Avocados Alone Suck! Eat This As Well

First off all I love avocados, their flavor and color make all food better.

But they don’t make me full. Fat on a meal is supposed to make you full so you can have sustained energy for longer BUT that wasn’t entirely the case for me.

About me: I am ectomorph (skinny body type) and I tend to break down carbohydrates and protein fast so eating fatty rich foods help me sustain energy for longer.

I talked to my coach about this issue.

Me: I eat a big dinner with rice, chicken and avocado but in 1 hr I feel hungry again.

Him: That’s because Avocados tend to digest faster. Not all fats act the same and you need to consume a fat that takes longer to breakdown like some peanuts or almonds.

Me: So by eating a handful of almonds after my meal I will feel fuller for longer?

Him: Yeah, nuts and seeds will take longer to break down and will give you sustained energy for longer.

Boom! The light bulb went on! and from now on I’ve been eating almonds with my most of my meals.

I eat them after eggs, after eating white meat (chicken or fish), after eating avocado & it has been working great. I am finally full for a few hours as opposed to feeling dissatisfied within the hour.

[Warning: Something to be aware is that almonds contain a lot of calories so if you are watching the amount of calories you consume then don’t eat too many.]

This has helped me and if you are in a similar situation where avocados alone aren’t doing it for you, then add a handful of nuts like almonds after your meal.

You will feel full and have energy for longer times.

Simple tip but it’s impactful.

Attack Life and Get Stronger!

– Luis Carrillo

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