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Bodyweight Bodybuilding Review + My Muscle Transformation!

I wish I did more Bodyweight Workouts sooner! – My Bodyweight Bodybuilding Story

I got a little wild story for you guys today

6 months ago I dislocated my shoulder, had horrendous back pain & Lifting weights was always uncomfortable for me

I was waking up with back pain everyday & at age 21 this was not fun


I was also depressed, super low in energy & was working 2 jobs that required me to always sit down which were not helping me be more mobile

Because I always felt discomfort when training, I at one point thought that lifting weights was just not gonna happen anymore

I was in trouble and needed to do something fast!… But did not know what

At this point in time my buddy Zach Even-Esh released a product called Bodyweight Bodybuilding

I almost dismissed it because in that time I did not care about muscle building or getting stronger, I just wanted to get rid of my pain!

I read the sales letter & to my surprise his story for just focusing on Bodyweight training resonated with me BIG Time

Zach had also suffered from chronic pain from years of heavy lifting & was in a similar situation like me

He too had pain ruining his life!

So with a dislocated shoulder, back pain & being low energy I got his product & put into action ASAP!

You can actually see my Full Bodyweight Bodybuilg Review & Journey Here

But I am not gonna hype anything up and tell you that my pain was healed right away after the first workout or anything like that, because it didn’t happen that way

  • I did the workouts & It was always a battle to do them because of my tightness, pain & messed up shoulder
  • Pull ups were hard since I pretty much did all the work with one arm in the beginning
  • But at the same time The workouts were fun & challenging + giving my body a break from heavy weights felt awesome!

During this time I was also doing tons of stretching, mobility work, foam rolling & other weird stuff that I will later share with you, but I was feeling better!

My conditioning was improving from the all the running & circuits in the workouts and I was also getting an energy that I hadn’t felt in a long time!

The workouts looked simple on paper but once I actually did them, they always kicked my ass!

They always exposed me to my weaknesses & forced me to work on them (You can see some of those workouts here)

  • Slowly my energy was increasing & my strength was going up
  • 2 months later I had better posture, more energy & my pain was reduced tremendously!
  • Plus on top of this I also gained 10 pounds; 5 which were actual muscle

Just look at the before and after pictures, apart form the size difference you can see I am much more energized & relaxed

I gained 5 Pounds of Muscle in 2 Months Before and After Pic

You can see the full bodyweight program here

Am not sharing this to brag or anything, but I wanted to show you how much impact bodyweight training had on my body

Just doing simple moves like:

  • push ups
  • lunges
  • squats
  • pull ups
  • handstands
  • leg raises
  • and running Revived Me!

They fixed my broken body & forced me to strengthen my weak areas

I was not expecting the great amount of strength I gained

My core, shoulders & back got super strong from regularly doing handstands, pull ups & inverted rows

When it was time again to hit the weights after 3 months of just BW training I was able to lift more weight with better form

I don’t promote much products but having actually gone trough this program one I know it will help you if you put in the work

Specially if your in a similar situation like I was with pain & tightness all over your body + barely any equipment is required so you can do the workouts anywhere!

With that said I highly recommend you give Bodyweight Bodybuilding a go!

It will help you gain strength, build muscle & feel more energetic!

If anything I just hope you do a lot more bodyweight exercises in your training as they will get your back, core & shoulders strong, which will keep you healthy in the long term!

All of these BW exercises will help you lift more weight in the weight room, and who doesn’t like to lift heavier weight right?

So that’s it for today my friend, just wanted to share my story & hopefully it helps you if your in a similar position

Any questions you have just drop them below & I will be more than glad to answer them! 🙂

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

Foam Rolling Routine to Get Stronger, Improve Posture & Feel Fucking Awesome!

I am no foam roller expert, but these simple foam rolling movements have helped me tremendously to release a lot of the tension in my muscles that have become tight due to bad posture & habits

Foam rolling will get you be more mobile, release tightness & open up your fascia (the sheet around your muscles)

The more mobile you are the more ROM you have, which means the more muscle building potential you can have

Or simply more mobility will help you lift heavier weights!

