Build what many WISH they Had!

You always hear people making all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t workout (everything from “I have no time” to am “not motivated today”)

And if they are not making excuses, then they are just waiting & wasting time by questioning a lot before they even start with something

They are asking & looking for the best way to start, the best way to eat/workout, how much should you sleep, when should you eat, and all of these details…

Mental Toughness

The truth is that preparation does help, but starting and getting things done will always make you win

Not waiting for perfect situations will toughen up your skin & build a tough mindset that refuses to lose & be average

Is not about being perfect, it’s simply about just doing the damn work (and this is not only true for training but for everything in life)

It’s about being creative & making things happen somehow, regardless of your situation

  • It’s about waking up & doing 100 push ups while your breakfast is cooking, instead wasting your valuable time by looking at non-sense on facebook
  • It’s about walking down the street, seeing a rock & picking it up so you can do 10 squats & 10 overhead presses, even tough you are wearing a suit & tie

In the end you know what you want, so find a way to make it happen even if it is not perfect

You’ll end up building what many wish they had: Mental Toughness

This is something you can read all about…but in the end this is only developed trough constantly taking action & overcoming obstacles!

So go out there today & let knowing stand your way!

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

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