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Fancy ab wheel roll outs

Cheap Alternative to Ab Wheels + Exercises to Work on Your Core!

You can get some ab wheels for about $7 (the cheap plastic ones) or some up to $50

Ab wheels are great to work on your core, but here is another way to do exercises similar to it to work on your core strength!

Cheap Alternative to Ab Wheels+ Exercises to Work on Your Core

Furniture Sliders Are That Great Alternative

Some cool exercises you can try with these are:

  • Hand walking (Similar to wheel barrows with a partner holding your legs)
  • Jumping Walking Push Ups
  • Push them & walk (can add weighted resistance to make this more challenging)
  • 2 and 1 Leg Hamstring Curls (Great for activation your hammies before hitting some deadlift)

You can come up with a lot more variations of push ups, planks & hand walking exercises

Furniture Sliders Will Build You Abs of Steel!

Cheap Furniture Sliders Get You Abs of Steel

The core is an stabilization muscle & should be worked that way: to stabilize your whole body

These sliders do a great job for that as your always keeping tension in your core

They are Great to warm up for a squat, deadlift, bench press, over head press or any movement that requires you to brace the abs and keep them tight!

You can also use it as a finisher to see how far you can walk in your hands

So there you go, a cool substitute for ab wheels

A little different but gets the job done (and you might even have some at home already!)

Give them a Try & let me know how it goes!

Luis Carrillo

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Push Ups

5 Techniques to Make Bodyweight Training A Lot Harder & Build More Muscle!

Most people only do bodyweight training to either see how many reps they can do, or to use them as circuits for fat loss training

Nothing wrong with that, but it can become somewhat boring after a while & maybe even easy, so here are

5 techniques to make your bodyweight training A Lot Tougher & Harder (and a lot more fun too)

#1 – 21’s

This is a popular bodybuilding technique specially to really hit the arms hard

But we can also use them for any bodyweight movement (pull ups, push ups, squats, etc) to make things a lot harder!

All you do is cut the movement in half & do 7 reps on the upper portion first, then 7 reps for the lower portion & finally 7 reps with full range of motion

This really tenses up the muscle & is great for muscle building

Vary the tempo/speed you do the movement to make it harder

#2 – Super Slow Reps

Instead of doing slow and controlled on the way down & exploding up

You are gonna go down slow an controlled on the way down & up

Really puts a lot more tension on the muscle which will help you build more muscle & tension strength

You can vary the tempo, either do 3 second or 4 or even go as crazy as 10 seconds!

You will be able to do a lot less reps but is a killer variation to make things tougher

Try these ones with pull ups & dips & let me know how many reps you can do know!

Push Ups for Muscle Building

#3 – Holds/Tension Training

For this variation all you do is hold the movement (freeze) & put tension on the muscle on the toughest part of the movement

  • So with push ups it would be at the bottom (make sure to not touch the ground & keep tension on triceps)
  • With pull ups you would hold your self over the bar for 2-4 seconds (however much time you wanna hold & squeeze)
  • For squats you would stay in the bottom positions & squeeze your quads & glutes for 3-4 seconds

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pull Ups

For this you are really just putting a lot of tension on the hardest part of the movement

#4 – AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

Your probably familiar with this so just do as many reps as you can

This is great as a finisher to really fry a muscle or to challenge yourself every time to be able to do more reps

Vary the tempo (how fast you do them) to make them a lot more tougher

#5 – Ladders/Pyramids

And the last techniques can be used as a fun challenge for yourself, to compete with a buddy or as a great finisher on your workout!