Foam Rolling Routine:

Lower Body:

  • Hip Flexor
  • IT Band
  • Quadriceps
  • Inner Thigs
  • Piriformis (glutes)
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Shins (roll over them)

Upper Body:

  • Mid & Upper Back
  • Traps
  • Lats (Right Below Armpits)
  • Neck
  • Back (Hyperextend)
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Chest
  • Shoulders

Those are the areas to roll over, here is what to do:

  1. Hit your tight spots for 10 seconds (spend more time in the tighter areas 15-20 seconds)
  2. Roll Over them or simple put pressure in the tight area
  3. **The Key thing is to Roll Over the Tissue NOT the Bone**
  4. If you don’t feel tight in one area then skip it 
  5. Give this 5-10 min before hitting a workout & am sure your gonna feel a ton better!

And That’s it!

Keep it simple, so just do this for a couple of minutes before your workout & start lifting heavier weights

Questions? comments or concerns? drop them below!

Attack Life & get Stronger

Luis Carrillo


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Mobility Tip to Feel Amazing While Driving (or when you sit too much)

Due to the nature of the position you are when driving or sitting too much, you get tight & develop horrible posture

Here is a quick way to help balance out your posture so you feel amazing!

Like I said in the video:

Carry a tennis ball & a band to do:

  • Band Pull Aparts (before & after getting on car)
  • With Underhand (supinated) & overhand grip

hunchback of notre dameMassage with tennis ball your:

  • Neck
  • Pecs
  • Traps
  • Front Deltoids (all around your shoulder)
  • Biceps
  • Triceps

Do all of this before & after driving + on red lights (specially the neck & traps)

You can do this at the office as well, at home, at school or any environment where you sit too much

Even doing this when your in the toilet will help!

This is a simple tip, even doing this for 1-2 min will help you tremendously

Give it a go & let me know how it goes!

Attack Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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I am Thankful for the Pain

Before you go smash your face against that delicious turkey like there is no tomorrow

Strugguling to Carry the 200 pound KegI wanna tell you that I am grateful to be able to talk to you

To be able to help & support you on your never ending journey to strength

I would not be able to do this if it wasn’t for my pains, struggles & hardships

All the way from suffering trough horrendous acne in high school to almost breaking my back from doing a clean and press back in college

These are moments that changed me, they gave me a different perspective in life & training

Some have crushed me into depression & some have motivated me to keep moving forward and seek improvement

They have done both, but in the end I can reflect back & use what I have learned from these hardships to improve who I am & help you do the same

Without these struggles I probably would have never taken action to seek help in order to improve my physical & mental self

Life isn’t perfect; you need the struggles, the pains & the hardships to test your strengths

  • Do you keep pushing forward & take action to become stronger?
  • or Do you give up when things get rough?

These are the moments that either break you or make you

And am thankful for them plus the many more to come in the future

Life without hardships would be pretty boring: everything would go perfectly as planned & you would get what you want without ever learning what it is to struggle

In the end it is the battle, the struggles & the suffering that you go trough to reach your goals that makes it worth it

So am thankful for the struggles & the many pains to come

Am grateful to be able to share these experiences with you in order to help you become stronger

Hope your having an amazing day & Enjoy your thanksgiving my friend 🙂

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo


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4 Cheap Ways of Doing Farmer walks if you Have No Farmer Handles

Farmer Walk Handles are freaking awesome

Farmer Walk Handles

They allow you to really put a lot of weight on the bars & get to work

But Unfortunately not many have access to them

You could go to a welder & get some custom made ones

Or simply buy some handles, but that might run you from around $150-$400+

However they are a worthy investments as it is a full body lift that will get you jacked up & strong

Everything is worked, from you legs core, arms, traps all the way to your eye balls, haha

But if that investment is too much for you right now, here are 4 cheap alternative to them:

Let’s start with the basic one

#1: Farmer Walks with Dumbbells or Kettlebells

Crossfit girl doing dumbbell farmer walks

This is the easiest & most practical if you have access to a gym or a pair of dumbbells at home

It’s as easy as just grabbing the dumbbels or kettlebells & walking with them for distance

Simple & Powerful

The only drawback to dumbbell farmer walks is that the grip might be harsh on your hand if you lift a lot of weight

Kettlebells on the other hand, have a more comfortable ticker handle

Still both are powerful & should be fundamental in your program, whether the grip is comfortable or not at first, you will eventually get used to it as you progress


To make dumbbell farmer walks a little more comfortable, or tougher (depending on the size of the dumbbell handle) you can simply wrap a towel on them to have a lot more to grab

So Start doing Dumbbell or Kettlebell farmer walks ASAP!

