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Do Towel Pull Ups & Get a Stronger Grip!

One of the things that always gets in the way of your training is your grip

Sometimes it fatigues before you do & doesn’t let you put the intensity you want into your workouts

You can always work on your grip by using fat bars, ropes, sandbags, trees, farmer walking…overall making the bar or object your trying to use to be a lot harder to grab

I personally love using Sandbags since they are a challenge to grab specially the heavier you go

But one thing that has always been on my list of to-use-items for grip are Towels

Those things that you use to dry yourself everyday are powerful grip builders

If you have done training with towels in the past then you know how difficult it is, and if you haven’t definitely start doing it – it will crush your grip!

2 of my personal favorite exercises to do with towels are pull ups and inverted rows

Towel Pull Ups for a Stronger Grip) Grip Training)

Grab 2 towels & do a pull ups while squeezing the hell out of them

Do this for 3-4 sets of 3-5 reps & I know your grip will be fried

If you get tired or can’t do towel pull ups no more, switch to inverted rows & finish your sets with them

Most likely your grip will give out before your muscles do, so keep the reps low (3-5 reps)

Sprinkle these at the end of your workouts & strengthen those hands

Overtime it will make any bar movement a lot easier & will help you to do more pull ups, so get to work!

If you want more grip training exercises, tips & workouts check out Zach Even-Esh’s Grip Experts Manual & take your grip training to the next level!

Grip Experts by Zach Even-Esh

P.S. The thinner the towel the easier it will be to grab, so start with those and progress onto thicker ones overtime

How to Make a Dirt Cheap Sandbag to Workout! (Step by Step)

How to Make a Dirt Cheap Sandbag to Workout! (Step by Step)

Prices for Sandbags online are ridiculous, after all it’s just a bag of sand!

So Here is How to Make a Super Cheap Sandbag At Home:

Materials you need:

  • Tape
  • Thick Trash bags
  • A bag of sand (buy it for $3 – $5 or steal some sand from the beach or the nearby playground)

Step #1: Wrap the Sandbag inside the trash bag

You can buy just the bag of sand & never open it (which is what I did: I just left the 50 pounds sandbag intact)

You can also use wood pellets instead of sand (it’s less messy & can just pour that into the duffel bag or back pack instead of wrapping it around with tape & trash bags))

But there is a chance that overtime with all the abuse you will give it, it might tear & explode, which will cause a big mess

So that’s why we wrap it with a trash bag: to make it less messier

or you can tear open the 50 pound sandbag & pour the the sand inside different trash bags: make little 20 pound bags & wrap them tight with tape

Step #2: Wrap tape all over the sandbag & trash bag

The tape is to keep the whole sandbag tight & sealed

So tape the bag in cross sections for extra security

Don’t tape it too tight or else the bag won’t have much fluidity (sand moving around) & you will just make a hard block of sand

It really depends on your preference (mine came out kinda tight, but it’s fine)…make little 20 pounds sandbags to have more things moving around inside the bag if that’s what you want

Step #3: Put it inside of a duffel bag or an old backpack

I did both, but if you are really on a budget & don’t want to spend about $12 on a duffel bag then just get an old backpack

So your bag should look like the one in the picture, or lots of little bag like those if you made smaller ones, all you gotta do is put inside the back pack now

How to Make a Dirt Cheap Sandbag to Workout! (Step by Step)

And Your Done!

You now have a sandbag that cost you less than $10 (assuming you already had the tape & trash bags)

Extra Tip:

Originally I was gonna cut the handles of the backpack but taught I might later find a use for them and I did:

  • I can put it on my back to do weighted exercises
  • Grab the handles to do 1 arm presses with more easy
  • Attach a rope and drag it
  • Use it as a somewhat kettlebell

First Sandbag I made (100 pounds sandbag)So if you are using a backpack, don’t cut the handles, they will be useful

You could also just cut the sandbag in half so it only weights 25 pounds (or 30) and it will be easier to use for weighted pull ups & push ups (your choice)

Use a duffel bag if you don’t want to use a backpack (that’s what i did for my first one)

There is no right or wrong way to do things, so make the sandbag the weight you want & get training

And don’t underestimate the weight of the sandbag:

All that grip, sand moving & extra resistance in simple movements like squats, push ups, and lunges will kick your ass guaranteed!

Have fun training with your new toy & leave a comment below if you any more sandbag ideas!

Luis Carrillo


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