  1. All you do is do 1 rep & rest 1 second, do 2 reps rest 2 sends & go up till you hit 5 reps or 10
  2. So when going back down from 10 you would be resting 10 seconds & then do 9 reps, rest 9 seconds, till you get to 1 rep again

So it would look like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Sounds easy in paper but its a brutal challenge

You can do this by yourself or challenge a buddy to see who can do the most rest (or survive the longest)

Stay face to face & while he/she does 1 rep, you rest 1 second, then you do 1 rep, he rests 1 sec & then he does 2 reps, you rest 2 sec, etc…

The brutal thing is that you are not “resting” you are holding a static position & just putting tension in your muscles

Do them by yourself & see how up you can go up the pyramid

You can do these with any movement again (push ups are the most popular for it, but this technique with pull ups would be hard! just be sure to rest by hanging on the bar)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Push Ups

With these techniques you don’t always have to go to failure, specially if your working on strength building

So you can do sub max reps (leaving 1 or 2 reps on the tank) or you can do sets, it really is up to you

Give these variations a try and am sure you won’t look at bodyweight training for just endurance & circuits anymore

Bodyweight alone can build you muscle, you just gotta know how to manipulate the variables to elicit the muscle building or strength response you want

Give them a try & let me know how they go!

What are your Favorite techniques to make Bodyweight Training a lot Harder?

Drop them in the comments below!

Luis Carrillo


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Always Remember that You Are Still a Kid, So Go Have Fun!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
-George Bernard Shaw

That video is of me doing some pull ups with a friend, just having some fun by the rocks & the beach

My body wanted to move so I gave it what it wanted

Remember when you were a kid you just played all the time?

You weren’t forced to move & play, you just did it out of pure enjoyment!

At one point or another you “grow up” and start learning:

  • That you must follow certain rules
  • That you have to behave & act well in front of others
  • And that fun time is over; it’s time to be mature & grow up

But you know what, YOU ARE A STILL A KID

Your wants and excitements to be a silly kid never left

They are still there, you have just been told to hide them since you’ll look like a fool in front of others!

And you know what FUCK THAT SHIT!

You have been told to shut up & follow orders, to become “average” and not stand out

To be boring & not have fun…To Not Be Happy!

That is the biggest mistake you can do in your life!

Nobody controls your Happiness!

So today I am telling you right now to say Fuck It & go do what your hearr desires (no matter how childish or foolish it might be)

We are all still kids at heart

That kid that saw everyday as an adventure, a game & another opportunity to just play is still inside of you!

We might physically age, but that doesn’t change our desire to just wanna burst into laughter, tears or just do some crazy fun adventure

We are all kids, were adventurers & we shall live to have fun!

So Today Raise Your Middle Finger to the World & Go Have Some Crazy Fun!

Don’t listen to anyone, take a day off & just go out there on an adventure, Go have Fun, Go Play

Be the kid inside of you & go get into trouble! 😉

You’ll wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed & happy ready to take over the world!

Luis Carrillo


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How much EFFORT are You Willing to Give to Reach Your Goals?

There are 67 days left till the end of the year & that’s when most people start making new goals

New goals to change:

  • their life
  • their body
  • their finances
  • and their bad habits

But FUCK That!

Everyday is a new goal!

Everyday is a new Battle

Every day is a new opportunity to give it all you can, to make it count!

  • Nobody will give you what you want out of nowhere
  • No magic shit will happen and transform you into the ripped and muscular beast you wanna be
  • No magic pill alone will get you the performance to kick ass in your sport
  • No magical exercise will get you Stronger
  • No protein shake will get you the bigger muscles you desire

And while there are things that will help you along the way, noting will happen if you don’t put in the work

Nothing Will happen without Effort!

US Army Special Forces soldiers conduct cold weather training Making No EXCUSES

It’s the Hard Work, The Dedication & the Willingness to go trough Hell that Will make You Come Out Victorious!

If none of this wasn’t there to try to hold you back, you would stay weak & mediocre like most people

Effort Might be Underrated but That’s All You Got

“Success is NOT a one day thing, Success is Pure Continuous Effort!”

Tweet that shit

So what are you willing to do?

  • How bad do you want to get stronger?
  • How bad do you want to get bigger?
  • How badly do you want to get ripped?
  • How much effort are you willing to put in to get what you want?

There are 2 months & 1 week left till the end of the year & you got 2 options

  1. You can kick off the new year being stronger & bigger than you are right now
  2. or you can make the excuse like everyone else, that you are not motivated enough & have to wait till everyone else starts in the new year to make things happen

Your choice, It’s all up to you!

So How much EFFORT are You Willing to Give to Reach Your Goals?

What Are your Goals? Drop em inn the Comment’s below & Let’s make Big Shit Happen!