Other option:

Grab 2 barbells & walk with them, they will be super unstable but it’s another option or you can use a trap bar!

Farmer Walks with Trap bar

#2: use buckets filled with sand, water or rocks

This is a cheap alternative that requires no weights

buckets full of sand and gravelJust grab to buckets & fill them with sand, water, rocks, or your own dumbbells & your good to go

The grip again might not feel as great because of the thin bucket handles, specially as you go into heaver weight

But you can simply wrap a lot of athletic tape on the handles or wrap a towel like explained earlier

The durability of the bucket will depend on how much weight you put on it and how you treat it, but at least it’s a cheap method

#3: Use heavy gas tanks (Jerry gas tanks)

Gas tanks are awesome & they also vary in price

From cheap plastic ones to more expensive metal ones

Just fill them with water or actually stock up some gas in them for the future & your ready to go

heck you could even use milk jugs for this (can put rocks & dirt to make them heavier)

How durable they will be, again depends on how you treat them

But this is a viable option, specially Jerry Tanks as you can put more gallons in thereJerry gas tanks

#4: use heavy duty hemp shopping bags

This idea was broth up by a comment on YouTube and I liked it

It is low tech and you might even have some of these bags around your house already

Simply put some heavy books, sand, rocks or dumbbells if you have them

It might rip from too much weight, so you can tape the bottom portion to have a little more protection (both inside the bag & outside)

The only issue again would be the grip, but one can maneuver around this by installing a piece of PVC pipe in the handles

or simply duct tape the shit out of the handles till they get fat! haha

Cheap Alternative of doing famer walks- Do them with Pigs!

But that’s it, farmer walks are invaluable & you are not restricted to only doing them with farmer walk handles or dumbbells

Heck you always do them when grocery shopping!

It is a fundamental move that you do in your daily life & will built you up from head to toe

  • Not only does it develop tremendous grip strength grip & overall body strength
  • But also gets your core strong & improves conditioning from doing timed set

So that’s it, give them a try & if your not incorporating heavy farmer walks already, start doing them ASAP!

They will get you strong strong like nothing else! + they are fun, who doesn’t like to carry heavy shit around, right?

If you have any more ideas on how to do cheap farmer walks r know of any cool variations drop them below, I’d love to hear them!


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3 Reasons Why You Need to Do Pull Ups & Handstands

Old School Pull UpsBack when I started training, I used to do 100 push ups & 100 sit ups every morning & before going to sleep

I don’t know how I got into doing this but this religious ritual went on for about 2 years

Looking back I wish I started doing pull ups & handstands  a lot earlier for the 3 reasons am about to share

Due to bad lifestyle habits I have developed:

  • Bad posture (rounded shoulders)
  • A tight back
  • Dislocated my shoulder
  • Have weak abdominal walls

And to make it all worst: these imbalances show up when I lift (not a fun thing)

And I never really understood why I was starting to get pain & tightness until I  started to do some research and realized that I was conditioning my body to behave this way

I was overdeveloping certain muscles & others were becoming weaker…and all this did was fuck up my training

All of the things I mentioned above could have been avoided or improved if I had stronger shoulders, upper back, core & was able to retract + engage my shoulders better

And a simple way to do this would be to do more handstand & pull ups as they:

  • strengthen your shoulders + upper back
  • force you to stabilize your core
  • teach your body to retract your shoulders like nothing else!

All key things one must be able to do when doing the basics: deadlifts, squats, bench press and overhead pressing

Lets get into a little bit more detail as why you Need to do these 2 exercises if you wanna get stronger, build more muscle & remain healthy in the long term

#1 – You Need to Retract your Shoulders to Lift Heavier Weights

When your doing a heavy deadlift for example, you have to be able to pull shoulders back or else the weight will shift to the front & cause you to put a lot of stress in your low back

That’s one of the reasons people don’t like deadlifts: because they can’t do them right due to having imblalnces

If they were able to engage the shoulders, upper back, core & have good technique they would not feel that stress in their low back

When you do pull ups, you have to “pull back” which forces you to retract your shoulders & activate them

Not only that but you are also strengthening the muscles in your upper back, forearms, lats, triceps, traps and working on your grip strength all at the same time

There is no replacement for pull ups in order to gain more muscle, get stronger & develop balance in your body, since we tend to overwork the front side a lot more

So by doing pull ups and handstands you are strengthening those muscles that you need in order to pull a lot more weight, have better form and overall remain pain free!

