Beach Vacation Workouts + Do more Pull Ups!

Yo what is up guys!…Hope you are having a freaking awesome day! …Am packing right now as I leave tomorrow to Mazatlan! 😀

It’s gonna be all beach, seafood, pretty ladies & lots of small bodyweight workouts throughout the day

Last time I went on vacation it I was chunking my workouts & doing the work multiple times a day

I was picking 2-3 exercises, hitting them hard & then finishing up with some gas in the tank as I wanted to still have energy to go have fun

Most days I hit pull ups on a metal pipe that my grandparents use to hang their clothes in & also found a big rock & was cranking overhead presses, squats & lunges with it

That is all I did, then at night I would do push ups, handstands & lunges + mobility work & stretching

There were not set reps or sets, I was going by feel and mainly did sub max reps & was kicking up the intensity based on my energy levels

When you are out parting, sometimes you don’t wake up feeling too good, so your AM workout might be a lot more mobility & low reps in order to get the body moving (+ sweat off some of that alcohol! ha!)

Later once you feel better you can crank up the intensity & really go crazy by doing max out sets, circuits, or lift the heaviest rock you can find

I remember every time I saw a bar I could hang on to, I hopped on it & cranked out some pull ups on it!

I was banging out pull ups at the door, walls, pipes, roofs, trees, parks, fences & even some air conditioner boxes! (ahh good times)

This pull up over-training actually increased the number of reps I could do on the bar when I came back from vacation, and I know it will work for you too

I gotta go back to finish packing, but to close this:

If you are going on vacation, just keep your workouts super simple (pick 2-3 compound exercises) & get the work done based on your energy levels… plus have fun! hang out with the fam or go crazy with your friends

Chunking your workouts like this will keep you energized throughout the day & mobile so you don’t come back feeling stiff & fat!

Talk Soon guys,

Attack Life & Get Stronger

Luis Carrillo

P.S. If you don’t know what to exercises to do, don’t overthink it & just stick to the basics… you can never go grown with pull ups, handstands, push ups, lunges & squats..crank those up & am sure you will come back feeling and looking amazing!

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