Luis Carrillo

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Plus got some exclusive things cooking in the lab that I will only send to newsletter members that will help you unleash your beast & reach your Goals Faster


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How to Make a Dirt Cheap Sandbag to Workout! (Step by Step)

How to Make a Dirt Cheap Sandbag to Workout! (Step by Step)

Prices for Sandbags online are ridiculous, after all it’s just a bag of sand!

So Here is How to Make a Super Cheap Sandbag At Home:

Materials you need:

  • Tape
  • Thick Trash bags
  • A bag of sand (buy it for $3 – $5 or steal some sand from the beach or the nearby playground)

Step #1: Wrap the Sandbag inside the trash bag

You can buy just the bag of sand & never open it (which is what I did: I just left the 50 pounds sandbag intact)

You can also use wood pellets instead of sand (it’s less messy & can just pour that into the duffel bag or back pack instead of wrapping it around with tape & trash bags))

But there is a chance that overtime with all the abuse you will give it, it might tear & explode, which will cause a big mess

So that’s why we wrap it with a trash bag: to make it less messier

or you can tear open the 50 pound sandbag & pour the the sand inside different trash bags: make little 20 pound bags & wrap them tight with tape

Step #2: Wrap tape all over the sandbag & trash bag

The tape is to keep the whole sandbag tight & sealed

So tape the bag in cross sections for extra security

Don’t tape it too tight or else the bag won’t have much fluidity (sand moving around) & you will just make a hard block of sand

It really depends on your preference (mine came out kinda tight, but it’s fine)…make little 20 pounds sandbags to have more things moving around inside the bag if that’s what you want

Step #3: Put it inside of a duffel bag or an old backpack

I did both, but if you are really on a budget & don’t want to spend about $12 on a duffel bag then just get an old backpack

So your bag should look like the one in the picture, or lots of little bag like those if you made smaller ones, all you gotta do is put inside the back pack now

How to Make a Dirt Cheap Sandbag to Workout! (Step by Step)

And Your Done!

You now have a sandbag that cost you less than $10 (assuming you already had the tape & trash bags)

Extra Tip:

Originally I was gonna cut the handles of the backpack but taught I might later find a use for them and I did:

  • I can put it on my back to do weighted exercises
  • Grab the handles to do 1 arm presses with more easy
  • Attach a rope and drag it
  • Use it as a somewhat kettlebell

First Sandbag I made (100 pounds sandbag)So if you are using a backpack, don’t cut the handles, they will be useful

You could also just cut the sandbag in half so it only weights 25 pounds (or 30) and it will be easier to use for weighted pull ups & push ups (your choice)

Use a duffel bag if you don’t want to use a backpack (that’s what i did for my first one)

There is no right or wrong way to do things, so make the sandbag the weight you want & get training

And don’t underestimate the weight of the sandbag:

All that grip, sand moving & extra resistance in simple movements like squats, push ups, and lunges will kick your ass guaranteed!

Have fun training with your new toy & leave a comment below if you any more sandbag ideas!

Luis Carrillo


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Wanna Be Able to Do Heavy Deadlifts? Don't Use Weight Lifting Gloves!

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Weight Lifting Gloves At the Gym!

If your goal is to gain muscle & have the strength to back it up then gloves are Gonna Stop You from Reaching Your Goal

By Using gloves your stopping your Hand & Grip Strength from Developing & that is a Critical Mistake If you wanna keep training in the Years to Come

Here are 5 Reasons why you should Ditch the Gloves & Train with your Bare Hands or Use The White Powder

#1 – Gloves will Stop you from developing Grip Strength

Grip is one of those thing that many people neglect, and it’s because is not as sexy as having big muscles

Having a barrier in your hands will stop them from fully developing and will always keep your fingers, palms & wrists weak

Strong hands are needed to be able to lift heavier weights & do more reps (specially as fatigue sets in)

Hand strength is key if your goal is to always keep moving up in weights so you can train harder & keep progressing

Lift Like a Man!#2 – Doesn’t look Manly

If you look around do you ever see big guys using gloves? most likely no, and if they are using something it is usually straps but Not Gloves

They understand that hand strength is key to keep getting bigger and stronger, and blocking this development from happening is a BIG Mistake!