Plus you’ll develop a badass looking back!

#2 – You need strong shoulders

Having suffered from a shoulder injury (which is not fun) made me see the overall chaos that weak and inbalanced shoulders cause:

  • Your not able to press weight comfortably
  • One side of you does a lot more work than the other
  • And sometimes a basic exercise like a push up doesn’t feel right

Strong Handstands equal Strong ShouldersIt’s complete chaos & makes you train with bad form, which later causes pain

When you are in a handstand position you are forcing your shoulders to get stronger since they are supporting your weight

Not only are your shoulders activating but also your upper back

As your back has to be stable in order to withstand your own weight

So handstands are not just an upside down shoulder press:

They are a full body lift and will strengthen your shoulders, upper and low back, core & arms!

So start doing handstands frequently as they will do wonders for your shoulders fast!

I can only image how much stronger I would be if I had strated doing handstands earlier

I would be able to press a lot more over my head & have better posture

Plus not too mention that handstands are super cool to do!

#3 – You gotta have a strong core

Your core stabilizes your body when lifting, so you better be ale to tighten it up when lifitng heavy weights

If you don’t tighten up your core, other muscles can take over the movements & leave you prone for in jury!

In order to be able to do a handstands you gotta be able to tighten up your core hard

Otherwise when you try to move side to side you fall!

The core strength that handstands develop will only help you lift more weight so you can get stronger & build more muscle

In summary:

  • Pull ups will help you develop strength & muscle in your back like nothing else
  • Handstands will develop powerful shoulders & massive core strength

All of this will help you avoid:

  • horrible posture
  • a weak upper back
  • poor core strenth
  • and weak shoulders

So start doing handstands & pull ups to get stronger, build more muscle & remain healthy in the long term

These 2 exercises are supper fun to do and don’t require equipment, so no excuses, just get to work!

If you don’t have a bar buy a cheap one for your door frame , or actually do pull ups by hanging on the door

It will hurt your hands a bit, but if that’s all you can do right now then make it happen!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. If you want more tips to get stronger & build more muscle, sign up for the get stronger newsletter here


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Should a 15 Year Old Lift Weights, Is it Safe?

Should a 15 Year Old Lift Weights? Is It Safe?

Should a 15 yr old lift weights?

My answer is YES!… If the kid knows what he is doing!

Weightlifting at an early age it’s safe & will not stunt growth like make people say so

The main thing is to lift weights with good form, otherwise injuries can occur & that is why I strongly recommend that the kid has a strong bodyweight foundation

Simply because the kid needs a relative strength foundation (to be able to carry his own weight)

He might be too weak for the extra stress of the iron so developing strength trough bodyweight will strengthen his joints, ligaments, and muscles to withstand the extra resistance better

Bodyweight training will tech him and him aware of how his body works, what muscles to fire up doing certain exercises & show him his weaknesses so he can work on them & develop a balanced body

Tree Pull Ups - Pull Ups can Be Done Anywhere and Are Fundamental to Get Stronger!Even if the kid plays sports like soccer or basketball, he needs to work on their bodyweight since he might be lacking back & core stabilization strength (which can be improved with pull ups, handstands & planks)

Usually is not just being weak but also the combination of lifting like a fool without focusing on form and just trying to lift the heaviest weight he can to impress his buddies (this was my experience in my high school gym days)

Here is list of fundamental bodyweight exercises he should be able to do with good form in order to be a lot more prepared before using weights:

  • 50 squats
  • 25 lunges (each leg)
  • 10 pull ups
  • 50 push ups
  • 10 handstand push ups (develop strong core & shoulders)
  • at least 1 min plank
  • 25 dips

Those are the minimums he should be able to perform those res with relative ease (heck everyone should be able to no matter what age in order to have good relative strength)

After having a good foundation he should learn proper technique in the main compound barbell lifts:

  1. Squat
  2. Bench Press
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Overhead Pressing

Hiring a personal trainer or a coach to teach the kid how to execute these movement with good form is ideal, so knows which muscles to engage during the movements

Like I explained in the video, doing bodyweight exercises will make him aware of his weaknesses and they will be exposed while using weights

That’s why it’s important that he becomes aware of these weaknesses so he can work on them and not let them be an enigma

So bodyweight training will set the foundation he needs to strengthen his ligaments, joints and put on actual muscle to support the extra resistance

And the primary focus hen he does start lifting weight should be on learning proper form and not letting his ego take over!

