a sushi roll, ha!

But my point for describing my sushi experience is not for you to crave sushi (sorry if your mind already wants some)

It is to show you that how when you let go of what you think you should do, very pleasant & powerful results happen.

For example, when you are following your workout routine, are doing a set of 5×5 squats & after the 5th set your mind and body still wants to do more, but you look at your workout routine and it says only 5×5.

What do you do?

A) Move on to the next exercise & neglect your body’s urges to keep squatting

B) Fuck everything else, you are in squat mode & all you are gonna do is keep squatting until you can’t no more.

I would always choose B

If your mind and body wants to do something else don’t ignore these urges – Don’t Hold Yourself Back!

If you were to finish your workout as it is laid out on your plan, then you would feel good afterwards.

But if you listen to your primal urges & keep squatting you might break a PR get an incredible high that will transfer into making your day 10X better.

I could have looked for the cheapest sushi on the menu & probable would have felt OK afterwards, but I decided to not be a cheap ass and get what made my mouth water.

The scenario above happens to me all the time – I am following my workout routine & all of a sudden I get urges to do something else. Sometimes I follow these urges & sometimes I wait till the end of my workout to do something extra.

Even when I am in the kitchen, there is a doorframe pull up bar & as I cook I am looking at it & I have 2 options:

1- Do pull ups now

2- Wait till I do my workout & if I still have more energy do some pull ups afterwards.

If I have the urge to do pull ups, I don’t wait – I just do them!

Because I know if I ignore this feeling & energy I will regret it

So my point with all of this is to remind you to not hold back.

When you want something & it is safe to do, DO IT or else you’ll regret it.

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. I normally don’t talk about abs, but I will next time…stay tuned!

P.S.S. I am gonna start getting more personal with my articles & also share more stories (I still need to work on my story telling) but hope you enjoy them & you will also get to know me a lot more.

Raise Your Middle Finger to Yourself!

Kid Middle Finger

I am a Fraud!

Yup, I have not been fully living what I am sharing.

Like many of you I have my ups & down and for the past year, shit has gone down:

  • I stopped making YouTube videos
  • I haven’t emailed much
  • Until recently I haven’t made much strength or muscle gains
  • And I let work control my life to the point where all I do is work, train, cook, eat & sleep – not entirely the kind of lifestyle I want to live!

When I created Beast Lifestyle, I envisioned it as a movement where we rebel against being normal, where we raise our middle fingers to being weak & don’t let outside forces control our lives.

Is not just about gaining strength and muscle, but about using strength training as a vehicle to strengthen our lives and have the courage to go conquer our dreams – to live our own beast lifestyle!

As we grow up we become more docile due to getting more responsibilities, whether it be bills or taking care of someone else, we add more to our plates in order to survive – to some this crumbles & domesticates us to the point where we live on a highly organized & defined schedule that revolves around working, making money & putting everything else that once mattered aside: fun, fitness, sex, creativity, laughing, passion & a wonder for adventure just to name a few.

We force ourselves to become robots – and whether you like it or not, you choose to be in the situation you currently are. Sure you have had many influences overtime, but ultimately you took the actions that made you be where you currently are.

Today I say, lets rebel & change the shit you don’t like.

I personally am comfortable where I am:

  • I just moved out.
  • Don’t have many bills to pay.
  • Have jobs that pay enough me to live off month by month.
  • Don’t have any dependents under me.
  • And I am seeing strength & muscle gains again week by week.

Life looks good on paper, but although this gets me by, it doesn’t fulfill my soul – it doesn’t make me go to sleep excited for the next day to start.

While in high school I envisioned myself, helping many get stronger, running an online business from anywhere in the world & traveling to workout wherever I wanted.

And I Will Achieve This Goal!

We all have a beast inside of us that once it’s out, it will give you the strength, patience & perseverance to conquer your own goals without mercy – I will help you unleash this Beast.

Yesterday I had a moment of self reflectiveness & actualization – I saw how incomplete my life currently is. The passionate kid that just wanted to workout & have fun everyday has been tamed, but to that I say: NO MORE!

Starting this week I will be:

  • Emailing weekly (maybe even daily)
  • Making weekly YouTube videos (again maybe even daily)
  • Publishing more blog posts
  • Creating more workouts & products to help you reach your goals
  • Talking and sharing tips that go beyond fitness and health (Finances, ethics, personal development and technology just to name a few)

I will do as much as I can, in order to help you reach your goals – A fire has been lighted up & I will not stop until I help you get stronger.

So to end this I want you to:

Raise Your Middle Finger to Yourself!

Tell your weak self to fuck off, to move on and leave since you will not be the same complacent man or woman no more.

Today we raise up and start to live our own beast lifestyle!

Will you join us or stay living an unfulfilled robotic life?

Listen to the video above & make your choice!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. Have anything to add or things you want? Drop them in the comments below!