Besides you are at the gym to train hard, not to use pretty gloves so you can look good while you train!

The only exception to this is if your training outside or hanging from a bar for long periods of time

But even then you should only use the gloves partially only if your grip is failing & are needed, otherwise avoid them!

#3) Hands are your first point of contact with everything, so why keep them soft & weak?

You are beating the shit out of your muscles, so why are you blocking your hands from also getting tougher & stronger?

They are your first point of contact in everything you touch: the barbell, the heavy dumbbells, the pull up bar…so you need to develop that strength to grip the bars

Since hands are the first thing that touch everything, it only makes sense to make them strong or else you can get hurt! which leads to the next reason…

4) Using Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Weak So Your More Prone to Injury

And everyone hates injuries!

Using Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Weak So Your More Prone to InjuryHaving weak hands will make you be more prone towards injury as you move into the heavier weights, do more advanced bodyweight exercises & overall do more high rep work

But Listen: Your not only strengthening the surface of your palms, your also strengthening the ligaments & tendons in your hands

That’s a what that most people don’t realize, and therefore don’t see grip strength and hand strength as that important

So your not only strengthening your palms when pinching and squeezing the bar hard, your also developing your forearm and wrist strength which all are needed to have strong & healthy hands; specially when lifting heavy & trying to hit a new PR

Your whole arm works as a unit and it starts form the hands, by you blocking this development your only lessening your potential to grow bigger & stronger

So if your a regular glove user, your leaving your wrists open for injuries

#5 – If you beat up your muscles to get bigger & stronger, then why don’t you train your hands to get thicker & tougher?

Simply if you are training your muscles to get bigger & stronger then your hands must also be trained

By you putting a glove in front of this strength development your not only keeping your hands weak, but are also not able to develop your full strength since you are blocking your hands from getting stronger

It’s like trying to keep a young kid from growing taller & bigger…am sure you would not stop his developing as he needs to get bigger in order to get stronger & be better prepared for everyday life…

So why are you doing that to your hands? let those kids develop & grow bigger!

This will only help you not only in the gym but in your daily life, since am sure you don’t put on gloves to lift heavy boxes or carry the groceries (or do you?)

If your grip is weak, work on it! – Don’t neglect it or else you’ll keep your whole body weak as well

So Now lets talk about what can you use, but lets first address the main reason as to why you are probably using gloves:

Chances are that if your using gloves it’s because you don’t want to get calluses to keep your hands looking soft & feminine! (heck I don’t even think I should say feminine, with more girls getting stronger everyday!)

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Clean & Press

The fact is that your hands will get calluses because they are getting thinker & tougher to support the pressure your putting on them (just like your muscles get bigger to support the heavier weights, so do your hands in the form of developing calluses)

Just accept this, its a normal part of lifting weights…if that really bothers you so much, you can use techniques to care of them by removing or scrapping them with a rock (click here for  a good article on that)

OK I get it, gloves will keep my hands Weak and Puny, so what can I use?

Use chalk if you can (I know crappy commercial gyms don’t allow it, oh well.. train with your pure palms or get those discrete chalk balls)

There is magic to the white powder – makes you feel empowered & pumped up to train harder since your grip won’t be your limiting factor, it’s all on you now! So let the beast inside of you go all out!

Weightlifting Chalk I Got from Amazon

Will chalk help you reduce calluses?

Nope! but will make you grip the weights a lot better & strengthen your hands so you can lift heavier & train harder

Don’t let your weak hands be the reason why your not getting the results you want at the gym

Train the grip & kick up the intensity in your training so you can get badass results fast!

So to end this…

If your training to get stronger & get bigger muscle then your hands need to be strong too!

Why else would you fortify your whole body but not your hands? makes no sense & leaves you weak & prone for injury

So drop the gloves and lift with your naked hands!

Grip Experts by Zach Even-EshP.S. I mentioned grip training a lot! & there are many ways to train the grip but if your training  heavy & hard with the iron & gymnastic movements, then you are already indirectly training your hands to get tougher & stronger

But if you want a sick program that will teach you some sick methods to develop a gut crushing grip, then check out Grip Experts! (It’s dirt cheap & your hands will thank you for it!)