High School Kid Lifting Weights to Get StrongerWhy does he even want to lift weights?

Have you ever considered why does he wants to lift weights?

  • Does he want to get bigger?
  • Earn the respect of his buddies?
  • Look good for girls?
  • Excel at his sport?
  • Build a stronger character because he is to self conscious?

The truth is you don’t know why he wants to do this, it might not even be because he wants to get bigger

He might get picked around at school for being skinny & weak & lifting weights is an outlet for him to cope with this

For me this was one of the reasons I started lifting weights, not only did I get more confident but also developed mental toughness & started to be more responsible for myself

I was learning how my body responds to stress and metabolic changes + also was taking care of myself since I wanted to get bigger so that meant being healthier & staying out of trouble

And your kid might be in a similar situation

He won’t tell you he has low self confidence, or that he gets pushed around (even if it’s not in a bully type way, if he is weaker than his buddies this will make him wish he was bigger and stronger)

So bottom line, Don’t Tell Him No

Support Him!…

Help him out get stronger at bodyweight so he can learn how his body responds to resistance & builds a strong foundation

And then have him Lift Some Damn Weights! So he can build up his confidence and become a Stud!  

I personally wish somebody would have told me to focus on a lot more bodyweight first to get strong at the basics and then attack the weights

All of my lifts would be a lot better and I probably wouldn’t have gone trough several annoying injuries

But am grateful for all these “bad” experiences, they put me in a position where I can help somebody like you & prevent you from making the same mistakes I did when starting

Hopefully this makes you aware that weightlifting is safe, if the kid knows what he is doing

It’s like saying that driving a car at an early age is dangerous

It can be if the kid is inexperienced, but if the kid knows how to drive because he has learned the fundamentals and has good awareness of the roads + signals, then is not dangerous, no matter how young the kid is

And even if it’s an older man driving, there is always a chance of crashing…just like when doing any sports or weightlifting, there is always a chance of in jury no matter how experienced the athlete is

But the more experience and awareness he has, the more prepared he is & can lift safer

So have your 15 year old master the basic bodyweight movements & Learn proper technique at the basic compound movements so he can lift & get stronger

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to drop them in the comments below, I’ll get to them ASAP!

Attack Life & get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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Trick your Body into Gaining More Muscle! - Experiment!

Trick Your Body into Gaining More Muscle! (The Experiment)

Yo Yo Yo!…I am Fired Up & Today I Got a Cool Experiment that Will Help You Build More Muscle!…So Let’s Stat!

As I mentioned in the video I am currently doing a little experiment to “Trick My Body Into Thinking is Heavier

My theory is that it will make me produce bigger muscles or get stronger to support this extra weight

I got a chain yesterday but it’s only 10 pounds so I will use it to add a little resistance to my pull ups, dips, and push ups (just basic bodyweight movements)

I will be doing this every time I do these basic bodyweight movements till the end of the year

So whenever I train I will always do weighted pull ups, dips & push ups (the exception is when training at the park)

If you wanna stay up to date with my progress subscribe to My YouTube channel & also sign up for the Get Stronger Newsletter

But That’s Not A Lot of Weight!

Yes 10 pounds is not a lot of weight & that is why it’s perfect for this

My goal is not for the weight to make me struggle or be a challenge compromising my form

It’s just a little addition that I should not notice much so I can still keep doing my bodyweight smoothly without too much weight messing up my form or giving me challenge

Currently I am training for mass, so the more time under tension the more potential I have to build muscle

Isn’t this just doing weighted pull ups instead of regular?

Yes, yes it is Sir!..But here is the thing:

Am not just tricking my body, I am tricking my Mind!

You see 10 pounds is not much in anyone’s eyes so this “extra” weight will be kinda invincible in my mind since I won’t really feel it

Am kinda telling my body:

“You Are Now 10 Pounds Heavier when Doing Pull Ups, So Get Used to It!”