Over 2,000 Skinny To Jacked Transformation So Far..

10 Reasons Why All Skinny Guys Should Get Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

So your a Skinny Guy & You Hate It?

I Feel Your Pain…

Muscle gaining Secrets 2.0 by Jason FerruggiaI just got done reading Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 (MGS 2.0 for short)  in just 2 days! the whole program absorbed my attention like nothing in a long time & all because of 1 reason:

It took me back to the old school: Back to the era where the basics were hit hard to get big and strong!

Not only is the program fun and captivating to read ( a rarity in most programs) but it will explain to you in a freaking easy manner how skinny guys should approach muscle building & show you why you aren’t getting the results you want + Motivate you BIG Time to hit the Iron!

It fired me up to train & go back to basics, re-analyze my programing and see why I have been lacking on results lately

It was a kick on the ass and a wake up call…a big eye opener to me as a skinny guy, so I decided to write 10 reasons why you should get it it your a scrawny man that want’s to build some muscle size the right way!

So Here are the 10 Reasons Why All Skinny Guys Should Get Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

#1 – It’s Old School Back to Basics

No fancy scientific shit that will only confuse you & that quite frankly you don’t care about

You want know how to build muscle & you are taught this in a simple manner so your are ready to go and attack your workouts

#2 –  Jason Knows His Shit

Jason Ferruggia Before and After Muscle Transformation PicsThe dude has been in a skinny man shoes, because he is one…so your getting experience from his own journey + him experimenting with his own clients that he has trained over the years to develop this powerful muscle building system

#3 – The program is straight to the point

It won’t overload you with unnecessary science, you simply get the info to:

  • understand what to do to build muscle
  • how to modify your program if you need to
  • know why you are training the way you are
  • and know how to always progress your program to keep getting results

#4 – The program is Fast Quick & Intense

No need for 2hr sessions 5-7 times/wk

The program is designed for skinny guys that Still Have a Life! (not freaks that live in the gym 24/7)

It is made with all of our hardships in mind, we gotta train different and the workouts are designed to meet our needs

#5 – The program will develop Mental Toughness & a Physique that Demands Respect!

not just puffy useless muscle…

the workouts will get you jacked & looking lean and mean so others will fear you as you walk by

#6 –Heavy Lifting is a Must!

Heavy DeadliftsLots of programs neglect the foundation of strength and that is a Big Mistake if the Goal is to Build Muscle

Jason addresses this in a simple manner…after all, what’s a Muscle Building Program without the Heavy Lifting?

Besides the fact that we are wired to lift heavy shit, being strong will give confidence and the respect of others

#7 – You know what to do all the Time

The program is simple enough to teach to a 9 year old, so there is no confusion on what to do

…Jason does has his personal recommendations as to what to do and why he chose certain exercises over others, but there is enough info in there so you can modify the program or exercises if you need to + All the FAQ’s will help you clear up any doubts you have

#8 – It will Build Mental Attitude

You can look good but if you are still not confident then there’s something wrong you!… This program will forge your mind with a dosage of mental toughness so you can have the balls to Take Big Scary Risks With Confidence!

The program is simple but that doesn’t mean easy, you will need to commit & follow the program to get beast results

It you put in the work you will get results period

#9 – No Nutrition Overload Info

Just simple actionable & straight to the point nutrition guidelines to get bigger and stronger while staying lean…what more do you want?

#10 – The Most Important One: It’s made for Skinny Hardgainers with Shitty Genetics!

For us hardganiers that have shitty genetics, not for the bodybuilding freak that grows just by walking into a gym…

We are skinny and must do things differently: The sets, reps, rest & tempos should be approached differently and Jason lays everything out so you can get Ready For War & kick your shitty genetics in the ass so you can get jacked and strong!