"You Are Now 10 Pounds Heavier when Doing Pull Ups, So Get Used to It!

I will continue to knock out pull ups & push ups like I normally do just ignoring the fact that I have 10 pounds wrapped around my neck

The goal is to have some weight to the point where is not really noticeable so you can still go intense in your main workout

So I will continue to train normally, I will just add weighted push ups, dips & pull ups every time, and my goal is to just get used to doing them with this little extra weight on me

And since it’s weight that is not making me struggle I will still be able to do my bodyweight training like if I had nothing on me

Makes sense now?

So in summary my theory is:

  1. Add 5-10 pounds extra when doing: pull ups, push ups & dips
  2. This will make our body into thinking is heavier while you workout
  3. And to compensate for this extra weight it will build bigger & stronger muscles (or at least strengthen your ligaments)
  4. Since it’s only 5-10 pounds you won’t really feel it & won’t mess up your form or make you use a lot if energy

If anything it should be a fun experiment, I’ll be doing it from here on to the new year

Hopefully the world doesn’t end so I can share the results, ha!

You can also do this with:

  • a weighted vest
  • a backpack
  • a light chain like me
  • a light dumbbell on your feet (and plate behind your back with push ups)
  • ankle weights
  • or anything that will add 5-10 pounds of weight

Just wanted to share this little experiment I am doing, so you can try it yourself & see how you can add it to your program

Changing something small in your current program can help you get over sticking points you are currently struggling with

Am confident it will help to get me used to doing pull ups more efficiently since they will little bit heavier (but not heavy enough to compromise my form or force anything)

You could also do this with ankle weights to get stronger at handstand push ups (just get creative)

If you do give it a try, please let me know of your results!

If you got any questions or advice for me with this (maybe you have done something similar) please share it in the comments below

Attack Life & Get Stronger!

Luis Carrillo


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Is Being Sore after a Workout good or Bad?

Is Being Sore After a Workout Good or Bad?

Lot’s of people think that being sore after a workout means that they had a great workout!

This is not the case at all, muscle soreness doesn’t mean you had  a good workout & that you will build more muscle

In most cases you are training with a lot of volume (8-15 rep ranges) or are just doing more than you are used to so you get sore

Being sore is neither good or bad, it’s not really a measurement to say that you got a good workout or not (even tough some people feel like they need to feel like shit the next day as an indicator that they got a great workout)

You typically get sore from doing higher rep workouts (8-15 rep range) with multiple sets, since you are doing damage (micro tears) to your actual muscle tissue & putting them under a lot more time under tension so you will get sore as your body recovers, simply because you put it into a lot of stress

Why am I not sore after every workout?

If you just lift heavy (2-5 reps) and rest a lot you won’t get as sore

This is because you are putting more stress in your nervous system when lifting heavy than in the muscles (since your not putting them under that much time under tension)

In simplicity, the more time under tension you put your muscles, the higher chance you will get sore

  • If your going for size & are doing more bodybuilding type workouts you will likely get sore constantly as opposed to just lifting heavy or doing bodyweight training
  • And if your training heavy (explosive power & pure strength) you might not get as sore in the muscles, but your nervous system will still be stressed a lot from your training, so make sure you rest even if your muscles are not physically sore

The Main thing is to always keep progressing with your goals, whether you get sore or not it doesn’t matter

Nutrition and hydration have a lot to do with how fast you will recover from your soreness

So make sure you are:

  • drinking tons of water
  • eating your veggies
  • eating whole foods
  • and sleeping & resting a lot

In order to support your muscles with nutrients so they can recover faster & you can train with more intensity faster!

And of course your body adapts, so you won’t always get sore if you do the same workout as last time (unless you are eating crap & not resting enough)

Usually the more advanced you get the less sore you will get as your body becomes more efficient at recovering, but you will still experience muscle soreness even if you are advance since you will constantly push yourself to get bigger & stronger

I personally get sore from doing high rep work or when trying something new, but I don’t try to get sore: it’s not a goal of mine

Bodybuilder Screaming & Grunting at the Gym!Being sore doesn’t mean you will build muscle

That is a common misconception, and mainly a no pain no gain mentality

Soreness is just a response from stress in your muscles

But if your not eating right, staying well hydrated & resting, you won’t give your muscles the nutrients they need in order to recover efficiently

I mean when you get a new job & have to stand up for 5+ hrs a day, you will be sore in your feet and legs

Simply because you stressed yourself & did something you were not used to (it is a new stress & stimulus), but as you get more used to standing for longer hours you won’t get as sore anymore

Same thing happens when you stop playing a sport like soccer for 1 month…and then you decide to do it again, you’ll notice that you are sore the next day because of all of the high repetition running, kicking & jumping, but this will lessen as you do it more

So you get sore after a high volume intense workout, Good…Now you gotta make sure you rest & eat properly to recover fast or else all your effort will be wasted

Techniques to reduce soreness

To finish this off here are 10 things you can do to reduce soreness ASAP!

  1. Eat good nutrient dense food (no fast food & sugary crap)
  2. Do foam rolling
  3. Lightly stretch the sore muscles once you finish your workout & the day after
  4. Go for a walk or a light jog to get the blood flow moving
  5. Drink Tons of Water!
  6. Take Cold Showers
  7. Get a massage
  8. Swim
  9. Do light bodyweight training
  10. Relax & breathe (your muscles and CNS are stressed already so relax & don’t put more stress on them)

So how sore you get depends on how efficient your body is at recovering, but just because you get sore it doesn’t mean that you will build muscle

You need to break down the muscles so they grow bigger & stronger, but also make sure you supply your body with the nutrients & rest it needs!

Hope that helps & if you have any questions or funny stories about being sore drop them below!

Luis Carrillo


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Respect yourself, Your Body is Not Shit!

Feed Your Body Good Shit! (Muscle Building Nutrition Rant)

You already know that if you wanna Build More Muscle, that Nutrition is KEY, to get You There!

But do you ever ask WHY? Why is it so important? isn’t food just food?

Hello No, Here is Why!

Everything that you eat has a reaction in your body, sometimes thats a good or bad thing

The nutrients that the food you consume are given your muscle cells & other bodily processes in order to help you get healthy & strong

These nutrients are the tools that your body uses to support your muscles, ligaments, hormones, organs, and your overall physical self to Grow Stronger & Healthier

After all your beating the Shit out of your muscles to make them grow Bigger & Stronger

BUT if your body doesn’t have that support from good nutrient dense food, then it won’t have the tools it needs in order to help you get the results you want

You already know Fast Food is Shit because it contains very little nutrients & have tons of chemicals that your body doesn’t want or can’t use

So if you give yourself just low quality food, you will only have so little to use in order to supply your body to grow & get stronger & in turn you will get sub par results

Even if Your Exercise Program is Pretty Damn good

Chevy Chevelle Blue Pin StripeIt’s like having a badass car, and giving it low quality fuel and the wrong oil

It might have all these great parts, but because you gave it crap it will break down & not perform optimally

So just be aware of that

On Top of this, you will also give your body a Shit Load of Digestive Stress!

Your body doesn’t use the foreign chemicals your giving it if your eating crap, so all that’s gonna do is damage you internally, even if you can’t see it

Just like you wouldn’t put crappy oil in your badass expensive car, or else everything internally would fuck up (the same shit happens in your body)

Even if you can’t see it, you will for sure feel it in the forms of:

  • Constipation
  • Stomach Pain
  • Headaches
  • Foggy Thinking
  • Dry Skin
  • Dehydration
  • Feeling Tired
  • Etc…

So for the most part  Eat Real Whole Foods: You will have more tools to use in order to support your goals

Like I said in the video:

I am not telling you to avoid all the fast foods completely, you are smart enough to know that what you eat will have a good or bad impact in your body, so make the right decision for yourself

Eating a cookie will not kill you or hinder your results (unless you over do it regularly)

Food is energy & it is what makes you feel good or tired, so be smart and:

Eat Real Good Foods, NOT Because They are “Better for You” But Because You Want More Energy!

Tweet That Shit

Do It for yourself to feel Better & Become the Badass You are Meant to Be!

Most people are unaware of the chaos going inside of them & never take into account digestive stress and see all these “digestive problems” as “normal”

Well stomach pain and discomfort is NOT Normal!

If you wanna be average like most people, settle to be normal & get sub-par results, then keep eating crap

But  if You Know You Deserve Better Than That! …Then Feed Yourself Good Shit, NOT Because it’s “Healthy” But Because You Respect Yourself!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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