Are there any flaws to the program? Hell yes of course

It is not made for lazy guys who are searching for magic!…The program is simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy

You will have to work your ass off and commit to the program …there are no shortcuts and that’s just the way it is

Besides the lazy fact…I personally wish there were some videos accompanying the program, specifically to see how to perform the exercises…but we got YouTube and the abundance of great exercise tutorials so it’s not a big deal

So if your skinny & hate it! Do yourself a favor & Pick up MSG 2.0 and get ready to Stop Making Excuses & Get big!

After all Jason has transformed over 2K+ skinny kids into Jacked Up Beasts! is that enough proof to show you that this works?

Over 2,000 Skinny To Jacked Transformation So Far..

Stop being Skinny & Get Jacked Here!

The “I Don’t have Time Excuse” is BULLSHIT!

  • I don’t have to workout
  • I just don’t have time to cook
  • I got to much work & that doesn’t leave me anytime to have fun


You Do Have Time!

You Just Don’t know where it’s going, sure you have an idea of how much time you spend on Facebook, but have you actually recorded how many actual hours you spend on that shit? (It’s scary)

Here is an exercise to help you realize where your time is going & how to be more productive:

  1. Grab a notebook & Write everything you do for 2 days (3 if your ambitious)
  2. Write at what time you woke up, took a shower, ate, were on the computer doing work or using facebook, etc
  3. Don’t look at it till your done with the 2 days

After looking at your paper, you will see where you really spend your time

And probably be disappointed in yourself for the misuse of your time

The thing is that:

You do have Time, what you don’t have is an “awareness” of how you are using it

Read that again & tweet it

Most of do have time & simply say we don’t as an Excuse to make us feel better (we lie to ourselves all the time)

By doing this simple exercise you can truly see the patterns that you take on your life

Maybe waking up and turning on the TV distracts you in the morning from cooking a great breakfast

Next morning don’t turn on the TV and see how better (or worst) your morning goes

We all have patterns on which we work better and are more focused, we just gotta find them

And we do this by looking at our lives & habits from a different perspective

We all love to judge others & see how they spend their time, why are they so productive or not,

So why don’t we do that same thing with ourselves?

Look at your daily habits by listing your every move & observe how you act

Look at you life from the top, from a bird’s eye view

Like if you were feeding a rat to a snake:

Your watching cautiously at how the rat walks around & await excitedly as the snake is slowly moving into the moment of Action: HARGSH!

Snake Eating a Delicious RatLook at yourself the same way…look at your daily patterns, see at what times you are productive and at what time you simply are wasting your valuable time

See what distractions are put in your life that cause you to Bite The Rat

After all the snake was peacefully minding it’s own business (being focused)… it was until he saw a distraction (the rat) that caused him to snap & lose all his focus

See your patterns, see what distractions get you out of focus and make you waste your time & eliminate them, replace them with something else: fill the time with something more productive

I’ve done this experiment before & didn’t like the outcome, but now that I have that awareness of where my time and attention, I am empowered and can change things to be more productive

So give this a go, it’s a fun and eye opening experiment

Change what you don’t like & learn to prioritize the things that you want happening in your life

  • Wanna workout more?
  • Cook healthy food?
  • Go out and relax more?

You are now aware of when you can do those things

So Your “I Don’t have Time” Excuse is BULLSHIT

Time is Your Bitch, So Be In Control of It & Get Your Shit Done!

Luis Carrillo


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Sprint & Bodyweight at Playground Workout - Show Life Whos Boss

Do You Show Life Who’s Boss?

You know those moments when you don’t feel like doing something but you do it anyways?
That’s how today’s morning started for me

I knew I had to workout today and usually am pumped for it, but today I wasn’t feeling it 100%

But I did it anyway, I went to the playground and killed this Bodyweight & Sprinting Workout

I thought I was gonna bang out everything smoothly but everything went the opposite way;

I felt heavy and sluggish

I had not sprinted in 2 weeks so adding them to today’s workout crushed me!

Although nothing went like envisioned am glad I pushed trough

Doing the things you don’t want to but you know you have to will toughen up your mind,

It will build a strong character so you stop making lame excuses about why you can’t do something when life gets hard

In the end you have the choice to be in charged of the situation or be a victim

Today I choose to take charge and push trough

How about you?

Do you whine every time something goes wrong?


Do you Take full responsibility and show life who’s Boss?

Attack Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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